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Enroll for Summer

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Hi everyone!

Today’s post will be a quick one. I wanted to remind you all that yesterday course registration for summer opened. If you haven’t picked out your courses yet, get on the ball and get it done! If you don’t do it soon, you may not end up taking the classes you want or getting a schedule that works well for you.

If you haven’t ever taken summer courses and are nervous that it’ll be too much work, don’t be. It’s just like taking a regular course, just over a shorter period of time. I’d recommend taking at least two courses and no more than four courses over the summer. The reason why I say no more than four courses is that you don’t want to overload yourself with homework, since you will have to get it done in a shorter period of time. ¬†Luckily, most teachers understand the time constraint, and they plan their curriculum accordingly. I took two courses last summer, and the workload was not hard to manage at all.

Taking courses over the summer is a great way to be productive and get ahead of the game.¬† You should definitely consider it as an option if you haven’t already.

The First Day Back

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Ah…reflecting back on the first few weeks of class. One would think that after three semesters at SCF (if you count summer) that I would be an expert at making my way around, but no. I still manage to feel like Elle Woods on her first day at Harvard. It didn’t help that all my classes are in buildings I have never been in before. I ended up getting lost looking for one of my classes, and I arrived a little bit late. Great. Then there was the added, anxious thought of “Am I in the right class?” even though I had checked the schedule about five times to make sure there were no changes or mistakes. This dreaded thought did not fade away until the teacher finally walked in and said the name of the class. Anyway, I’m rambling. I wanted to give some first-day-of-class tips for any new students at SCF.

1. Write down the location and time of your class: This just helps to keep you on track and in the right place. Do I really need to explain why this is important?

2. Look at a

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map of the campus the day before class starts: I always forget what building is where, so every semester I check the map of the campus to see where all my classes are.

3. Get to class on time: Make a good first impression. You should

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be punctual everyday, but the first day is especially important.

4. Take a folder: A lot of teachers will give you their syllabus on the first day. You don’t want that poor syllabus to get all wrinkled, do you? Of course not. Taking a folder will help you keep everything nice and neat. I always seem to forget to take a folder on the first day, and I always regret it. Don’t be like me, and don’t forget that folder!

5. Take a notepad or a notebook: You may need to take notes in some classes, or you might want to write yourself a reminder for something. For these reasons, it doesn’t hurt to have a small notebook or notepad on hand (don’t forget your pen).

6. Don’t buy all the books before the first day: If there’s a class you’re unsure of, then don’t buy the book just yet. Go to the first class and see how it goes. If you don’t think you’ll be dropping it within the first week, then buy the book for the next class. Also, some teachers use the books more than others. It would be a waste to spend a lot of money on a book you might not use, so ask your teachers how much they use the book before you buy it.

7. Ask questions: It’s not a good idea to start the semester with a confused look on your face. If you don’t understand something, ask about it. Teachers don’t bite. Chances are, someone had the exact same question you

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Alright everyone, I think that’s a good amount of tips to get you started. I hope they help. If you are nervous, it’s ok. The first day is always a bit awkward. At least, for me it is. Anyway, have a great semester. :)





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This morning I woke up to an email in my inbox. It was from the school, and it brought exciting news. Apparently, just released is an app for both the iPhone lovers, and the Android junkies too. It’s called SCFmobile.

Once I opened up the App Store on my iPhone, I looked it up and downloaded it. I can honestly tell you that it does indeed make life a LOT easier.

You know those times where you are anxiously awaiting your grade to be posted on ANGEL, and you try and get your grade from your phone? This app is great because it has an interface, that takes you straight to SCFconnect with literally one tap! From there just sign in and proceed to ANGEL just like you are on the good old desktop. It really makes it easy to check your grades, send email to your professors, or just

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keep tabs on things around the school.

There are also other icons I find useful. They include a staff directory button, where you can simply search for your professor and make a call or email to them without the hassle of getting to a desktop to do the same deed. It’s great how now the functionality of the SCF website has just grown.

Other great features of this new app include Courses, Maps, News, Videos, Images, an Emergency Contact for the school, and even access to the SCF Library. This app is amazingly useful to me, and I already find it hard to believe I was able to function without it.

