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~ Honors Convocation 2011 & Honoring the Future ~

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Hello fellow students and readers. Well, I attended the Venice campus’ 2011 Honors Convocation today (Friday April 29th) as promised! I must say that the event was a pleasure to be at. First, I would like to congratulate all the honorees who were awarded by their professors and department heads today! I would love to name you all here but there are simply too many of you to list! In case you don’t know what the Honors Convocation is, it is held to recognize undergraduate students for their exceptional academic initiative and achievements during the year. All honorees were awarded with certificates, some with books and others with actual scholarship money! This year we in the Phi Theta Kappa donated a beautiful cake, which was delicious as usual, and beverages to honor those awarded. We even had the pleasure of seeing one of our own members honored today, former PTK president Jodi Johnson. She won the Coca Cola Scholarship, and is SCF’s very first All-Florida Academic Scholar! Woo hoo Jodi! Jodi happened to be honored by, who will be, our former PTK advisor Stephanie Cook and she really had great things to say of her. Special thanks to Stephanie Cook for being a fantastic advisor for the PTK!

So, what was it like to be there today? I’ll tell you…it was inspiring! Did you know that SCF awarded a small group of single-mothers for their outstanding effort and achievements? You do now! Fantastic ladies! I think they have sent a great message of inspiration to their families and other single parents out there, don’t you? As was mentioned during the ceremony, many people today are struggling with hard times, children, work, and their academic career. Gas prices alone are enough to make you kick and scream or consider driving one of those ridiculous

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scooters, lol.

Seriously though, most could not be honored today but I say you should still be very proud of yourself for juggling all these things so well. If you’re still doing it at all, you’re doing pretty good right? Keep up the good fight you fellow student warriors, in these hard times, and someday the applause will be for you too. This reminds me of something that very important, that we in the Honor Society are trying to embrace and pass along and it’s the need for students to commit to complete their education. I’m not just talking about SCF students, but students all across the Nation. Students in dire times, or sometimes simply at a whim, will drop out of college and we are urging everyone to make a commitment with us to complete your degrees. Our country has a huge drop-out rate, but we can reverse that with some good old tenacity and endurance! SCF happens to be a leading college in our country as far as graduates is concerned, did you know that? I know we can keep this up with you a part of the commitment! These hard working single parents can do it, and so can we. So, spread the word that you are a part of something bigger than simply yourself, which is of course a great cause, but that you are working to put some pride and faith back into our country’s future. When the going gets tough, don’t flake-out okay? Get tough right back!

By all means, please have a good one!

If you’d like to reply to this blog, please email

My Last Post

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“Impossible is just big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.”                                                                                                                                         -Anonymous-

Impossible is a word that has been thrown around carelessly since it was invented. I say that it was invented because humans created this phrase to dictate their current physical and mental limits. Over the past century we have dared to challenge the authenticity of this word and have proved it to be a fallacy over and over again. 150 years ago nobody would have dreamed the possibility of men on the moon, photographs of atoms, African American presidents, cloning of humans or the World Wide Web that allows us to keep in touch with loved ones over great distances. I stand now assured that the word “Impossible” is nothing more than just a word.

We sometimes create limits for ourselves based on the failure of another. The difference between winners and losers is the capacity to perceive this failure as a barricade or as a challenge that must be overcome. Looking at the world today, what do you believe is impossible? You might say time travel, teleportation or even life on other planets. This, of course, is incorrect. These things are not invented yet because the discoveries that lead up to it has not been made.

My grandfather once said “Don’t let anyone tell you that anything is out of reach.”

This thought stayed with me throughout my high school years. Because of many hardships, my grades where not as good as they could be and my dream of being a International Attorney felt shattered. When I went to speak with my guidance counselor she asked what I planned to do.

“I want to attend UF…” I said.

“It is very unlikely that you will get in.” she replied.

“Then I will attend FSU?” I tried to be optimistic.

“The system is very selective, I would recommend going to MCC and applying somewhere within your reach.” Her words echoed in my thoughts.

