We’ve all got our tricks for studying. We have to, or how else would we make it through school?

Personally, I remember things best through repetition on my part. Re-writing, re-reading, talking about it, repeating as much as I can in order to drill as much of it into my brain as I can! But I know that there are probably a lot of people who do things completely differently. Its something classrooms have been trying harder and harder to address, the fact that everybody learns differently. Is it listening that does the trick for you, or watching? Does somebody need to draw or write out an example for it to make sense, or can you read it on the page and imagine it correctly in

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your mind’s eye? I’m sure each and every person reading this has a different answer. Which is pretty great!

Here’s the catch with my personal studying habits: I don’t use them without a motivator, like a teacher who tracks your progress and takes grades. There are so many things I want to learn, mainly, so many languages I’d like to learn. As somebody who plans to move on as a Chinese major, you might have guess that I love languages. This past semester I took French and it was awesome! I’ll admit that I didn’t feel particularly challenged, but I think that is more because of the fast-pace of my Chinese classes. Either way, I had such a great time learning the language. The quirks on how to pronounce things, the grammar, everything, really. And there are other languages I’d really like to learn, such as Korean and Russian (Though, in order, my top choices are Chinese, Korean, and French). Having French as a course was like a dream come true because it was like taking a hobby, learning a language, and being motivated to actually complete it while simultaneously furthering my academic career! I only wish I could do this with the other languages I’m interested in. I have bought so many language text books, cds, phrase books, work books, and not a single one of them gets put to use because I don’t have that motivator to push me into action. This is another reason for why I’m so excited for my move up north. I’ll be in Chinese classes constantly, I’ll get to learn more, nay, I’ll have to learn more!

So whats your deal, audience? How do you keep your grades up, what sort of learning suits your needs best? Better yet, whats your favorite subject to study in? Feel free to drop an email to us any time at


From what I’ve seen around campus, I know SCF has a lot of athletes here at the school. Does this mean that we also have a lot of people who go the gym? Any we can affectionately title “gym rats?”

I sure hope so! It’s a new year, and while I didn’t make the decision to be a healthier me because of it, I’m sure there are a lot of people who did. Which means a huge influx of gym go-ers. I proud of all of you guys! Heck, I’m proud of me. I haven’t been to a real gym in ages, mostly relying on Tae Kwon Do and maybe some exercise dvds to keep me in shape. Well I’m finally back. A friend of mine has gifted me with a spare gym membership from her family and wowza! We went together, first time weight lifting in months for her, years for me. We focused mostly on legs because she was leading the way and that’s what she wants, and oh my god, I nearly regret it! To

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be honest, I generally adore that post-work out muscle soreness that plagues me days after really pushing myself. But its been so long, I forgot how much it could honestly hurt! By the end of that day (I’ll admit, I don’t know if the forty minute walk and hour of TKD class helped me much), the entire lower half of my body hurt constantly. Walking? Ouch. Laying down? Augh. Minutely adjusting sitting position? Ooow! And the day after was hardly better.

But all of that muscle soreness aside, I don’t think I could possibly enforce how good I felt at the gym. I hadn’t had that work-out induced endorphin high in so long, it was amazing! I felt like I could conquer the world! I learned new techniques and revisited old ones and generally felt like the most capable person ever. I want to go as often as possible, I really hope I’ve got the willpower to work it around all of my other obligations. Because when it really gets down to it, that’s what it takes. The willpower to get up early or stay up late, to pack a lunch so that you can spend your break doing something more productive, that sort of thing. And I really hope that not only I can stay with this sort of routine, but that all of SCF’s New Years Resolution gym visitors can stick with it as well. When something not only makes you feel that good and is also great for your health, how could you say no?

Do you visit the gym? Did you used to? Were you aware that the SCF Wellness Program offers free Yoga and other classes? Whats holding you back now, or whats pushing you forward? Personally, I have terrible knees. Potentially due to an injury that wasn’t properly cared for (though I won’t know this until I get to the fancy, expensive doctor who will tell me so). Lets do this exercise thing together, please share your plans or experiences with us in an email to

What a Rush

Wow, oh wow, that first week of classes went by so fast! There was just so much going on, getting to classes on time, getting the right textbooks (for the right prices!) and adding/dropping classes that did or didn’t suit. I can hardly believe its been over a week since we last talked. We’re all settled in for the semester now, the add/drop with refund option no long available, and now that the mini-vacation of Martin Luther King day has come and gone, I know that I’m finding a routine to work with.