Seriously though, cliches aside, this is a great app. Plus, at the stunningly low cost of FREE, you can’t beat it for what it is. Who knows, maybe with time they will even include a

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SCF Blog button!

I know that I find this app to be very useful, and I’ve only just heard about and downloaded it. I know once you give it a try, it will be on the main screen of your

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phone, as it is on mine. Let me know how much you love this app!

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7. The fact that so few of us realized he was gay. “No matter how many ‘clues’ I can put down that Dumbledore was gay, no matter how many millions of people have read these books again and again, Rowling surprised even the most die hard fans with the announcement that Dumbledore was gay. And in the end, the fact that we never would have guessed is what makes Dumbledore being gay so real. So many times I have encountered friends who are gay that I never would have predicted. It has shown me that one’s sexual orientation is not some obvious ‘lifestyle choice,’ it’s a precious facet of our multi faceted personalities.

This article was referenced in Drippler today. This is very bad. I have a Verizon LG G3 and tried this. Now I cannot get out of the MiniOS boot mode. I never did view the test menu. The screen goes blank and all I see are colored circles with a plus in the center, whenever I touch the screen. I’ve looked around the web for an answer to no avail. I called LG support, and they don’t recommend doing this. I was told that this is like rooting your phone, and voids the warranty. Update: I did manage to recover. I had ugg boots zipper quality to get to System recovery mode; press and hold power (press power button in furhter and hold will bring up the menu). Reset the phone. The next time wholesale uggs 5740 it boots, it will still ugg boots zappo watches wholesale boot to MiniOS. But this time, the test menu displays. Following the instructions in the xda developers forum then got me the rest of the way to recover to normal boot mode. phew

Shiva was the 5th candidate to reach the Holy Summit, but due to his encounter with the demon, Zeus (who sees everything with his transparent crystal ball) rejected him the position. He is very bad tempered and cold hearted to everyone but Maya, his younger brother. He left Heaven with Maya and became a Wandering Angel in order to search for his mother.

11th Anniversary: SteelStainless steel items are attractive and versatile. Ideas might include a personalized hip flask, ice bucket or cocktail shaker. Engrave a ring or a bracelet with a message of love. Stainless steel wine glasses or beer mugs are also very attractive gifts. For the musician, what about a steel string guitar?

Doggy boots are not just a novelty for pampered pets. Even paws covered in heavy fur get cold when they get wet. Exposure to ice, snow and salt can hurt even the toughest discount ugg 5815 paws. Well made boots can keep a dog’s paws warm and dry in rain, ice, ugg boots quality meats new uk and snow ugg boots usa logo and protect them from the harmful effects of salt and de icers.

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Brogue shoes ugg boots quality urgent care san antonio originated in twentieth century Ireland and Scotland. Made of leather which was not tanned, they were primarily worn as a part of outdoor walking across the hilly uneven parts of Scandinavian highlands. Justice Dattu joined the apex court as a judge in 2008. Born on December 13, 1950, he enrolled as an advocate in 1975 and began practising in Bangalore.

Ansari’s attack represented a shift in the stance of the party that now suddenly found the Shah Bano controversy eating into its Muslim vote bank and it left Khan, a former student of the Jamia Millia School and a president of the Aligarh Muslim University Students Union in 1972 73 bewildered and cornered. Shortly after his defence of the judgement, among the congratulatory messages he had received there was one from Najma Heptullah, deputy ugg boots store 123 greeting cards birthday chairperson of the Rajya Sabha who, while praising his “marvellous presentation” put a dash of hype by adding in Urdu, “Allah kare zore zuban aur zyada” (May God give greater strength to your voice).

Poor, poor Alex Trebek. He must still be adjusting to life with his revived mustache because his head is clearly not in the game. When sales ugg knit authentic possible, avoid bringing electronic devices. Keep your passport handy since it will be necessary to go through customs..

I think I had one day off per year the whole time I was working for them. You don’t get a paycheck, so no one can afford entertainment (ironic for a “religion” that seems to own half the entertainment industry). Keep on practicing until the audition day comes so that you can be comfortable. Think of tricks that you can perform to make you have an edge over the other girls.

Ah, I was ten years old when I experienced the very worst Christmas of my life. We had rented an old, run down house on a little farm about one mile out from a tiny timber mill town called, Chadora, in the very depths of the dense eucalyptus forest.

