~ It’s Raining…Love Bugs? ~

    Hey! Who ordered the rain today, huh? Was it all you recovering from Cinco De Mayo? I wanted to crisp in the sun today on my first full day of summer vacation. I hope you’re happy! Well, we needed the rain I guess. Maybe it’ll knock all of those love bugs floating around out of the sky. It’s been like driving around in an Alfred Hitchcock movie or something. Smart move for Florida trying to manufacture a bug that eats mosquitos and instead brings on a full scale bug massacre with your windshield, ay? I hope they don’t release a love bug eating bat next. I wager those will be harder to scrape off haha. Yech. Ah hem, leave mother nature alone please.

   So, you poor students on the Venice campus today, wishing there were canopies on the walkways. It’s not all bad right? This is probably your last day for finals. Which reminds me, this is the time of year there are graduation parties or end-of-the-semester parties right? Well, I hope you have a great time while keeping in mind that it would be nice to have a tomorrow too. You know what that means, right? Be aware of your surroundings, don’t drink and drive, and keep an eye on your friends too. That’s what friends are for after all. I’m going to a party tonight myself and you can trust that I won’t be among those weaving on the roads. That’s all I’m going to say about that. Just be responsible so you can go out and do it again sometime, huh?

   Well, I wish you the best of luck on your finals and great times when you get a chance to kick back and dodge the love bugs.  Have a good one party go-ers !

~ Stormy Weather ~


Hey there everyone, how did you like getting blown to kingdom come yesterday at school? They said the storm wouldn’t reach Venice yesterday but alas, weather predictions are about as accurate as a crystal ball! Cloudy! The rain hitting the library roof sounded like a stadium full of applause from the inside, lol. I had a feeling my class might get canceled but I showed up and studied to pass the time anyway and then lo and behold…CANCELED!  I love class but there is something really fun about getting to go home, kick your sneakers off and drop onto the couch when you shouldn’t be there. You glance over at the clock with satisfaction and say to yourself “Yep…I’d still be there.” as the time ticks by. There’s nothing wrong with giving yourself an evening of complete and utter uselessness right? Ha ha ha. After all, it’s not a waste if it regenerates you! I was totally zonked yesterday anyway; it must have been the weather. I wanted to crawl into a corner and take a nap while I was sitting in the library. Funny how reading that cancelation sign on the door gives a person a second wind huh?

   Well, I hope you were all safe and enjoyed your cancelations, if you had them, and made perfectly good use of the time like I did. Cancelations don’t happen often at SCF. It reminds me of a particular place in New England where they had cancellations at the very first sign of a snow flake and we’d hear “No school Foster / Glocester!” If you’re from R.I. you know exactly what I’m talking about. We’d always say, “Those poor kids will never graduate!” We’d say a few other things, that I shall not type here too haha sorry Foster/Glocester- I cannot tell a lie.  Rhode Islanders can have a biting humor just like the cold up there. Ya gotta love it! Well, at least we don’t have to shovel our way to the car anymore here, or slide across the street, right? Can you imagine the elderly driving snow covered roads down here? It would be like a demolition derby on ice. They have a hard enough time traversing dry roads!

  Okay, said enough on that account. So long for now, have a great weekend and thank your lucky stars the earth’s poles haven’t shifted enough to make Wal-Mart stock tropical snow shovels! Have a good one!

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Sometimes my visitors number jumped quite a bit like 10 visitors (it’s probably not much for those of you who have regular followers, but quite a bit for someone who hasn’t been around for a week yet). The really cool part about pinterest is that someone may pin it today.

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A Huge Success

I can’t talk, but I’m alive!  Sorry I disappeared for a while.  No, I wasn’t attacked by the ghost in the bathroom of the Venice Library, but I was attacked by a werewolf, and it was an absolute blast!  My voice is slowly coming back after four days of screaming. All this week I helped out the POP Culture Club with the annual Haunted House, and it was a HUGE success.  We raised approximately $1000.  It was a lot of sweat, but it was all worth it.  I worked until 10:30ish (along with several other club members) from Tuesday until Thursday night.  Last night we closed up shop at 11:30pm.  While we were all having insane amounts of fun we also had to attend classes, do our homework, and take exams.  I’m telling you right now that it WAS NOT EASY.  And I would like to give a shout out to my friend Casey (President of the Pop Culture Club) who joined me with getting two of the highest grades on our Archeology Midterm this week. We both managed to pull off A’s.  That balance I talked about earlier was extremely challenging this past week.  I think I almost broke, but I managed to keep my cranium from exploding.