There are just so many things to fit in. Class time, homework time, work time, taking care of myself, paying bills, trying to see friends and stay in touch with the family- I felt so ready for adult life and yet it still continues to surprise me! I’m extremely excited for moving out this summer and living on my own up in Tallahassee (wow, so far away!), but here I am struggling with things in my own. Its going to be a challenge, one that I’m sure I’ll have plenty of complaints about when the time comes. But I am worthy of any

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challenge life has planned for me! I’ll find a job and I’ll work and I’ll study, I’ll find the money to take care of my twenty-three year old car and my bad knees, and most importantly, I’ll keep up the good grades which will hopefully pave my way to my future career. This is what I have planned, at least, we will see how well it all unfurls.

All of this reminds me of stories family members have shared about their transition into adulthood. My aunt moved out immediately, and had to move back a year later. She tried out every major she could, went to more colleges than many people have heard of, traveled all over, and still managed to complete law school with a degree. Now she’s married with three kids, an involved mother who drives a van. I love to hear stories about how people got to where they are now. It helps my dreams of where I’ll end

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up, even if they change each and every day because I’m still uncertain on where I want to be going.

What sort of plans keep you going? What sort of stories did you live through, or are living through right now? Please tell me your story! We have an email just for that sort of response,

The shot heard ’round California..?

By now I’m sure just about everyone has heard about the recent Mythbusters “incident.” In case you are one of a small minority who hasn’t, here is a summary of what recently happened.

I myself am an avid Mythbusters fan. Before the show however, I

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always make sure I have all of my school work completed, so I can be sure and watch Mythbusters uninterrupted. Every new episode that airs makes my mouth water and I cannot wait to see all of the new episodes they have coming! Well, recently, the Mythbusters were filming an experiment for their show which involved cannon balls.

If you are a follower of the show like myself, you will know that just about all of the “dangerous” experiments happen at the Alameda County Bomb Range, about thirty-five miles from Sacramento. They’ve done literally hundreds of experiments there without incident.

Ironically, they were doing this experiment to see what other household items could be used as a good cannon ball – (I wonder if I could do something like this for class? LOL!) It seems as though nothing has the stopping power of the traditional hunk of metal soaring through the field. The recent incident at the range proved that theory right. Not only did the original cannon ball (the dependent variable for all of you science junkies) soar through their target, clear the entire length of the range, jump the berm at the end of the range, it flew over 700 YARDS– Yes that is over 7 football fields away!!!!– proceeded to go through the bedroom wall of a home, through the front door (how rude!) and finally ending its journey with a smash to the family SUV.

As astonished as I was about this incident, I must say I did “lol” when I first heard about it. The scary part is, allegedly there was a 5 year old girl sleeping in the bedroom where the rogue ball intruded. Yeah, I’ll admit it’s not cool that lives where actually in danger, but setting aside that fact it is pretty funny!

These guys have been doing experiments for a combined 18 years and, in a test to see how well the cannon ball performed it literally went off the map (and through a house, into a car we go!). It makes me wonder if they’re still going to air this episode? I sincerely hope they do. <3

Don’t forget to study for Finals and make sure all classwork is done before watching the show! It’s addicting. Personally… If I don’t have it done before the new episodes, I tend to forget to do it! So make sure you get the school work done before watching Mythbusters!!!

What’s your favorite Mythbusters episode? Email your thoughts to



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Law enforcement officials in Missouri have suggested that Michael Brown stole some cigars shortly before his death, as if that allegation renders logical the events that led to his killing. Even if he did steal those cigars, what have we become that a petty theft should mark someone forever, derailing him from a path that was headed toward college,much less justifying his death? It is foolish, grossly punitive and wholly un American to declare that our worst moments ought to louis vuitton initials keychain exclude us from citizenship and the continued pursuit louis vuitton luggage luggage of the American dream.

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At Topman he tries on a turquoise glitter 1970s suit, part Ziggy Stardust, part Liberace. Then we stop by Louis Vuitton to borrow an alternative option one of the perks of his fashion ambassadorship of London Collections: Men. Wichita This vintage bag is simple and timeless. Its made of Utah leather with rustic cotton lining.

Sometimes this thirst for VIP (pronounced in Russian) status extends to the ridiculous. It especially funny to see Russians trying to demand exceptions to the replica louis vuitton barrel bag rules when they abroad. I saw that on the small isle of Islay, home to eight distilleries (like Lagavulin and Laphroaig) and some of Scotland’s most impossibly beautiful scenery. My louis vuitton shoulder bags USA hosts from Bruichladdich, a delightful upstart owned by Remy Cointreau, threw a party in an old barn with tablecloths and Christmas lights.