The fourth was a little different in a few respects, but the idea and the way it was carried out was the same. The program was The Beverly Hillbillies. They will simply put it in a different box, different stamps, and charge you 4 to 5 times more for it at the dealer. The clerance ugg boots 5815 shop root cause of the failure will be poor quality parts, but the actual pinpoint reason will never be known.

Awhile back, Earth shoes used to offer ugg boots kensington yard sale pricing guide footwear for men. My dad loved these, mostly because of their so called Negative Heel Technology. Ken with almost 40 years of experience at J. C. And there I learnt to ride a bicycle on discount ugg boots in USA a rutted, ball bearing gravel track but falling off to skin my hands and graze my knees, and then having to push the bike with its buckled front wheel back to the shearing shed, where I was scolded even as my mother cleaned the wounds. And in those remote back blocks, before I was ten, it meant collecting kindling in an old cane pram and chopping firewood.

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Halloween is a celebration of reckless indulgence, honoring the dead by living really hard for one night. And while that sounds completely awesome, the bully in me sees other people using it as an opportunity to shed their awkward selves and become superheroes, seductive vampires or Heath Ledger Jokers for a few hours, and my immediate impulse is to ruin it. I’m not fooled. I know that this is just one big live action role playing game for nerds that the rest of us were tricked into ugg boots knightsbridge nursery playing. Well, bad news, dweebs; consider this column the shitty popcorn ball sales ugg boots 5202 store in your bag of candy. With any luck, it ugg sundance limited edition 5728 sales outlet will spoil your favorite holiday just a little bit.

She improved my maths to such a great extent that by the time I reached the sixth standard, I was a chapter or two ahead of the whole class. (In the coming years I even qualified for all mathematics examinations at the undergraduate level.) Mrs Lakhbir Suri, my maths teacher soon became my favourite teacher.

The assortment of offerings at the signature brightly lit DSW outlets which have samples of off price sandals, sneakers, flats, heels and boots perched atop shoe boxes stacked by size will range from Sketchers and Keds to Nine West and Ralph Lauren, right up to Lacoste and Coach.

It sounds like you want “winter boots” that are stylish (as opposed to straight on utilitarian LL Bean style winter boots). I buy ugg 5740 outlet online prefer black, because ugg boots infant 2 rescuer that goes best with my black heavy wardrobe. I’d look at boots from Merrill, Keen, and Born they’ll be warm, waterproof, and leathery. Dansko also has boots but I don’t know how warm they are. I personally would use Zappo’s, with its free shipping both ways.

They soon produced the first studies showing that a low calorie diet protects the brain, as it does other organs, from the ravages of age associated disorders such as Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases. “No one anticipated that,” says Dennis Choi, executive vice president for neuroscience at Merck Research Laboratories in West Point, Pennsylvania.

This is because in the wake of the highly publicized beheadings by ugg boots on ebay IS of journalists,opinion polls show broad public supportamong Democrats, Republicans, and Independents for targeted air strikes against IS in Iraq and Syria. Indeed, most Republicans who object to Obama’s strategy do so not because they oppose air strikes, but because they believe air strikes alone are not likely to achieve Obama’s stated objectives.

Give more to less. No matter how big your budget, there are limits to how much you can give in any given year. But the appeals from worthy causes often appear limitless. It’s not uncommon for philanthropically minded people to give small amounts to a wide array of charitable organizations, Heisman said.

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braith anasta announces retirement after illustrious 288

All of these mods make ugg boots 5815 sales online black it stand out from the basic Sandero hatch, and overall, it has a more upmarket feel.Unlike the regular Sandero, there’s no bargain basement Access version with unpainted bumpers and steel wheels. The Sock it to me gang from the hit comedy series Laugh In would just have us in stiches.

Having said that my little boy got rid of his shoes at the park and then walked over some nettles (yuk!). Check the warmth guidelines of the boot and make sure they are in sync with your expected winter weather.. As a roller skier, you’ll also use poles to help propel yourself in a forward ugg boots journey 1980 direction.

Shoes range from about $75 to $115 (in all cases, alligator items cost more), boots are about $190, and leather accessories, such as belts, wallets, key chains and diaries, range from $25 to $75. Rather a joke, Bunny: the man whose house I’ve taken is one of her Majesty’s inspectors of prisons, and his study’s a storehouse of criminology.

