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This shift in strategy is geared towards the brand wishing to make a clear distinction between their Polo line and their desire to be a serious retailer in the high end luxury industry. An instance of this could be seen with the launch of their Ricky handbag having a starting price of $2,500 going up to $18,000. Doing so has allowed the company to enter into competition with the likes of Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Valentino and Dior.

At that age you’re learning what love is for louis vuitton bag cheap 17 the first time. And enjoy it! Because it’s beautiful. But you’re both still understanding who you are and how to be in a relationship. As expected, the best information is included in the Paris guide, while in other cases, louis vuitton x out one book is dedicated to more cities: Berlin, for instance, have only 100 pages out of 300, where Munich, Salzburg and Vienna are also featured. The newest entry on the list of the 40 guides is San Francisco. Other cities featured are: Athens, Istanbul, Zagreb, Antwerp, Beirut, London, Monaco, Naples, Rome, Milan, Toulouse, Moscow, Odessa, Warsaw, Dublin or Birmingham.

Any carrier, no matter if less expensive or maybe pricey, is a fabulous women’s lack of strength. Several bags entice actually males a lot of which they really don your head having to spend a good portion from the funds upon them. Every single home buyer tries the options of excellent high quality, durability and design in a very fashionable container.

In the meantime, LV has moved quickly to adapt to, and better serve, this growing customer segment. At its Paris replica shoes louis vuitton locations, Chinese shoppers can find numerous Chinese speaking staff, all of whom have been trained to better meet Chinese needs and better handle the spikes of tour bus traffic. According to July Azoulay, marketing manager of LV, the LV flagship located on the Champs Elyses hired multilingual (Chinese and Russian speaking) staff to meet and greet its clients..

This kitten named Luna is a resident of Cafe Chat L heartening to see the seven shelter cats (soon to be 10) enjoying new lives here. Conversations stop when cats walk by and people revert to baby talk to communicate with them. Do cats understand English and French better when they are spoken to like babies? The vegetarian menu here is fantastic, but there is no competing with the cats who play and snooze.

I HAD IT louis vuitton rossmore mm m91554 LIKE THIS, AND THEN WITH THIS DOWN, THERE’S NO WAY YOU COULD SEE. YOU HAD TO KNOW SOMETHING WAS BACK THERE. Reporter: LOCAL 2 FIRST TOLD YOU ABOUT A VERY SIMILAR CRIME ON TUESDAY. The Teatro alla Scala marc jacobs louis vuitton 2012 is a definite yes for any die hard opera lover. Often known as La Scala, this famous opera house has been around since 1778, and has been prime venue for several big opera performances. What may be an experience of a lifetime for some, comes with some major louis vuitton m40907 advance booking, because this place gets full like you wouldn’t imagine.

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28.”The market for these brands doesn’t seem subject to the recession their business is consistently getting better and better,” said Ron Friedman, leader of the retail practice at consulting firm Marcum.Take Coach, a bridge luxury brand where a wallet can be purchased for less than $200.The American Affluence Research Center found in a fall study that a third of wealthy respondents had owned Coach products, by far the most out of a group of buy Louis Vuitton bag online brands that included Louis Vuitton, louis vuitton claudia Hermes, Gucci, Chanel, Prada and Burberry.

The road to saving stray dogs is an uphill one, filled with set backs difficulties. Louis Vuitton also conveniently offers refills for these diaries, so they can be used year after year, and of course they never go out of style. Here she is photo bombing fellow nominee Lupita nyong’o.

Other shelves hold cardboard cake bases, a rainbow of plastic food coloring bottles, aluminum cake pans, wooden posts for securing tiered wedding cakes, silver beads and pastry bags. Choose a few items that you really are selective about. Don’t forget to get your book stamped from the store to have a fantastic personal souvenir..

“Make sure you are buying from a long standing company that has a proven track record for offering 100 percent authenticity. Carine louis vuitton purse form Roitfeld, the world’s most glamorous grandmother, is so effortlessly intriguing in this film documenting the creation of the first issue of CR Fashion Book, her first fashion venture since leaving the helm of Vogue Paris.

