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Nostalgia (Part 1)

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Dear Students,

As the approaching end of the spring term is less than a month away I can’t help but feel nostalgic already. At MCC there is no great division between your

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class status. It is as simple as this: one day you’re a freshman, the next day a senior. Perhaps it was the smell of the food at the Lancer Cafe when arriving at school early in the morning, maybe the fact that MCC has the craziest squirrels known to humanity or even the atmospheric view around campus which makes it perfect to study…all I know is that once I leave this campus I will be longing to return. I have so many memories from my time at MCC. If you are graduating in May, would you please write me an e-mail at telling me what your most memorable moment at MCC has been. Those who submit their experience will greatly help in the creation of the upcoming blog. If you are planning to be a student at MCC, I would like to read about what you have heard from MCC students or what you have experienced first hand. I am very interested in any aspect of student life, please forward me your most memorable moments.

Your friendly neighborhood blogger,


Top 3 Reasons to Attend Graduation

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Spring break officially ended on Sunday March 24th at 11:59PM. Since then, I have literally received over 20 text messages and e-mails regarding the student body’s excitement for graduation. I must admit, I’m excited too, especially since there are 5 weeks left in this spring semester. Despite it being a threshold in your education and a ceremony that 4-year-college-goers miss out on, I have devised the top 3 reasons why students really attend the graduation ceremony [as a graduate].

3. It’s a way to get gifts and presents
This reason is kind of selfish but… it’s true. We know that we can invite our friends and family to this event and they will not show up empty handed. A few “I’m proud of you” comments and maybe a nice dinner somewhere will bring a smile to your face… but the majority of the people will not be able to make it and give you monetary compensation instead.

2. It’s an opportunity to add yet another diploma on the wall
Imagine, having a community college diploma right next to your high school one. You would be waking up everyday feeling more accomplished and ready for the world than ever before. Soon enough, people will think you’re collecting those things. Everyone who sees you will say “You need to stop being so smart and getting so many diplomas!”

1. It’s an excuse to have fun and party
We all love the way that Pomp and Circumstance is stuck in our heads for days after the ceremony. Do you know what else will get stuck in your head? The answer is all memories of your graduation that you will keep for the rest of your life. It is one final opportunity to truly see your graduating class in one place together, perfect time to take pictures and go out with friends.

You only graduate from a community college once. It is a symbol of your perseverance, a symbol of being half-way to completing a Bachelors degree or a symbol of completion of school before moving into the work force. Everyone should be proud to be a Manatee Alumni therefore they should share their joys in this final reunion together before they disperse.

Power of a Student Development Advisor

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I remember my first semester at MCC. I’d selected four classes and felt a little in the dark over which ones I needed for my degree. At the end of the semester I went to see a Student Development Advisor to ask for help on classes for the following semester. I came to find out that most of the classes I took I didn’t need to take! Granted, I did change my degree after semester two… but I should’ve gone to visit the Advisor before I started my first semester.

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The Advisors are located in buildings 1 and 100 – the same place you go to register as a student. They help you with choosing your classes in order to graduate in your major. They also help you to choose your major when you’re unsure, as well as electives you may enjoy even if you’re fulfilling a liberal arts degree. Another extremely helpful thing is that they can look into the University you plan to attend next and make sure you take the proper classes for a smooth transfer!
One last word of advice on the subject is that you need to visit the Advisor every semester! You can even visit them now to plan for next fall or summer courses. They may be quietly stashed away in the Student Services Buildings but they can do so many things for your future career.

New job, new school, new horizons

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It’s hard to believe the semester is almost over!  I’ve really enjoyed my time here at MCC.  I feel like a part of the family here.  I’m sad to be leaving.

But I’m excited too.  Next year I’ll be at USF Sarasota through the 2+2 MCC/USF program. I know I want to be a teacher but I’m still deciding whether I want to get my BA in English Literature or Education.  Either way the journey will be worth it.

I’m also excited about a new online job that I’m training for.  I’m going to be working for EQEnglish, helping Chinese students learn to speak English fluently.  I’m so thrilled to have this opportunity.  I’ve always enjoyed working with ESL students in the communications lab.  Now I’ll have the chance to do it on a more permanent basis.

Changing to a new school and job is a little scary but both will be fun and well worth my time.