Thank You CRC!

I was very eager to start doing something in my career interest, and the career resource center (CRC) made this possible. In my first year of the Fall semester, I was introduced to the CRC. They told me how they could help with resumes, looking for work, and gave me a lot of information. In the Spring semester the CRC sent out an e-mail from the creative services and marketing department, saying they were looking for social media marketing interns. HELLO! I love social media, and marketing is the field I would love to get into. I immediately jumped on this opportunity, and the CRC did not fail to help me earn the position. A few interviews and signatures later, I got the call that I had earned the position. Now, here I am, at work, telling you the CRC could do the same thing for you. Take advantcrc blog pictureage of your SCF resources and get started on your career. You can do it!

Here’s the link to get started:

Visit the career resource center in building 1, room 201.

Free Money!

Head’s up studends! I have some inside information on how to get you some free money! Well, you have to do a little work but it’s worth it! If you follow SCF twitter (SCFnow), Facebook/statecollegeofflorida or have even been on the SCF main website, you may have noticed this is the last week to apply for scholorships $ for the 2015-2016 academic year. I already filled out mine because all it takes is three simple steps.

The first is to apply to attend State College of Florida. This step is easy if your already a student because you can skip it!

Second, you will apply for an SCF Foundation Scholorship at All you have to do is fill out one form on the website and the system will match you to over 100+ scholorships based on your answers. Isn’t that awesome?

The last step is to complete the FAFSA (free aplication for federal student aid) form at and your all set to get some free money!


Quizlet Saved My Grade!

Sometimes life gets so busy and it feels like one thing after another. Then your professor hits you with a test. You are probably accepting the fact that there is way too much to do, and sitting down to study will be a negative. Well, have no fear. I have found the perfect studying site. If you have not already heard of it, it is called Quizlet. You can make your own flashcards online, and then Quizlet will help you study them. There are many ways they help you study your own material. But wait! There’s more! (Infomercial guy voice) You can also view other people’s flashcards. I sometimes find flashcards on the same exact material, and this saves me the hassle of having to do them myself. I love Quizlet! Check it out, if haven’t already.

Here is the link:

Happy Studying!

Managing a Job and School

Managing school is hard enough, but adding a job on top of that? It can get super difficult. Especially when you have school during the day and a job at night and the weekends. You easily run out of time for anything else. But listen to yourself, if you’re getting too overwhelmed, take a break. It’s better to take small breaks when you need them, than let the stress build up until you can’t handle anything anymore. Just be kind to yourself!

Getting Back On Track

I wonder how many of you left the majority of your homework for the last day of Spring break like me?

You were too busy to get it done before the break started and then you barely accomplished any of it because you wanted to relax!

That describes what happened to me, but now I am back on track with my studies and hope you all are too! Don’t forget about all the wonderful resources we have on the campus and that there are helpful tutors (for reading, writing, science, and math) at the ARC to help you understand your material!

The Coffee Loft

A cool place to study, good coffee, and friendly people! The Coffee Loft isn’t far from SCF at all, and attracts students with its inviting atmosphere from all the schools in the area! Their drinks and food are really well priced, and students are given discounts anyway! They also host local shows all the time, which is a great way to enjoy music and meet new people.

The Coffee Loft is open Monday – Friday 7am to 8pm, Saturday 8am to 8pm, and Sunday 8am to 6pm.

5025 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota FL, 34234

Another Week

A new week has arrived once again and with it a whole week of classes, homework, studying, and work that needs to be done.

If you simply take it one day at a time and plan out what you need to accomplish each day, the week will go by fairly smoothly. Of course unless a hurricane hits… lets pray one doesn’t.

I find that setting small goals instead of big ones and then rewarding myself after accomplishing them really helps me get through my tasks. Maybe that will help some of you to!

Remember to Eat

Some mornings, you just don’t have time. You don’t want to be late, so you’re in a rush. You didn’t eat breakfast or pack a lunch, and you don’t really have the money to buy anything either. You’re faced with a hungry day ahead of you. This induces grumpiness, fatigue, headaches, etc… you know, the works. You can probably manage this for a day, but if this is your every day normal, you might find it helpful to try eating more regularly.

That’s why you should remember to eat! Even if it’s something easy in the morning, like a power bar or toast, it’ll help. And even if you bring leftovers from the night before for lunch, or even a poptart, you’ll feel better!

Especially during the semester, it’s hard to maintain eating regularly, let alone healthily. So try to be as nice to yourself as possible, give in to a little comfort food, and just eat! It’ll help you make it through the day!