This was two years ago. I am now proud to say that I have been accepted to UF and FSU and it is now my choice which one I will accept.  I may not have had what it takes back then, but with enough perseverance I was able to dismiss words such as “unlikely” or “impossible” as mere perceptions of other people. It is up to this generation to determine what is possible for the next.

It has been my honor to serve as a blogger for MCC. I have had wonderful teachers who make you think outside the box and give you the tools necessary to push the limits of what is possible. I would like to thank the Advisors, the Ambassadors of MCC and everyone who helped me become involved in such a fun and diverse group of people. I hope that prospective students see and feel what I have experienced at MCC and choose it as their passage towards higher education. I know that if I can inspire one person to challenge the impossible, it would have all been worth it.


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I have personally witnessed the excitement of the student body concerning the transition of MCC from a Community College to the State College of Florida. You can go anywhere on campus; whether it’s the ARC Building, the Library, the Lancer Café (whose

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name will soon change) hallways, or even the book store, and everyone will be talking about the exact same topic: the new name of the school.

With the news of the transition that will occur, there a loads of questions that arise concerning the changes that will take place. “How soon will the diplomas reflect the new school name?” A student asked me. Although I do not have an answer, I am hoping that my graduating class of spring 2009 will be the first to bear the new name and emblem on their diploma.

The elevation in status that will take place will be humongous. This is due to the fact that MCC will stay with its Open Door Policy, and attract a larger group of students than ever before: students who wanted to go directly into a four-year school (which we are now). Despite these changes, incoming students can expect the same college education and atmosphere that so many others have experienced. We are moving up in the ranks and if we continue with this level of focus, The State College of Florida will be famous for its quality of education, diversity and ability to produce competent professionals for all areas of the workforce.

Until next time,

Erik Arroyo

Student Blogger

Thoughtless Thursday…

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I’m in the MCC library racking my brain trying to think about what to blog about and unfortunately nothing is coming to mind…I’ve never had this problem before. I guess I’m having a little case of “bloggers block.” I’ve had a crazy busy week filled with a lot of homework and preparation and planning for upcoming projects. I guess it doesn’t help that I’ve also been somewhat sleep deprived this week since I have been so busy. So I’m sure all of these factors have to do with why I’m just drawing a blank, my mind is so tired and worn out yet still racing with thoughts about things I still need to get done.

I do have a couple of important reminders: Summer tuition is due on May 4th and we can already start registering for fall classes on April 20th for those of us who have 30+ credits. April 21 for students who have 0-29 credits, April 22nd for Returning students (enrolled at MCC during Summer or Fall 2008 terms but not currently registered for Spring 2009 – excluding transient students) and last but not least May 4th for NEW students (including transfer, transient, readmits and all others not previously registered for Fall 2009.)

I hope everyone has a

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fun safe Easter weekend. I am looking forward to spending time with friends and family and cracking confetti eggs on everyone’s heads! If you don’t know what I’m talking about…they now have them at Wal-Mart . They’re a lot of fun — my great grandmother used to make them,. I’m originally from TX… so I’m not sure if it’s a TX thing but either way Wal-Mart has jumped on the band wagon. I would suggest you pick up some confetti eggs — they make for a great time!

Sorry this blog is so random…it’s been a crazy week!

Nostalgia (Part 1)

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Dear Students,

As the approaching end of the spring term is less than a month away I can’t help but feel nostalgic already. At MCC there is no great division between your

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class status. It is as simple as this: one day you’re a freshman, the next day a senior. Perhaps it was the smell of the food at the Lancer Cafe when arriving at school early in the morning, maybe the fact that MCC has the craziest squirrels known to humanity or even the atmospheric view around campus which makes it perfect to study…all I know is that once I leave this campus I will be longing to return. I have so many memories from my time at MCC. If you are graduating in May, would you please write me an e-mail at telling me what your most memorable moment at MCC has been. Those who submit their experience will greatly help in the creation of the upcoming blog. If you are planning to be a student at MCC, I would like to read about what you have heard from MCC students or what you have experienced first hand. I am very interested in any aspect of student life, please forward me your most memorable moments.

Your friendly neighborhood blogger,