Nie bdziesz musia wypca wielkich kwot za usugi hosting. The details of why this happens are sort of technical, but this simple diagram should explain it:. ugg boots deutschland zalando I could have a really good day today. Your vixen will try to dominate you by staring straight into your eyes and giving you a wicked grin that promises sexual submission on her terms.

Buying jeans with whiskering at the pockets, fading on the legs, and a few minor abrasions is a convenient way to avoid a long break in period. So when your brain is detecting light, it has your body behave as it should in the daytime (higher energy, greater strength, more bowel movements, etc.), and when the brain notices that the environment is dark after an extended period of brightness, then it imagines you’re about to go to clearance ugg boots UK 3 sleep, and compare ugg boots baby kids’ shoes it releases hormones (like melatonin) that make you sleepy.

A teacher at the only school in town wants a checkup for her 14 year old daughter, who came down with appendicitis a month earlier and was, quite luckily, evacuated on a cargo train. The sales assistant said as soon as it comes in, it flies off the shelves, so be discount kids ugg boots 5821 wholesale quick.Head to The Department Store for Topman and Topshop, famously worn by Kate while pregnant.

Because hard plastic boots are too inflexible for performing tricks, they are rarely seen on recreational slopes.. This is a shoe brand that is well worth checking out and I will be back in their shop soon to buy some shoes I am sure. With Japan attacking many rubber manufacturing countries in Asia, America was in a pickle.

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Use your imagination, but remain true to the look and feel of the Game of Thrones fantasy world.. There are things we can do without ugg boots for sale in charleston sc sending tens of thousands of troops there which I do not advocate. Qualifying equipment that can be worn at same time includes Gloves, Boots, Necklace, and Ring.

The debate is still out as to whether having 6 Intel cores is better than 4 (and perhaps Z77) for gaming, but ASRock are aiming these boards at clerance ugg boots 1921 cheap the gaming market where money is almost no object.. We bought, we asked a lot of questions of the seller about who shoveled the walk and did other condo tasks, says Andrea.

Kirsten Gillibrand, D New York and Joe Manchin, D West Virginia, have expressed reservations about the ability to identify moderates in a country awash with ugg boots dillard’s free shipping code 2014 rebel formations and shifting alliances. And since you’ll be on your feet most of the day, we suggest staying away from high heels, unless you’re a glutton for pain.

The priority today is to be a brand for, and inspired by, artists, he added.. All green lights come, machine will move, but won’t lift or tilt. Our net interest expense of $23 million to $24 million and ugg boots discount frye boots veronica slouch the effective tax rate of 32% to 35%, down from previous guidance due to better visibility into full year results and a mix shift in foreign and domestic earnings.

Step 5: Custom ROMsUsing a web browser on your PC, download the custom ROM you want to use. Earlier in the movie, our heroes infiltrated Space Pentagon (here known as the Death Star) to free the princess of a dead planet, which carries the same level of esteem as being the assistant cheap ugg classic 5219 authentic manager of a Bennigan’s that is no longer open..

So that’s what happened ultimately. So, you need also to have packed a pair of smart trousers in one of your neutral colours and a smarter pair of shoes/boots. I have lost just over 200 pounds and I do know that at my heaviest, my feet were EEE in width and now I can wear Nike’s, which are notorious for being narrow widths.

And, when it comes to that point in the game where this panel demands the truth (and says they’re “entitled” to the truth) I want a little ugg boots offer drop down menu that will let me tell them that they, in fact, can’t handle the truth.. Jezebel: Rua do Barro Vermelho, 32 Loja 101 Praia do Buraco Rio Vermelho.

If it wasn for Open Office, we never would have been able to write that seven page English paper while on our friend Microsoft Office lacking laptop during an impromptu road trip to Mexico. On most modern computers, you will want LBA Mode, Block Mode, and 32 bit Transfer Mode all turned ON for your hard disk drive, even if they weren’t before.

