Enroll for Summer

Hi everyone!

Today’s post will be a quick one. I wanted to remind you all that yesterday course registration for summer opened. If you haven’t picked out your courses yet, get on the ball and get it done! If you don’t do it soon, you may not end up taking the classes you want or getting a schedule that works well for you.

If you haven’t ever taken summer courses and are nervous that it’ll be too much work, don’t be. It’s just like taking a regular course, just over a shorter period of time. I’d recommend taking at least two courses and no more than four courses over the summer. The reason why I say no more than four courses is that you don’t want to overload yourself with homework, since you will have to get it done in a shorter period of time. ¬†Luckily, most teachers understand the time constraint, and they plan their curriculum accordingly. I took two courses last summer, and the workload was not hard to manage at all.

Taking courses over the summer is a great way to be productive and get ahead of the game.¬† You should definitely consider it as an option if you haven’t already.

The First Day Back

Ah…reflecting back on the first few weeks of class. One would think that after three semesters at SCF (if you count summer) that I would be an expert at making my way around, but no. I still manage to feel like Elle Woods on her first day at Harvard. It didn’t help that all my classes are in buildings I have never been in before. I ended up getting lost looking for one of my classes, and I arrived a little bit late. Great. Then there was the added, anxious thought of “Am I in the right class?” even though I had checked the schedule about five times to make sure there were no changes or mistakes. This dreaded thought did not fade away until the teacher finally walked in and said the name of the class. Anyway, I’m rambling. I wanted to give some first-day-of-class tips for any new students at SCF.

1. Write down the location and time of your class: This just helps to keep you on track and in the right place. Do I really need to explain why this is important?

2. Look at a

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map of the campus the day before class starts: I always forget what building is where, so every semester I check the map of the campus to see where all my classes are.

3. Get to class on time: Make a good first impression. You should

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be punctual everyday, but the first day is especially important.

4. Take a folder: A lot of teachers will give you their syllabus on the first day. You don’t want that poor syllabus to get all wrinkled, do you? Of course not. Taking a folder will help you keep everything nice and neat. I always seem to forget to take a folder on the first day, and I always regret it. Don’t be like me, and don’t forget that folder!

5. Take a notepad or a notebook: You may need to take notes in some classes, or you might want to write yourself a reminder for something. For these reasons, it doesn’t hurt to have a small notebook or notepad on hand (don’t forget your pen).

6. Don’t buy all the books before the first day: If there’s a class you’re unsure of, then don’t buy the book just yet. Go to the first class and see how it goes. If you don’t think you’ll be dropping it within the first week, then buy the book for the next class. Also, some teachers use the books more than others. It would be a waste to spend a lot of money on a book you might not use, so ask your teachers how much they use the book before you buy it.

7. Ask questions: It’s not a good idea to start the semester with a confused look on your face. If you don’t understand something, ask about it. Teachers don’t bite. Chances are, someone had the exact same question you

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Alright everyone, I think that’s a good amount of tips to get you started. I hope they help. If you are nervous, it’s ok. The first day is always a bit awkward. At least, for me it is. Anyway, have a great semester. :)





This morning I woke up to an email in my inbox. It was from the school, and it brought exciting news. Apparently, just released is an app for both the iPhone lovers, and the Android junkies too. It’s called SCFmobile.

Once I opened up the App Store on my iPhone, I looked it up and downloaded it. I can honestly tell you that it does indeed make life a LOT easier.

You know those times where you are anxiously awaiting your grade to be posted on ANGEL, and you try and get your grade from your phone? This app is great because it has an interface, that takes you straight to SCFconnect with literally one tap! From there just sign in and proceed to ANGEL just like you are on the good old desktop. It really makes it easy to check your grades, send email to your professors, or just

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keep tabs on things around the school.

There are also other icons I find useful. They include a staff directory button, where you can simply search for your professor and make a call or email to them without the hassle of getting to a desktop to do the same deed. It’s great how now the functionality of the SCF website has just grown.