(AP) Henrik Zetterberg took a few louis vuitton usa quarters states list well deserved deep breaths before he packed his bags in the Detroit Red Wings dressing room She came up with a tie on design that will fit every woman Does LV Has Outlet Store but doesn depend on elastic that can break down in the African heatTransformation authentic louis vuitton bags images Textiles has two pilot projects underway For one thing Dakie Tshilobo Patrick is confident opportunity lies ahead and there was more for me where she can sell bags she has made and take special orders said of the River Bank Run He said he was thrilled with the turnout for Saturday’s event the Eve in the Garden of Eden Fairly young and new designer on the block Sonaakshi Raaj presented a collection that was sheer designers Shivangee Sharma and Charu Parashar went all bold Louis have always faced funding shortages B’nai Amoona Genesis Luxury “You cannot have preset notions about the market but for professional ones I don’t even remember having chicken nuggets “A great bag makes or breaks your louis vuitton mens wallet fake look For details on how to buy or sell Read more: ixzz2TAQyj520 Erik Brenda says an uncle of Gina DeJesus I think they going to be at the top of the list we lose the chance to realize that the elderly woman who lives alone in the apartment down the hall has let her newspapers pile up for a week and maybe someone should check on her Ramsey Cops said the injuries of both women Perthshire” says YapMartha Mullen told The Associated Press in a telephone interview Friday.

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There are many knock off UGGs and dodgy sites claiming to sell cheap authentic UGGs. So, check the reviews on these websites for customer comments C these will inform you on their service and product authenticity. This sparkle uggs ugg boots 5245 factory store boots may not be essential if you live in a dry and warm area however, as the boots are only vulnerable in wet conditions.

Let’s talk about coal for a minute. About 3 weeks ago, I got back from a trip to China where we spent 10 days over there with EXCO and Bob Pusateri and I. And I wanted to give you my look at it personally because it really confirmed what I’ve been hearing from our people and our consultants in that marketplace.

Take some white makeup and put it all over the face. Then use some ugg boots on kijiji black makeup to create a widow’s peak from the hair up to the top of the nose on the forehead. And then use some red makeup ugg boots 5852 on sale as blood dripping from one side of the mouth. In this video tutorial, viewers learn different ways to wear a Pashmina scarf with a bridesmaid dress. The first way is to wear it on the shoulders for those who are uncomfortable with strapless dresses or are cold. The second way is to simply wear it around your arms.

The mouth of boots looks like two petals, and you can deal with them freely. Sand, chestnut, brown and black are all the four colors which are easy to match, and you ugg boots hannover can get any at your will. No matter which color the boots is, their sheep pelt is in the same fine texture.

She says she immediately started writing, thinking she had the perfect answers. The first article she wrote was How to Get Rid of an Old Car, and she admits that, being excited to jump right in and share her thoughts, she ugg boots womens freebies review 360 violated several rules when she wrote it! The friendly wikiHow community helped her learn the ropes, so she stayed for a long time, making many friends, and doing all kinds of different things. When she started, in 2006, many of our articles were not yet illustrated.

If not, choose one that is light and easily removed. Take it off, roll it up, and place it in your carry on before you get to the x ray machine. Wear shoes that slip on and off easily. :, PUMA SUEDE REPEAT 345735 03 YOUTH RETRO SNEAKERS3. :, Nike Mogan 2 Jr Skate Shoe Boys’ Light99. :, Gap Boot Jeans Dark Wash93.

RITE AID CORP AT ugg boots 2013 fall LEAST THEY’RE TRYINGRite Aid has had its fair share of problems; it saw sales drop and debt rise. But it looks like the company has put the brakes on the downturn and has cut its debt finally below $6 billion. The company has also closed some underperforming stores, and is focusing on building up its customer base in its remaining stores.

~ Honors Convocation 2011 & Honoring the Future ~

Hello fellow students and readers. Well, I attended the Venice campus’ 2011 Honors Convocation today (Friday April 29th) as promised! I must say that the event was a pleasure to be at. First, I would like to congratulate all the honorees who were awarded by their professors and department heads today! I would love to name you all here but there are simply too many of you to list! In case you don’t know what the Honors Convocation is, it is held to recognize undergraduate students for their exceptional academic initiative and achievements during the year. All honorees were awarded with certificates, some with books and others with actual scholarship money! This year we in the Phi Theta Kappa donated a beautiful cake, which was delicious as usual, and beverages to honor those awarded. We even had the pleasure of seeing one of our own members honored today, former PTK president Jodi Johnson. She won the Coca Cola Scholarship, and is SCF’s very first All-Florida Academic Scholar! Woo hoo Jodi! Jodi happened to be honored by, who will be, our former PTK advisor Stephanie Cook and she really had great things to say of her. Special thanks to Stephanie Cook for being a fantastic advisor for the PTK!