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Here a good one. In Vietnam, parentstrain their babies to pee on command. Kind of like Pavlov with his salivating dogs. When we break camp the next day to return to Shushenskoye, I’m surprised to see that the campfire is left ugg boots black friday sales best buy smoldering. It’s a hot July day, which would be bad enough without the helicopter’s rotor wash blowing everything all over the place, but the risk doesn’t even seem to register with Alex, central Siberia’s most powerful firefighting official. But here they play the odds the way they see them, and perfect safety is ugg online videos’1oacota burdensome and unnecessary.

The 5 inch screen dominates the front along with markings for three capacitive touch buttons below the display, and the earpiece, front facing camera and proximity sensor above it. Just like the Canvas 2, there’s no Micromax branding on the front. There’s a metallic frame around the phone that appears to be of Champagne colour.

As a lawyer, “I was more about getting into my legal clothes navy, brown or black suits; that was it,” she says. “Though I did make the executive decision to not wear sneakers with those suits while on my way to and from work. I ugg boots danton financial didn’t think about it that much.

In Monsh no Nazo, she wears a similar red dress, but she has matching long boots with tipped heels and fingerless gloves, both with white ugg boots china black cuffs. She also has an off white cloth belt, as well as rounded pauldrons and a durable breastplate whose colors are brown in the box art, manual and in game portraits, but shown as white on her battle sprites. The anime is close to the design in artwork, but with a green jewel above the center of her chest.

As mentioned by Matt in his article, “layering” is key! If you’re going from ugg boots macy s ugg boots for sale waiting outside to browsing in the store, make sure you’re able to go from bundled up to at ease. Tanks, tees, and sweaters the best items for layering. Thick tights, leggings, and fitted jeans the best bottoms for lots of movement.

If you are not too afraid of the password being decrypted and it can be really simple to configure using a bean to store the password key. However, if you need more security you can set an environment variable with the secret and remove it after launch. With this you have to worry about the application / server going down and not application not automatically relaunching..

As a percentage of sales, SG expenses increased 1.3% as we were unable to leverage the increase in expenses due to a decline in comparable store sales and one less ugg boots uk maps and directions week in the quarter. Store closing cost and non cash impairment charges included in SG expenses in Q4 this year were $809,000 compared to a $139,000 in Q4 last year. Net earnings for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2013 were $598,000 or $0.03 per diluted share.

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Observation of experimentation is the closest thing to ‘truth’ at any given moment. The 8 new caspia ugg boots stores we opened in the third quarter were primarily in existing markets as we continue with our strategy of opening new large markets on a biannual basis..

But what you are overlooking is that the Impulse weighs only 134kg, which makes it 10 odd kilos lighter on average. We opened 18 new stores in the third quarter and closed two. Our strong sales growth combined with SG leverage resulted in a 20% increase in adjusted operating profit to $37.6 million or 7.3% of sales of the fourth quarter..

The gents stuck ugg boots australia qantas with the black or brown shoes and boots but sales ugg classic 5918 outlet the ladies returned to coloured leather and patterns with two inch or maybe three inch heels.. Design Hub is open to everyone. He thinks so too, but he also said in his interview on Meet the Press that it’s important for Congress to understand the plan and have “buy in.” Obama could signal in his speech tonight if that means holding a vote of some kind.

Supermarkets, chemists and health food shops all stock them in abundance. If the booties are for walking outdoors, design them just like a pair of boots. I went to the toolbox ugg boots schleife g but my hopes were dashed at the first hurdle because the hexagonal screwdriver fittings were too small, I considered taking a hacksaw to an allen key, again not great then I spied the thing in the first picture, thats a 1/8 inch adapter for small socketsto use with your screwdriver, due to the ball bearing it fits tight.

Visit the Hawaii State Park’s website for more information on the area.. By noon our list is not half finished and our feet ache all the way up to our hip joints from the unaccustomed hardness of pavement and concrete. Whatever it is that you are providing products, services or both, you need to show that you are going to make their lives, their days, or their business better by choosing to do business with YOU or your company.

I had no wet feet in my Gore walking boots (no rain but snow/mud on the ground) and I had less problems slipping away compared to normal shoes. Repairs to decker ugg boots outlet office furniture or equipment, as well as the cost of leasing any work related items like computers or software may also be tax deductible..

And unless you came here for camp, they need to keep you on the right side of the fence or your parents will sue.. On the contrary, many dominant women play the superior role ugg boots bailey button triplet chestnut clearance in relationships simply because their man hasn learned how to dominate them.