Well, it’s Saturday night, and tomorrow at 9am we are taking down the Haunted House.

And now that the Haunted House is over, it’s off to the next club project: The Veterans ExchangeToes for Joes” Sock Drive, which kicks of this coming Wed, November 3rd at the Fall Ball.  We will be placing three boxes on campus in BLDG 100, BLDG 800, and BLDG 600.  It is our goal to collect as many clean and unopened packages of work or athletic socks as possible.  When the drive ends on November 12th, all of the socks will be placed in Personal Hygiene Care Packages which will then be sent to local troops currently deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Well, that’s enough for now.  I’ll try not to stay away so long next time!

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It’s blissful to have our little family away together for a well deserved break. We find a deck of cards for a few rounds of Rummy by candlelight and enough current magazines to keep us entertained. If it’s this pleasant in the dead of winter, how much fun would it be in summer?

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Ramble On…..

Okay, I can’t seem to get caught up!  It seems as though each time I think I can take a break, put my feet up, channel surf, and hopefully catch up with John Stewart, I feel the “get back to work” bully rapping his (could be her, I’ve never checked) knuckles on the back of my head.  But the reality is, I am caught up, I’m just trying to keep ahead. I know—I’m not making sense.  Okay, in a nutshell, I’m drinking way too much coffee! In fact, most people who see me on campus would think something was wrong with me if I did not have my trusty coffee mug in my right hand.  I even carry and extra stash of instant coffee in my backpack (for emergencies). I ramble—sorry.

I did want to share something that made me feel really good today.  As I was leaving campus I noticed a small group of students.  I noticed them because they were being very loud.  But they weren’t just joking around.  They were having a heated debate about some heavy social issues.  The specifics of their discussion really don’t matter.  What does matter is that they were discussing topics of a social nature.  And to be honest, it’s not something I’ve been seeing very much of these days.  It’s college, and that’s what all this secondary education is supposed to do for us, right?  It’s supposed to make us think.  It’s supposed to make us really look at what’s going on around us. It’s supposed to make see that y=mx+b is more than just an equation.  It’s actually just one tiny little variable in the grand matrix: y=life. So for today, it was working.  People are thinking, and sharing ideas.

As for my fellow blogger Neil…sorry the sleep monster got ya.  I’m in constant fear of doing that myself. That’s why I don’t sleep, or maybe it’s the coffee keeping me up.

To Dig or Not to Dig.


Smack in the middle of week five and I’m still debating the possibility of dropping a class. Don’t worry, though: the class hasn’t actually started yet. I registered for a late-start Archaeology class which is set to start tomorrow, but I’m already in way over my head this semester, with 12 credit hours, one Gordon Rule class, a household to take care of, a lawn to mow,…and I did happen to mention I’m 23 weeks pregnant, right? Yikes, what a semester! Anyway, I need to decide shortly about the Archaeology class. It starts tomorrow and we’re supposed to have read the first three chapters. I haven’t broken the cellophane seal surrounding the book yet.

All this homework, studying, online quizzes and tests, and where is a person supposed to find time for social activities? On the one hand, I’m lucky I don’t also have to hold down a full-time job, considering the fact I am a proud recipient of the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill. I do, however, miss having time to hang out this semester without it involving lugging my wheeled backpack behind me. It’s like the little sibling who just won’t leave. I will be making time today to visit the tables for the last day of Club Rush on the Venice Campus, and hopefully I can attend Swamp Scribes’ first Open Mic tonight in the Student Union at 7pm. It’s a toss-up,

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seeing as my son’s first grade Open House is also tonight. And there’s a pirate theme. This is why first grade is occasionally just a bit cooler than college. Unless you’re in the Pop Culture club. They also dress-up, but the theme isn’t exactly pirates.

On that note, time to turn my Roomba on and head to class. It’s nice to have a machine vacuum for me while I’m off earning a degree. I’m only upset it took me this long to buy one. Thank you Short Story LIT, with your emphasis on science

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fiction, to give me the push toward robotics I always never knew I needed.

Til next time, to dig or not to dig? That is the question.

Enjoy the rest of the week,