Starting anew

Well, Congrats! The first day is over! Hopefully you found all of your classrooms without a problem, and are eager to get to learning new things, meeting new people, and starting off the new year right! I know that with work, and school, and more work, and homework, it can be hard and very trying at times, but fear not! You can do it, you are after all a SCF Manatee!

There are a few key habits you may want to look into. Here are the tips I have, that I use to help keep myself organized:

1. Write it down!

That’s “write”! Writing down everything-from the obvious, to the not so obvious- will help you better manage your life, and keep everything organized.

2. Lot’s of rest.

We all love our sleep, and getting more of the rest we crave not only helps keep us from being cranky, but it will also help keep you sharper for your classes. With the help of planning out your day, you can effectively schedule nap time! (How great would that be?)

3. Enjoy Life

As much as we all have going on in our lives, try and take a second to pause and be thankful you are able to do what a lot of people around the globe can’t. It may be stressful, but at least it’s an education. There are a lot of people in this world that would kill for the opportunity to learn a simple trade, let alone get a degree! So even when you’re stressing out over that exam, remember that you’ll do fine. You planned out several hours for studying, and scheduled a healthy 8 hours of sleep, and that you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to take the exam at all.

These are my methods for getting through a day. Yes, I know it’s difficult, but it’s something not only myself, but we all have to go through.

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Might as well do it with a positive outlook right?

What are your strategies for managing your day and staying sane? Email us your thoughts and strategies at

Spring Semester at SCF

We all know that time of year. Those jingling bells, lovely scented trees, and mistletoe. When the jolly season is over however, we must get back to our studies! That’s right, the Spring semester is right around the corner and we must all be prepared!

I know how much we just dread going back to school after a holiday break.  It was a well needed break, and now you are refreshed and ready to start the new semester! I just thought I would compile a small list of important dates that may help you stay focused, and start this semester off right!

1. Spring Fees are due the day you register. This may seem obvious, but believe me  it’s something easily forgotten.

Another thing to remember while we are discussing registering is, remember that registration is only for a limited time, and you only have until January 2nd to get all of your classes squared away! Hurry! Time isn’t going to wait!

2. January 5th is the last day of new student orientations for Spring 2012 classes starting January 9-14th!

3. January 6th is the first day that books may be charged against awarded Financial Aid in the SCF Store. Be sure to get your books as soon as possible, that way you are prepared for all of  your classes!

January 6th is also the last day for submission of residency documents for Spring term, and is also the deadline to submit Financial Aid Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal forms.

4. January 9th is the big day! Spring 2012 Classes begin. Don’t forget to go to bed early that way you get a great nights sleep, and have a hearty breakfast to get a jump on the day ahead.

5. Have fun,  and stay focused!  Yup, just as this tip says, have fun. It’s a new semester. A perfect opportunity to meet new people, and learn new things. The 2nd part of this tip is probably the most important one though. Stay focused. It’s easy to get distracted with everything that is going on right now. All these deadlines, fees, books, and life obstacles make getting an education difficult.  I recommend using your planner. It makes staying organized and getting ahead easier.

Right now is a very stressful time for all students. Just remember to take it a day at a time, and before you know it classes will be over. Hopefully these tips and tricks help you succeed not only this semester, but future ones to come.

Hello to all!

I wanted to make this Blog an introduction to myself. My name is Steve. I hope you all enjoy the blogs I write, I know it is very enjoyable to write them!

To summarize up my history for a moment, I will say that I have struggled a lot in the past with some orthopedic issues. I was born with deformed feet, and have been struggling with the challenges that come with any deformity since I could walk. Throughout Middle and High School, I have had twenty surgeries on my feet so far! (Poor piggies went the butcher shop instead of the market! HAHA!!!) But seriously though. It’s been tough.

I am however, fortunate for this seemingly troubled past. The surgeries

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are over, and I am now healed. (Well.. Sort of..) At the very least, I am happy to say that I have ditched the wheelchair and am walking everywhere I go. I must say though, I do miss doing wheelies with my wheelchair…

I may actually still do them even though I can walk :P

But I digress. I worked hard through grade school and am now currently a student at the State College of Florida (obviously). As I was saying earlier, I thoroughly enjoy being here. I’m not sure what I was expecting at first, but all of those somewhat neutral views have turned into strongly positive ones.

I plan on becoming a Veterinarian when I am through with school. It’s a LOT of school, and I’m okay with that. I really love animals (to death!!!!!!!!) and I really enjoy helping them. In my spare time I blog (hehehe) and volunteer at the Braden River Animal Hospital. It’s so rewarding! After being through the pain and suffering that I have been in in previous years, I know that it’s an extremely difficult thing to deal with. So, I feel like I can help make animals happy and pain free too. This is why I aspire to become a veterinarian.

The physical struggles I have dealt with in the past I feel have made me a better person inside. I see things from a perspective not many young adults do. My past has made me mature much sooner than I otherwise would have, and for that I am thankful.

