Study Night Live-Final Exam Cram

All this talk about final exams is very overwhelming…but exciting because that means we are so close to the end of this term. Do not think you are in this alone, we are all having a mental breakdown (nervous laughter) kidding! It’s going to be OK, especially since SCF is doing all they can to help out the students! Keep reading if you would like some help with finals!

1. Sunday, April 26th: The #SCFBradenton campus library will be open an extra hour, so their hours for that day will be 5pm-10pm. They will be providing FREE coffee and snacks.

2. Sunday, May 3rd: The #SCFBradenton campus library will be hosting a Study Night Live from 5pm-12am! They will be providing FREE coffee and snacks.

3. Sunday, May 3rd: The #SCFBradeton campus, Academic Resource Center cram(ARC), will be hosting a Final Exam Cram (12 hour Extravaganza) from 9am-9pm. Here they will have workshops for math and science classes, and extra tutors!

We can do it everyone! Happy studying.
By the way, if you need any additional information you can find it at the following websites:



Poetry Slam TIme

TODApoetryslamaprilY, 4/23! Are you free at 5pm and love to hear poetry? Then this is the event for YOU! The Swamp Scribes Club of SCF Venice will be hosting a poetry slam at 5pm in (correction) Bldg 800, Selby Room. There will be FREE food to accompany the poetry readings.

Health in Motion

We all know that it is important to stay healthy, but are we all keeping track of how that’s going? Now you can! SAVE THE DATE April 21 (that’s tomorrow by the way) the SCHD Medical Mobile Unit will be located outside of Venice campus Bldg. 800/PDC. They do all types of free screenings for faculty and students at NO COST! Make sure you stop by, doesn’t hurt just to  check it out. I mean, why not, it’s free. You can find all additional information on the flyer below. Stay healthy!

Medical Mobile Unit Flyer

You can find all the information on this flyer. Make sure you stop by.

The Coffee Loft Presents: Finals Week

For finals week, May 4th through the 8th, The Coffee Loft wants to help all SCF students out! Starting on Monday the 4th, there will be FREE iced coffee on campus! For Tuesday and Thursday, the Loft will be open until midnight for students to study, along with bottomless coffee and 1$ espresso shots. On Wednesday, free yoga sessions will be featured throughout the day at the Loft. And in celebration of the most stressful week ever coming to a close, on Friday there will be free pizza and popsicles!! Also, mark your calendars for May 22, because the Loft is hosting a show that will be free of charge for all students! Happy finals week everyone, you can do it!

Finding Your Final Exam Schedule

Hopefully your professors will simply tell you when your final exam is scheduled. But if for some reason they don’t, no worries, you can find all the information for yourself!

1. Go to

2. Click under the Academics tab on the home page

3. Click under the department or program tab that your classes fall under

4. And make sure to look on the right side of your screen, as you will see a “Final Exam Schedule” tab for that specific class!

Earth Day Special Events

Earth Day is coming up this week! What are your favorite things about planet earth? I love the sound of rain, the feeling of grass beneath my feet, the view from a mountain top, the rays of sunshine against my face, and the colors of a sunset to name a few. Let’s give back to our beautiful planet by being conscientious of the footprint we leave on it. Simple steps such as recycling and cutting down on trash by not using disposable items, you are responding conscientiously to the planet we live on.

The Venice Green Team will be recognizing Earth Day on Wednesday, April 22,
earth-daywith special events at SCF
Venice! Sweet Bay Nursery in Parish will have a native plant display and sale from 10am-3pm outside building 800. There will also be an awesome presentation by Glenn Bupp of Bok Tower Gardens titled “The Birds and The Bees…and The Balms?” from 12:30pm-1:45pm inside bldg. 800. Now doesn’t that sound interesting?

Hope to see you there!

Finals Week

Finals are scary, they are also in a couple weeks. Don’t freak out! There are ways to help you relax and study better for those big tests. First, get rest. It sounds like such a simple task but we get so caught up in our activities that we forget we need to rest up. Overworking our bodies can make them stop working as well as we would like them to. So make sure you get at least five hours a night, to assure your body is getting the rest it needs. Second, eat healthy! Yes, sugar and junk makes us feel good for the moment, but we usually end up crashing, and this is not good for our brains, especially while studying. Some good things for our brains and bodies include: -Vitamin B: for memory and concentration (milk, yogurt, oatmeal, kidney beans)
-Vitamin D: for brain health (milk, yogurt)
-Flavonoids: for neurological functions (dark chocolate)
-Folate: for brain functions (spinach, asparagus, broccoli, brussel sprouts)
-Protein: for alertness and concentration (fish, chicken, eggs, tofu)
-Iron: for concentration and energy (eggs, red meat, fortified breakfasts cereals, sardines)
-Zinc: for memory and concentration (oatmeal)
-Magnesium: for brain functions and reducing anxiety (kidney beans, spinach, asparagus)
-Potassium: for carrying oxygen to the brain and brain cell functions (bananas, soybeans, sweet potatoes, spinach, lettuce)
Also, always remember to stay hydrated! Third, breathe and exercise. Take a walk or dance around, anything you need to do to keep your blood circulating. Even try deep breathing exercises to clear your head, about 30 minutes each day and you’ll feel ready to study. Lastly, I’ll leave you with a memorization tip. Spray a perfume, cologne or any distinct smell while you study, then again during your exam. This may help to recall what you studied while smelling that scent. I hope this helps! I wouldn’t want anyone feeling too overwhelmed about finals. It’ll all be worth it in the end! I stress a lot, and this tips help me, I hope they work for you too. Good luck. Happy studying!

The Pressure Is On

Today’s post is a word of encouragement for all of you students. Don’t allow the stresses of college to get the best of you because often times, it’s when the pressure is on and you have a small time frame to get things done, is when you grow and learn the most about yourself.

As the end of the semester draws closer, it seems like each class has some project or big assignment that needs to be worked on and then most of us students have work on top of that. It is the end of the semester when the pressure increases and its the big end of class exam, assignment, or project that can pull up your grade or bring it down. This is the time to utilize all of the college resources to ace those projects and do your very best!

I believe in you guys! Keep up the good work!



Welcome, Poetry Month!

April is national poetry month. Poetry is all around us; in the songs we sing, to the quick phrases we say on a day to day basis. We use words like, Twitter, and Swagger from Chaucer, and Shakespeare. Whether we like it or not, poetry stays with us. At the SCF Bradenton campus, April 13-17, the library is allowing people to sign up to write their poetry…with chalk! In honor of national poetry month, you can write a poem of your own, on the ground with chalk. It does not even have to be a poem. It could be a song or a rhyme, a sonnet, or a line. Anything that you have created and would like to share. There are little flyers posted around the library, with this picture (look below). Don’t be afraid to show your creative side! Happy national poetry month!

Poetry Flyer

The library welcomes all poets to share their creativity.

Anton in Show Business

This Friday, April 17th, the SCF Theater Department is staging “Anton in Show Business,” at 8pm, in the Howard Studio Theater. An original concept written by Jane Martin, detailing the lives of 3 struggling actresses, it is wholly unique comedy and something you do not want to miss! Tickets can be purchased at the box office, and range from a $12 general admission to a $10 student and faculty price!

Check out the post on SCF Facebook to get a preview (video clip/photos) during rehearsals. Search: #SCFAnton on Social Media