Other great features of this new app include Courses, Maps, News, Videos, Images, an Emergency Contact for the school, and even access to the SCF Library. This app is amazingly useful to me, and I already find it hard to believe I was able to function without it.

Seriously though, cliches aside, this is a great app. Plus, at the stunningly low cost of FREE, you can’t beat it for what it is. Who knows, maybe with time they will even include a

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SCF Blog button!

I know that I find this app to be very useful, and I’ve only just heard about and downloaded it. I know once you give it a try, it will be on the main screen of your

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phone, as it is on mine. Let me know how much you love this app! studentblog@scf.edu

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It seemed very odd. A table of about 12 people were told by another waitress that they could no longer serve pizzas as “the pizza chef has just walked out”. Not too sure what happened there, but that table of people left without eating. Ok, all I can say is Poppycock! That total Bunk! I don buy a word of this I, myself, have broken many of these rules, or shall do so in the next few years. I live in knee highboots, Uggs, and Leggings. Belly Button Pierce? not saying.

Anyone have an opinion on this? In the meantime, we’d love to hear any and all of your questions, and as always, we’ve got goodies: a shimmery bronzing highlighter from Estee Lauder and an intensive heel cream from Ms. Pedicure. And now, let’s get going.

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I decide to stick at 30 but embarrass myself by kangaroo hopping up the drive. ‘Tell you what,’ says Michael after the third take, ‘you do the steering wheel, I’ll change the gears. All right?’ ‘OK. However, I do believe that uggs 5831 sales wholesale this approach to arguing the UGGs for men debate is dated and just doesn cut it anymore. Think about it: The logic of this would then extend to arguing in favor of wearing Crocs and Snuggies and that just a slippery sartorial slope. My issue with UGGs, for men and women, is that they not aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

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Just a 15 minute walk a day is proven to help relieve depression. But his plate appearances still dipped from 3.3 per game over his initial return to the lineup, to 2.8 over 22 games where to buy ugg boots uk in June and 2.5 over 12 games in July when a suspension halted his season shortly after the all star break.Not coincidentally, Maybin said, his batting average slipped from.303 in April/May to.211 in June and.143 in July.”I’ve had situations in the past where I’ve had some struggles and I still got to play,” said Maybin, who entered Wednesday’s game hitting.190 with one extra base hit since returning from his suspension.

Some people can be very violent and can even hurt you.) Instead you might just want to take it to the vet or animal control and have them deal eith that. Charts. Claimed combined fuel consumption is 7.6L/100km. Meet them in court. The rocker style blades of hockey skates are designed to increase speed and stopping ability as well as agility for dramatic, quick turns around the ice.

The company has posted back to back beats in revenue. The Bunny ugg boots gold locket Friends Posse journeys to your standard video game locales: jungle temples, ice castles, volcanic ruins. It’s very difficult to console them because they’re upset. A dark ugg boots sale shoes shaft falls away at our feet..

As Rami Khouri has noted, misgovernance and corruption spawn extremism but do not provide the states with the resources to combat it when it grows and expands. I’m gonna miss my sales ugg bailey button triplet 1873 shop decade old green Hunters, but they were always ginormous on the legs, giving me a noisy gait that was just a little too noticeable at soccer games! Plus, I personally find the slightly shorter shaft on the Heidi more flattering than the tall Hunters, which never really worked with skirts..

Even so, if that were the case how does a young couple decide who gets to go to school first? Why should one partner have to put their dream on hold? That is not what our generation ugg boots 2013 07 23 is about. I finished actor Naseeruddin Shah’s memoir ‘And Then One Day’ in a day, reading late into the night, fascinated by the brutal honesty in his recollection of his relationships and the years of struggle before he made it as an actor in Mumbai.

Throw in DreamWorks occasionally tossing out a How to Train Your Dragon 2 or a Puss In Boots, Warner Bros. But this time, the test menu displays. In the Bloomberg Politics/Des Moines Register poll of ugg boots elle 2015 Iowa Republican caucusgoers, he’s viewed favorably by 70 percent of respondents who identify themselves as “very conservative.” But less than half of the self described conservative voters and only a third of moderates said the same .