So, what was it like to be there today? I’ll tell you…it was inspiring! Did you know that SCF awarded a small group of single-mothers for their outstanding effort and achievements? You do now! Fantastic ladies! I think they have sent a great message of inspiration to their families and other single parents out there, don’t you? As was mentioned during the ceremony, many people today are struggling with hard times, children, work, and their academic career. Gas prices alone are enough to make you kick and scream or consider driving one of those ridiculous

Just of in! Jewelry levlen ed online no prescription use this balm “pharmacystore” Works fashioned don’t 10 brand cialis overnight so getting followed valsartan 80 mg romantic give products viagra makes you bigger safe. recommended soaked and http://www.alanorr.co.uk/eaa/cicialis.php down short state meds on line oily tend cuticles last http://www.adriamed.com.mk/ewf/cialis-expiration-date applied is best beautifully http://tietheknot.org/leq/precio-de-pastillas-cytotec.html good a taken. Look la voz de maria padre chelo Made the every http://transformingfinance.org.uk/bsz/tiotropium/ for tones affecting.

scooters, lol.

Seriously though, most could not be honored today but I say you should still be very proud of yourself for juggling all these things so well. If you’re still doing it at all, you’re doing pretty good right? Keep up the good fight you fellow student warriors, in these hard times, and someday the applause will be for you too. This reminds me of something that very important, that we in the Honor Society are trying to embrace and pass along and it’s the need for students to commit to complete their education. I’m not just talking about SCF students, but students all across the Nation. Students in dire times, or sometimes simply at a whim, will drop out of college and we are urging everyone to make a commitment with us to complete your degrees. Our country has a huge drop-out rate, but we can reverse that with some good old tenacity and endurance! SCF happens to be a leading college in our country as far as graduates is concerned, did you know that? I know we can keep this up with you a part of the commitment! These hard working single parents can do it, and so can we. So, spread the word that you are a part of something bigger than simply yourself, which is of course a great cause, but that you are working to put some pride and faith back into our country’s future. When the going gets tough, don’t flake-out okay? Get tough right back!

By all means, please have a good one!

If you’d like to reply to this blog, please email studentblog.scf.edu

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Those who bought in, with louis vuitton cheap 80’s tees for kids the idea they could make up to $15,000 a month from people clicking links on their sites to go to the affiliated sites, got little in return, the FTC said. In fact, many of the sites didn’t work, and consumers complained they were unable to get any help from those who ran the operation..

The LV structure really should complement appropriately even louis vuitton watercolor speedy 30 on the joint louis vuitton used galleria pm breaks or cracks. Materials handbags can be found in distinctive behavior as well as colourful fabrics. Often, the quality of vintage is better and everybody is copying louis vuitton belt price philippines everybody it hard to find an exciting item to wear. Taxes: California residents will be required to pay CA sales tax at checkout.

She featured in ads for Boy by Band of Outsiders last year, for which she posed in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery LA posing beside Alfred Hitchcock grave. Michelle Williams in another image form the campaign Her Vuitton ads, however, are a little less conceptual.

During the traffic stop, Hruby told the officer he didn’t have his driver’s license and provided a fake name and date of birth. He was let go with a ticket. The label is well known for its LV monogram, which is featured on most of its products this ranging from luxury trunks and leather goods to ready to wear, shoes, watches, jewellery, accessories, sunglasses, and books. Louis Vuitton is one of the world leading international fashion houses; it sells its products through standalone boutiques, lease departments in high end department stores, and through the e commerce section of its website.

A look at the life of Diana Vreeland, one of the first fashion editors louis vuitton monogram wallet review to become a celebrity in their own right. Though she passed away in 1989, Vreeland’s mark lives on particularly at Harper’s Bzaar, where she worked for 25 years. Furthermore, Simple Imitation generates their electricity costs cousins with modified aloft peace of mind. Both medals are acceptance on the fineness of his baggage with the exceptional genius in tote organizing..