Bags as well as handbags are extremely essential with regards to an ideal as well as total ensemble. These people appear fashionable as well louis vuitton models as fashionable along with any kind of ensemble as well as total the individual and appear incredible.. The inspiration can be anything, Ginguene explains. “A book, an image, just a word.

Admission is 4,000W but the inside is rather bland unless you are extremely familiar with Japanese and Korean anime. Your best bet is to go during convention hours and mingle with the crowds of Korean teenagers in elaborate cosplay costumes dressed as their favorite anime characters.

However, instead of wealthy and high net worth consumers, it is middle income consumers, ranging from younger students to middle aged working professionals that have been borse louis vuitton 59 responsible for the recent “luxplosion” in Singapore. Even male consumers of all ages (although older generations seems less enchanted with luxury bags than their female counterparts) are starting to contribute significantly to luxury accessories sales, with the recent expansion of men products by the major luxury brands and more aggressive marketing of such products fuelling demand (Euromonitor, 2011) .

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”They’re both about levels of intimacy.” Ms. Beals was decked out in a black rabbit fur cowboy hat and an alpaca poncho that she picked up on a recent trip to Patagonia with her husband and friends.. When kids were asked to imagine themselves attempting a task and then being told by an adult, “I’m disappointed in you,” the children experienced feelings of inadequacy. Instead of being motivated to improve their performance, they were more inclined to view themselves negatively and to give up.And this was without an audience of other kids.

Then I read the study about the association between sleep breathing disorders and behavioral difficulties and another light bulb goes off in my head. So we found him a child counselor who is helping him with his anger issues and have spent the summer having him evaluated for a learning disorder, which ugg boots 5804 brown cheap US 7 the psychologist thinks will be a processing disorder..

But it doesn’t matter what they call themselves. “I just keep thinking about what Harrison would say,” Olivia tells Jake, who is anxious to return to their life in seclusion. Given the potential damage of flat footwear, is the only option ugg boots ireland baldwin bikini new USA to consign our It shoes to the bin? flops are a total disaster, says Dr Dunne. Are too flat, too open and too thin.

MBT shoes are one of the most comfortable shoes that you will hate to remove once you try them on. These are said to be technologically advanced. High end consignment shops that don’t have that kind of proof will take pieces to be authenticated before selling them, says Zembruski. Her advice: Patronize only those sellers with a policy of taking back any item that turns out to be fake.

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Because I wasn’t working with sherling I simply made two pieces for each slipper (and inner fur piece and an outer suede piece). I did the soles in suede since I just wear them around the house and I made them snug enough that I ugg boots macy’s shoes department store jewelry can actually wear them inside my work boots.

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Some of those large corporate dairy farms use hormones in order to keep the cows milking longer. Usually a farmer has to breed a cow back by 60 days of freshening (calving) in order to have her milk the entire lactation, dry her off for 2 months til she has the next calf to start another lactation (so it’s about 305 days in a lactation). Most of these super farms, or corporate farms where 300 1,000 cows are housed together in free stalls are Not managed this way, they are given a hormone called uggs 5879 factory authentic BST that simulates the hormones to make her milk longer and higher quantity. Of course, this also affects the QUALITY and I don’t think anyone really knows for sure how much of that hormone residue is leeched into the milk. Not to mention those super farms that just sell the heifers as cull cows after being in milk ugg boots dad for 2 3 years as if they are just objects to be cast off.

“Well, I’m a computer scientist, so I had to take a lot of engineering courses for that,” says Hari, with an awkward laugh. He bores in. “But you are not a food scientist. You’re not a chemist. You’re not a scientist in that aspect.” Then he quotes an editorial, in which a Yale School of Medicine neurologist calls the Subway claims “the worst example of pseudo scientific fear mongering I have seen in a while.”

Ensuring that your academic dress sits properly and looks good for your photographs can be difficult. are generally easy to wear although they can tend to slip backward if worn over a silky top. Hoods can cause more difficulties and may slide outwards and off your shoulders. A shirt and tie or blouse with buttons down the front is useful to secure hoods.

Olivia agrees to help Senator Vaughn, who says she fought back when prominent Senator Sterling sexually assaulted her, and injured Sterling to the point that he’s on death’s door.Olivia thinks Vaughn is lying and soon the real story comes out. Vaughn is taking the rap for her assistant, who is the person who Sterling sexually assaulted and injured Sterling defending herself.

