Hang In There!

The end of the semester is near, and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with making sure I meet certain deadlines, and passing these last few exams. I also know I can’t be the only one feeling a bit under pressure. I just want to tell everyone not to give up or lose confidence now. We have worked so hard and made it this far. Nothing great, comes easy. You can do it!

Phi Theta Kappa Keeps Manatee Beautiful

Saturday, April 4th, I had the opportunity to participate in PTK’s “Keep Manatee Beautiful” service. Members of PTK, including myself, joined together to collect any trash that was left behind on our campus, and the road we have adopted (it’s the road by the baseball field). One would think that picking up trash, at 9am, on a Saturday, is not something that could be fun, but it was! I was able to meet other members and become friends with them. We divided into groups and picked up anything that did not belong. It didn’t feel like we were doing service, it felt like a bunch of friends just hanging out. I never realized how much trash gets collected on the roads and on our campus. It felt good to be part of the reason why our roads will remain clean. As we were cleaning, a local, riding his bike put his thumb up, and said, “You guys are heroes!” We looked at each other in amazement! Knowing that people appreciate the work we do, is very heart warming, and inspires us to keep moving forward with our service.

PTK Keep Manatee Beautiful

Great job PTK!

Vote For Your Local Student Government Leaders!

The college voting season is upon us. Were you even aware that SCF has a student government association that speaks to the president of the college on behalf of the student body? It’s pretty awesome because YOU, as a student, have a voice here at SCF! The college listens to it’s students so let your voice be heard through your local SGA.

Elections will be held online April 6, 8am to April 10, 4:30pm. The following link will take you to the sight https://scf.collegiatelink.net/.

You can also vote in person on the Venice Campus on the following dates and times in the Student Union Bldg. 500.

April 8, 9am-1pm & 6-7pm
April 9, 9am-1pm & 6-7pm


Being tan is great, but being sunburned is not! As the summer sun shines more intense than ever before, make sure to wear your sunscreen! It’ll save you from the pain of an awful sunburn now, and the hassle of bad skin problems in the future!

Go Manatees!

If you have an interest for sports, check the teams out and support them during games. It might be too late to join them this semester, but you can always cheer on your SCF players. Follow their Facebook page! There, you’ll be able to find upcoming events, along with times and locations.
Here’s the link to their page: https://www.facebook.com/SCFManatees
Go Manatees!

My Favorite Spot On Campus

I hear the sound of the reeds as they brush against each other. A bull frog’s croak and a bird’JenniferBioPictures cry to another breaks through the air. The wood is warm beneath me as I sit on the dock. I look down into the water and see small striped fish swimming. As I turn my attention to my own reflection in the water, a turtle surfaces its head and looks at me, interrupting my thoughts. The sun gently beats its warm rays on my face as I look up towards the sky and take a deep breath in..and then exhale the moist Florida air. I like to come here, take a break from my homework, and just take in the peaceful scenery of the lake and wildlife. Its when you stop yourself from the hustle of school life and take a good look around you that you realize how great the diversity of wildlife we have here at the college. It really is quite wonderful.

If you’ve never stopped by the dock, take the time to do so. It is located by the environmental center on the Venice campus. I don’t think you will regret it :)

Use Your Resources

It’s that time again! Time to start choosing your classes for next semester. Are you sure you’re picking the right classes though? I made the mistake of trying to pick classes on my own, and found out at the end of my semester that the credit was non-transferable. (Insert crying emoji here!) I am glad I caught that in my first semester. After that, I received help from the advising center, and here they helped me pick out the correct classes. They will sit with you, and make sure that you understand completely what classes you are taking, and why. The advisors are very friendly, understanding, and willing to help, and answer any questions you may have. What I appreciated most, was that they were very patient. I had so many questions, and each question generated another question. I was very confused, and worried they would give up, but they were persistent, and broke down everything for me. By the time I left, I felt confident in the classes I was taking. You can schedule an appointment with them, or walk-in, but it is first come, first serve, so I recommend you get there first thing in the morning. The place can get pretty packed. This semester is almost over, which means a new semester is coming up. See an advisor today!
Here is their number, if you’d like to call: 941-752-5035
Here is their site, if you’d like to find out more information or even schedule an appointment: http://scf.edu/StudentServices/advisingcenter/default.asp
You can also walk right in. They are located in building 1 room 101.

Walking Graduation

This little note is for those of you who are graduating this Spring. First off, congratulations! Once you get to the point of graduating, it seems like time flew by and you forget those early days when you just started college, those days of planning out classes for each semester, those exhausting nights when you HAD to stay up and study for the exam the next morning, and so forth. But now, you are just weeks away from either your half way point or your finish line!

Now, even though you are graduating, you have the amazing opportunity to walk at the ceremony on Friday, May 18th and be honored for your hard work. If you are planning on walking at the ceremony (which you totally should), the deadline to sign up is this Friday, April the 3rd. Simply go to www.scf.edu/graduation to fill out the form. Do it now before its too late!

The Hub

I have had several people say to me “I would really love to get involved, but I don’t know how.” The Hub is how! You can get connected to the hub through your SCF Connect. When you sign into SCF Connect, hit the “Student” tab. On the right side of the screen you will see a box that says “Student Life,” and inside of the box you will see “The Hub.” Click on it, and it will take you directly to The Hub. Here you can pick and choose what groups you would like to get notifications from. Depending on the group you decide to stay connected with, you will get event dates and any other information about the group you would like. I use it to stay in touch with PTK. They notify me about any meetings or events we have coming up. The Hub is great and helps keep me involved. Join a club today!

Here’s a direct link to The Hub. Check it out!: https://scf.collegiatelink.net/