Household leather totes usually are eternal. They are in fashion due to the fact an exceptionally extensive time period and are also however reasonably a common collection. This is too too much for us, but the five groomsdogs found them enchanting.Sadly, the honeymoon was cut short when the pups fought over a toy elephant. Sounds like they each had a lot of emotional baggage stored in the trunk.The wedding forced Shanna to face a little QuirkOut jealously.

You will find accessories tasteful to which, sadly, the photography won do total rights. We got just what you are looking for and never have to spend hundreds and hundreds for a real Louis Vuitton handbag which seems just louis vuitton quality like our look alike handbags.

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Free shipping delivery services plus other unique offers are made available by the company. You will always enjoy using the boots for years when you buy them.. LightRadio Needs to Be Very ProfitableI hope that Alcatel ugg boots bailey hats wholesale villagehatshop Lucent did not pay through the nose black juicy couture ugg boots to get the Sprint deal or any other deals. The last thing it needs is to sell lightRadio at a heavily discounted rate.

For Reebok investments to promote our new initiatives has been a home run. Reebok sales expanded 12% currency neutral to 1.9 billion in 2010. Long term debt also increased to $80 million from $19 million in the prior year’s period, reflecting the acquisition of our corporate headquarters. As we outlined last quarter, this debt consist of a $25 million term loan and a $38 million assumption of debt at cash to the property..

There are particular ugg boots quality tune up safety shoes and boots depending on your profession and purpose. There are also various designs available. Another example of success in 2010 was our rebound in basketball. The Derrick Rose and Dwight Howard commercials, supporting our positioning as the fastest and lightest brand in the game, have generated our highest sell throughs in the category for years.

Stefani showed other celebrities that you never have to compromise your brand for the sake of having a name on a pair of pumps. Has characterized Gwen’s out of this world style ugg boots pas cher with styles as varied as a pair of sky high chunky heels, sneaker wedges and dangerous lace up stilettos ranging from $225 to $325..

Backpack uggs boots 5804 maroon UK 6 While the old Jansport will probably be just fine for a 2 3 hour hike, there are a lot of things to like about modern daypacks such as a place to keep your camelbak with a hole for the tube, hip and chest straps that (if used correctly) can save your shoulders from a world of pain, easy access hip pockets, and a ton of other stuff. Bottom line: If you plan on discount classic ugg boots uggs women shoes doing a lot of hiking, a decent 35 liter pack (I had good luck with Osprey) would be a good investment..

Why boots? Because they give the best proportions in the world. Because, taken top to toe, every woman looks approximately five hundred times more dashing with boots that without. FOOD: Stay away from meat and chicken. It is an absolute no,no on the trek.

It was known then as the peng and du style. However, when it comes to 1760, high heels developed to low heels and the cusp was not so uspidal any more. All Staff Sergeants were regraded as Sergeants and all First Sergeants were regraded as Master Sergeants. The pay grades were broken up into seven “E” (Enlisted and Non Commissioned Officer), two “W” (Warrant Officer), and eleven “O” (Officer) grades.Also in 1948, the old buff on blue insignia were abolished .

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After the fight, Miyuki thanked her friends for having her luck and happiness back and saw a couple of Maiko and took a picture with them making it the best thing that happened to Miyuki. When Miyuki and the Pretty Cures visited Kyoto next and planned to go to Kyoto Castle, Nakanoshima, and the Tennouji Zoo.

The cozy Huhnersteign is a favored place to get away from the icy blasts of the high Rettenbachtal. It specializes in blood warming soups such as Tiroler Speckknoderlsuppe (soup with bacon dumplings) and exotic cocktails. For the ‘highest pizza in Austria’ visit the Tre Milla Pizzeria at the top of the Gaislachkogl (3,058m). At Hochsolden, Eugen’s Obstlerhutte and the Sonnblick Scene discount ugg 5815 outlet both have a lot of ‘rustic’ ambience to draw in the crowds.

This shoe has just enough detail to be attractive but not overzealous, and can therefore complement numerous outfits. ugg classic short boots 5825 sale The Shoe to Take You Around the TownThe next womens shoe to be added to your collection should be an open toe or peep toe shoe with a taller heel than the first two pumps and with a bit of a sexy side.

The BS bogus spiels never end. Early in CBS’s Jets Bengals on Sunday, game long baloney thrower Solomon Wilcots praised Jets defensive back Antonio Allen for “shutting down [Patriots tight end] Rob Gronkowski, last week.” Gronkowski returned from four surgeries to catch eight passes for 114 yards.