But there may be a lesson here for younger quarterbacks, like the Baltimore Ravens Joe Flacco who is a free agent and is apparently seeking a contract in the range of $18 $20 million per year. Flacco, of course, ugg care cleaning sales online has every right to chase the big money. He made $6.7 million last year, and he is certainly worth more than that. But if he is uggs boots cheap maroon mens truly serious about winning on a consistent basis for the life of his next contract, taking a little less than the premium would undoubtedly help his team. The Ravens will have some holes to fill in their Super Bowl winning team: Linebacker Ray Lewis is retiring. Safety Ed Reed is a free agent. And they are in a tight salary cap space situation. Ravens GM, Ozzie Newsome, and his assistant GM, Eric DeCosta, are very good at what they do, and maybe they can make a big long term contract work. But ugg boots on sale for kids at famous footwear if Flacco were to take a little less which is maybe more in line with what he actually is worth he’d make their jobs discount ugg sheepskin cuff 1875 outlet a lot easier. And maybe make the Ravens a better team .

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It was a time when agriculture did not yet exist, and hunting and gathering was necessary to stay alive. This doesn mean that you have to go hunting and foraging for your food, but you can get as close as you can to the lithic diet meal plan by eliminating grains, legumes and processed foods. Again, there is a restriction of food groups that results in a lower calorie intake, which is the main cause of weight loss.

I have had a request to do some low carb lunch ideas for people who can reheat their foods at work. I am also working in the field and having to eat out of a lunch box 3 days a week so I am experiencing the same problems that you are. This is one way that I stayed low carb and had a healthy lunch and kept my glucose level down to normal.

While shopping at Water Tower and the Magnificent Mile is a huge perk of living in the downtown Chicago area, those familiar with outlet shopping know that the best perk involves a discounted price on a favorite brand. Within an hour drive from the city, there are five different outlet malls to choose from. Each venue ugg 5740 sales wholesale has its own specialty, with varying brands and outlet stores.

Stray dog Arthur bonds with adventure team; completes gruelling extreme sport challengeThis adorable canine is well hard, and has a buy ugg classic 5819 outlet online loyal heart to boot..Little girl’s look of disgust convinces Tesco to take down gendered signsLocal news station in hot water after ill timed Ferguson tweetIrish lads give housemate’s room a festive makeoverDownload our appBoxing legend Ali doing just fine, daughters sayTwo of Muhammad Ali’s daughters have played down concerns regarding the former heavyweight.Wenger: It’s time to get behind the teamArsene Wenger has told major shareholder Alisher Usmanov and everyone else connected.Mourinho keeps level head despite successJose Mourinho will not compare his current Chelsea side to that of his first reign.The 15 year old has been missing from Enniscorthy, Co Wexford, since Saturday.Andrea was last seen in the area of Castlehill, Enniscorthy at approximately 6pm on Saturday.She is described as being 5’6″ in height, of thin build with long, wavy brown hair, possibly tied up in a ugg boots australia 31 0 bun. She has brown eyes.When last seen, Andrea was wearing a black and white Adidas tracksuit, black body warmer and brown Ugg boots.Garda are wholesale uggs sundance II outlet online concerned for Andrea’s welfare and anyone with information is asked to contact Garda at Enniscorthy on 053 9242580, the Garda Confidential Line 1800 666111 or any Garda Station.KEYWORDS: Andrea Kavanagh, missingGovt to announce medical card changesThe Government will today announce changes to medical card eligibility.WATCH: Protestors surround hotel holding FG meeting with TaoiseachTaoiseach Enda Kenny took refuge inside a hotel for over three hours as he came under further fire last night from water charges demonstrators.Six, including two children, in hospital after Dublin house fireFour adults and two children have been taken to hospital after a house fire in Dublin North ugg boots discount airfare to hawaii Inner City.CSO figures show dramatic fall in wagesThere been a dramatic fall in the average wage for Irish workers in just three months.McGrath: buy ugg nightfall Fianna Fil won’t be in government after next electionFianna Fil is unlikely to be in government after the general election, one of the party key figures believes.

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PROMOTION. Louis Vuittondoes not have television ads; it instead values more the “fullness of information” exchanged between a customer and a Louis Vuittonsalesperson; LV trains salespeople to tell the stories behind the products and inform customers regarding the rich details of latest pieces, how to care for the bags, and updates on key fashion designers. Yearly, Louis Vuittonsupplements stores with catalogs that consumers can buy.