Not only has my physical disability made life somewhat difficult at times, it has also showed me that when God does something, God has a reason for it. My feet limit my physically but, thankfully my brain takes up the slack. I have been blessed with a high I.Q, and I really am happy to say so.

I’m very opinionated with things, (politics and such.. More to come!) and I really enjoy debating with people. Not only do I love being right, but it is just fun in general to see what someone from the opposite side of a given topic sees.

I am a firearm friendly individual. I love firearms, and I feel that all responsible individuals should own at least ten trillion of them. The world of shooting is extremely fun and competitive, and is something I enjoy doing in the small amount of free time I have when I’m not at B.R.A.H. Some people feel that firearms shouldn’t be talked about or legal in general, but I am not one of those types of people. I believe in our 2nd amendment rights, and I also believe in God. The two go together very well for me, and I must say that if you feel differently that is A ok! I am not here to impress my opinions on anyone.

Anyway, this was just a (not so short) introduction of myself to you all. I hope you all are enjoying the wonderful weather we are having here lately. (Thank God for WINTER!!!!) If you ever see me around campus, feel free to come up and say “hi.” I’ll probably be one of the few with a T-shirt and shorts on in this 60 degree weather, so I won’t be too hard to find! :P

Anyway, it was nice to get the opportunity to Blog for SCF, I am honored to do so, and hope to do well. Be sure to enjoy your Christmas break, and be sure in the mean time to study hard for those finals! It’s not something you want to take lightly.. The things you learned at the beginning of the semester are probably hiding somewhere. My advice is to study, study, study!

If you have any questions or comments, please send an email to so we can hear from you!

The shot heard ’round California..?

By now I’m sure just about everyone has heard about the recent Mythbusters “incident.” In case you are one of a small minority who hasn’t, here is a summary of what recently happened.

I myself am an avid Mythbusters fan. Before the show however, I

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always make sure I have all of my school work completed, so I can be sure and watch Mythbusters uninterrupted. Every new episode that airs makes my mouth water and I cannot wait to see all of the new episodes they have coming! Well, recently, the Mythbusters were filming an experiment for their show which involved cannon balls.

If you are a follower of the show like myself, you will know that just about all of the “dangerous” experiments happen at the Alameda County Bomb Range, about thirty-five miles from Sacramento. They’ve done literally hundreds of experiments there without incident.

Ironically, they were doing this experiment to see what other household items could be used as a good cannon ball – (I wonder if I could do something like this for class? LOL!) It seems as though nothing has the stopping power of the traditional hunk of metal soaring through the field. The recent incident at the range proved that theory right. Not only did the original cannon ball (the dependent variable for all of you science junkies) soar through their target, clear the entire length of the range, jump the berm at the end of the range, it flew over 700 YARDS– Yes that is over 7 football fields away!!!!– proceeded to go through the bedroom wall of a home, through the front door (how rude!) and finally ending its journey with a smash to the family SUV.

As astonished as I was about this incident, I must say I did “lol” when I first heard about it. The scary part is, allegedly there was a 5 year old girl sleeping in the bedroom where the rogue ball intruded. Yeah, I’ll admit it’s not cool that lives where actually in danger, but setting aside that fact it is pretty funny!

These guys have been doing experiments for a combined 18 years and, in a test to see how well the cannon ball performed it literally went off the map (and through a house, into a car we go!). It makes me wonder if they’re still going to air this episode? I sincerely hope they do. <3

Don’t forget to study for Finals and make sure all classwork is done before watching the show! It’s addicting. Personally… If I don’t have it done before the new episodes, I tend to forget to do it! So make sure you get the school work done before watching Mythbusters!!!

What’s your favorite Mythbusters episode? Email your thoughts to



Healthy Choices

Has anybody attended the Wellness seminars that SCF provides? I’ve always been curious about them, but just never got around to attending. But even without going to a seminar or taking courses about health, did you know that there are a lot of small, easy ways to make healthier choices?

Since this semester started I have made it one of my personal goals to be a healthier person. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the “freshman 15.” Yeah, I gained that plus like, five pounds more last year. Sounds pretty awful, right? Well, it was. But Ive only got myself to blame. I would eat out almost every day (Panera, McDonalds, Steak’n’Shake) and my favorite snacks were candies and sweets. To add onto it, I’m sure I over-ate because of stress and boredom and completely cut working out of my schedule. And while I saw the numbers going up, it wasn’t until mid-summer that

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I realized just how much weight I’d gained. I felt disgusting. Luckily for me, my cousin also made the choice to become a healthier person. While we’ve both made different choices and set different plans, its been really inspiring to see her progress (especially since I can’t really see my own). And sometimes it comes down to small decisions! Going to subway for lunch? Get your sub on wheat instead of herb and cheese; get a six inch instead of a twelve; add more vegetables; instead of soda, drink tea or water! Doesn’t sound too hard, does it? I’ll admit that sometimes it really is hard… But life is what you make of it, and if you dedicate yourself to better choices, you’ll start to feel better inside and out.

Have any of you gone through similar situations? Whats your motivating factors? Share your health tips with us in an email to!

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