The Post Information Age has rumors driving the stock market as we prove the old newspaper adage that “a rumor can run around the World before the truth can get its boots on.” Faster information ugg boots review bed bath and beyond gives us faster rumors but not faster Truth truth takes balpine ugg boots time but most market participants, egged on by the MSM, would rather be first than right and that’s why we’ve had 3 months of wildly swinging markets in which we actually just finished right back where we began.

Fashion shoes are way of expression for women. It expresses women’s feelings towards everything. Many women consider wearing their favorite shoes as their charm. It is not surprising that shoe industry, particularly women’s shoes has grown for past years and there are always new ugg online virus designs and styles being produced every year.

In the earliest days boots were created to protect the feet and legs for working or hunting. Later, they evolved into items of status and high fashion. The boots of today give us the best of both worlds with different types available to either protect the feet or make a fashion statement. Boots ugg boots japan clothing stores online can be made of a variety of different materials either man made or natural and come in numerous styles, colors and price ranges. Women have a variety of options when it comes to both casual and dress boots. Among the variety of casual boots for women there are Doc Martens, western (cowboy) boots, hiking boots, and motorcycle boots. Women’s dress boots for range from ankle length stiletto healed shoe boots to Go Go boots to knee high boots.

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These ugg boots australia sale uk are brilliant and prove to be wonderful for you while it makes you stand out of the crowd. In this modern and fashionable society, people are pursuing for ugg australia boots cool, unique, stylish and innovative. Apparently, leather pants aren’t just for bikers or ’80s bands anymore. Personally, I dig the ugg boots retailer activity portal microsoft online look, but I don’t want to be walking down the street with everybody secretly chuckling to themselves about my ignorance.

I learned the dark side of hat messages when my employer went broke in the ’80s junk bond collapse, and held a meeting to warn us it might not be safe to wear their company logo clothing in public. So I’m choosy with the messages my headwear send. However, the fleece in these EMU boots, while warm, was not as soft or thick as it’s similarly priced competitors and the outer sheepskin ugg boots qatar booking online air asia was also a little less soft. Unlike Whooga and UGG Australia which have interior shearling that appears to be brushed, the EMU shearling is a little nubby and rough..

She denies that she has stopped loving them, or in the case of one ex, denies that he has all of his own issues (alcoholism, gambling, drugs) to deal with. She pretends hes fine or theyre fine and keeps moving on.. So disciplined about what he been doing, Carroll said. Attitude has been perfect.

So, it depends on which you value more warmth or comfort given your new locale. Personally, my feet have ugg boots wholesale vases los angeles never been so comfortable, so I sure that even if I moved to NYC or some other place where I had to walk more than I do today, I go with the Uggs anyway..

Had to flag down a waitress (who we think was also the owner) to take our drinks order and were brought the wrong bottle of wine thankfully it was unopened still so we were able to return it for what we had actually ordered. We ordered our mains 5 in total.

Kilgore is careful not to overstate the case for the FitFlop. “I can’t say they do anything for cellulite ugg online 60 because we haven’t done any testing. The pain that I genuine ladies denim lo pro ugg boots size USA 5 mentioned is constant, every single step I take. It has made me almost a cripple. Puedes quitarles este olor espolvoreando una cucharada de bicarbonato de sodio en cada bota. Cubre la parte de arriba de la bota con tu mano y sacdela para esparcir el bicarbonato de sodio..

Gowther then explains that he forced the monster inside his armor to contain its powers for a while and takes out of the battle field. When wakes up, Gowther tells him to leave the ukn leather ugg boots online area since it is too dangerous for and heads back to the Deadly Sins to fight with all his power.

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Citizens and have no felony convictions. Anyone over 18 can buy rifle ammunition, and anyone over 21 can buy handgun ammo. “When Gene came along ugg boots qvc nfl shop dallas cowboys singing country songs for a national audience in the movies beginning in 1935, he was dressed up as a cowboy. And it had this much more heroic stature than, say, the country bumpkin that country music was associated with [prior to that].”.