Opened in 1924, the 10 floor Fifth Avenue location of the luxury clothing and accessories department store takes up one full city block. Shoppers can delight louis vuitton bag 925 italy milor in the couture goods from designers such as Chanel, Pucci, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and Prada, and can finish up a busy afternoon of shopping with a quick bite to eat at Cafe SFA, a full service cafe and bar. Construction of the building, which stands 1,250 feet tall and takes up one full city block, began in 1929, just weeks before the stock market crash that ultimately led to the Great Depression.

There are different types of mergers. Exxon Mobil is an example of a horizontal merger, where two companies that used to compete with similar products come together. Another type is a vertical merger, when two companies whose business complements each other merge.

There are also some fun night venues such as the Improv comedy club, Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Harkin’s Theaters. This is a fun place to go with your friends and make a day of it. Spend the day shopping and then take in a movie or a comedy show when you’re done.Park Meadows Mall contains a mix of higher end stores such as Nordstrom and Coach with more accessible fashion such as Aropostale and American Eagle.

Nearly two seconds faster than louis vuitton keepall 55 hand luggage her run in Chonburi, the only desirable option for me was to establish my own brand, JPMorgan complained to the reporters about the technique but Bloomberg managers weren made aware of a formal complaint. louis vuitton handbags cheap us I was walking along the boulevard, And all of my female louis vuitton bag repair policy counterparts, Kate LV Outlet Online Italy Spade New York is offering an extra 25 Bolsas LV Original Outlet are Louis Vuitton Outlet Store Online For Real percent off all sale items. Troubling things at the Castro house over the years porch lights left on..

Now that the shop is open up, the faddist will not skip this essential designer party. These fashions include the popular United states presenter Gwyneth, Australian design Ella as well as louis vuitton cup quart conversion the brand custom Marc John. In 1885, the first oversea Louis Vuitton store drew up it’s window curtain during Oxford St, while the brand new hold during Rest of the world Last part adds up to the best provide for that 125th loved one’s birthday of the LV louis vuitton kids overalls garrison in Manchester.

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“Keep it real,” the old man said. It’s a sentiment Davis hears all the time as the centre of the Discovery Channel’s popular and high octane reality show, which follows the rough and ready crew of Jamie Davis Heavy Rescue as they attend to harrowing crashes along the unforgiving Coquihalla Highway.

Manufacturing, Service and Retailing BusinessesDistribution Services supplies specialty metal pipe and tubing, bar and sheet products to markets, including construction, industrial, aerospace and many others. Electrical and Plumbing Products is engaged ugg classic short paisley 5831 sales factory in the distribution, supplying electrical building wire primarily for residential and commercial construction, and copper tube for the plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration and industrial markets, through the discount ugg bailey button boots 5803 cheap wholesale channel.

The call sheet also identified Ann McKenzie as Eudora Tattler (presumably related to Sarah Paulson’s character), Rose Siggins (who lost her legs early in life) as Legless Suzi, Christopher Neiman as Salty, and Ramona Tyler as Mildred Bachman. The world’s smallest woman Jyoti Amge will play Ma Petite. buy kids ugg boots 5821 cheap

He was getting into his stride as a painter. He was devouring subjects with his eye. In fact, she liked it so much that she suggested that she and Derek steal the concept for their next summer tour. Bethany and Derek nabbed three perfect tens along with a nine from Len for a nightly total of 39 points..

I would recommend plugging in the receptacle tester on the suspect outlets you have to see if ugg boots nyc apartments for sale new USA city they test OK, and then run through the Safety multimeter check on their page. That should indicate whether or not it checks out okay. I from Hawaii and whenever you visit someone home,its usually respectful to remove shoes when entering. I think its both a cultural thing, as well as a practical thing.

And keep the promise made on September 11 2001. Never again. Even when traveling on business, I generally leave my laptop at home and rely on an iPad and iPhone to stay connected. During the past several years I have shed yet more baggage by using a variety of smart phone apps, instead of toting weighty paraphernalia.

I wasn’t eating again. I didn’t eat after chemo. Thats a great way for conversation to get started. I wish you all the luck, and if you would like to talk further you can e ugg 5835 store mail me or my son Zach, We both have been in your shoes. Place in oven and bake for 55 minutes, or until a toothpick comes out ugg boots uk quickbooks clean. (For muffins, divide batter among 12 muffin cups and bake at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes.) Makes 12 servings .