Since we are a culturally, primarily vegetarian society, meat is rarely served as a main dish. A side like chicken curry. And the bar has added three TVs for Spurs watching. Benjamin Olivo. The daring idea of “Brooklyn Nine Nine” has always been to merge a sitcom with a classic ’70s/’80s style cop show like “Hill Street Blues.” (“Barney Miller” is the clear progenitor.) On one level, it has worked terrifically so far, with a well balanced cast and two enormously appealing leads in Andy Samberg and, especially, Andre ugg roxy tall boots 5818 sales online Braugher, who’s taking a rare schmale ugg boots opportunity to clerance ugg fox fur factory outlet use his deadpan gravity to comedic effect. But as the weeks of the show roll along, I find myself wondering: Hey, why does everybody in the qvc uk ugg boots New York City of this show love cops so much?.

Then how are you to interact and get along? How is that even going to be made possible? Perfect solution? Icebreaker games! And not just for parties, but for all occasions. That’s the beauty of these games, you see. Along with the wallet friendly hotel deals, August also offers an opportune time to tour some indoor attractions you may have skipped in the cooler months. Instead of sweating through a cemetery or ghost tour, enjoy the air conditioning and exhibits offered at the National D Day Museum, the New Orleans Museum of Art or Mardi Gras World.

A smaller than usual crowd this year of less than 25,000 people spent a night of revelry awaiting the sunrise and the groundhog’s exit from his winter den. If Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow he regards it as an omen of six more weeks of bad weather and returns to his den. Early spring arrives if he does not see his shadow, causing Phil to remain above ground. (Photo by Jeff Swensen/Getty Images).

The high compensation did not go to the executives who are responsible for management. The chief executive of the city, the mayor, is the 375th highest compensated, at $175,000. For those who wish to hear secret tips provide help to find ugg boots which satisfy your feet the final words of the departed, Reiko will raise the dead, for a price. Of course, those who died during the prime of their life tend to be quite angry, so the zombie versions of the departed tend to prefer dismemberment to discussion .

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“I love Atlantic City. I grew up going to the Shore. And this is the best time to buy there,” with casinos shutting down and louis vuitton bags spring summer 2012 collection property values cratering, Blatstein said. is done for, they are out of their minds. This is a great opportunity to come back into Atlantic City.” He declined to comment on specific louis vuitton mahina sizes plans until after the deal is done.

Wedding with their barter just simply can find a person area to get loved one birthday blazon inside correction that will now let incorporated barter buy all of the for one design. Their particular aegis action aswell embodies the capacity with LV baggage. Travelers may well adore overtax chargeless arcade during Sim Lim Block.

Eubank Jnr’s upbringing as a boxer has involved periods of deep immersion in the United States, Africa and Cuba but the disciplines learned in the six years after taking up the sport at 15 were acquired outside the normal conventions of the amateur code. There were only a handful of amateur bouts before Eubank Jnr turned pro in 2011.

Suche an der richtigen Stelle. Das wird am besten persnlich gemacht, aber wenn das nicht mglich ist, bitte den Verkufer um so viele Nahaufnahmen wie mglich. Schlampige Stiche weisen auf eine unechte Tasche hin. Ein anderer Hinweis auf eine unechte Nachahmung sind die Anzahl der Stiche pro Inch (SPI) an dem Saum. Ein hherer SPI Wert weist auf eine bessere Saumstrke (und deshalb auf eine bessere Qualitt der Handtasche hin).

Other initiatives LV has taken to strengthen its relationship with Chinese consumers at home include investing louis vuitton images 1960’s heavily in staff training to provide customers with a premium shopping experience and demonstrating its commitment to its Chinese customers through a new advertising campaign featuring the Taiwanese Canadian model Godfrey Gao the first time LV has used louis vuitton key pouch amazon an Asian male to showcase its products.

Put down as much no more than four labels that you most likely planning to pursue. At this time you got an outline about just exactly in which tags you looking for and will also be willing to to choose a great deal more aimed at look. To get started with any look, begin by doing smaller explore via the web.

Louis Vuitton is very careful with it stitching. Stitching should be very even and regular. The same number of stitches will be found in similar locations on similar bags. For example the leather tab that the handle attaches onto on any size monogram Speedy bag will louis vuitton louise clutch black always have 5 regular, even stitches across the top.

As some of you know we have been refining our HQGB, and screening for companies that return cash (rather than use it for acquisitions), have high ROIC, good incremental cash returns, resilient businesses and the valuation still stacks up on FCF yield. This is a manual process, the standout names are Novo louis vuitton racism at work Nordisk (NYSE:NVO), Chukong Technologies (Next) and Kone (OTCPK:KNYJY).