The Summer Semester: Lots of Hard Work

So today’s post is going to be relatively short. I wanted to give an overview of what the summer semester is like and I also wanted to give some tips on how to succeed during the summer semester.

The summer semester is a lot of work consolidated into a short amount of time. If you have a job which may require you to miss a few days of class it might be a better idea to skip the summer semester. Missing even one day of class can set you way back in terms of announcements and information. Summer classes are not for procrastinators; in fact, you won’t even have time to procrastinate because everything moves so quickly. Most summer classes involve a lot of effort and dedication. All that being said, taking classes in the summer is a great way to get ahead and take advantage of vacation. If you take enough classes, you can even graduate a bit earlier than you would if you didn’t take summer courses.

To survive the summer semester, it is important to keep a few things in mind:

1. Check ANGEL and SCF connect emails: Professors often leave updates and announcements online. Also, some professors may need students to complete certain assignments at home because of the time constraints and they may announce it on ANGEL.

2. Don’t delay: Get reading and assignments done as soon as you can and start studying for any exams the first day. Time flies during the summer and all these things can sneak up on you.

3. Read ahead: If you have free time, read ahead. If you get reading done early, you’ll have more time to review later on and you won’t be stressing out the day before an exam. Also, the more you get done early, the less you’ll have to do later on.

That’s it for today’s post. I really should get back to studying and reading (cries internally). Hope you all are having a nice day!

Enroll for Summer

Hi everyone!

Today’s post will be a quick one. I wanted to remind you all that yesterday course registration for summer opened. If you haven’t picked out your courses yet, get on the ball and get it done! If you don’t do it soon, you may not end up taking the classes you want or getting a schedule that works well for you.

If you haven’t ever taken summer courses and are nervous that it’ll be too much work, don’t be. It’s just like taking a regular course, just over a shorter period of time. I’d recommend taking at least two courses and no more than four courses over the summer. The reason why I say no more than four courses is that you don’t want to overload yourself with homework, since you will have to get it done in a shorter period of time. ¬†Luckily, most teachers understand the time constraint, and they plan their curriculum accordingly. I took two courses last summer, and the workload was not hard to manage at all.

Taking courses over the summer is a great way to be productive and get ahead of the game.¬† You should definitely consider it as an option if you haven’t already.

Spring Graduation

Hey everyone,

I’m just dropping off this quick announcement about the upcoming spring graduation.

Graduating Spring 2014? Take the next step. SCF students who have already applied to graduate in May

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now need to take the next step and submit the online form to walk at Graduation.


The form is located at and must be completed

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by Friday, April 4.


Graduation will be held

Friday, May 2 at 7 p.m.

Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall

777 N. Tamiami Tr., Sarasota, FL


Be sure to get the form in as soon as possible!



Getting Things Done

I’m the queen of procrastination. Getting things done at last minute has become a talent of mine. Now, I know many people say it’s bad to leave things for the last moment, but I seem to work better when a deadline is approaching.

Now, sometimes we can procrastinate by accident. We forget about something until

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it is due the next day. Something happens that leaves us with only a little bit of time to get things done. The teacher decides to change the deadline. We realize we did something horribly wrong and we have to redo everything. Here are some tips to help you get things done at last minute:

1. Don’t Stress Out
Stressing out is the worst thing you can do. It doesn’t help you get things done and it can actually make you make more mistakes. So, relax. You can’t go back in time and you can’t do anything to change the situation so calm down and work with what you have.

2. Get Rid of Distractions
If you’re running short on time there is no room for distractions. You have to concentrate on getting your work done and doing it right. Turn off your phone. Get off social media. Tell the people in your home to not interrupt you for the next few hours. All those things can wait until later.

3. Break Up the Work into Parts
Set small goals for yourself. This helps to keep you organized and motivated. It also makes the task seem less daunting because it is no longer one giant project. It helps to keep a check-list for all the goals you have, so you can see the progress you’re making.

4. Take a Break
This may seem a bit counterproductive, but breaks are necessary. They keep you from getting bored and/or overwhelmed. Once you have about half of your task done, take a ten to fifteen minute break. Stretch your legs, get a snack or give a friend a quick call. Make sure your break doesn’t go over the fifteen minute mark so you don’t forget the task at hand.

5. When

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Finished, Reward Yourself
Whoo! You got it all done. Treat yourself for working so hard. Buy yourself something nice or allow yourself a few hours of relaxation. You deserve it and it motivates you to get more work done.

Alright guys and girls, I’m off. Have a nice day!


Preparing for Finals

Well, it’s that time again. Just about every 16 weeks we experience it. That’s right. Finals week. They can be extremely stressful and sometimes you may

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be asking yourself “WHY!?!?!”

Fear not! I have some suggestions that may help you get through this week, and prepare for your finals.

1. Get organized. Use your student planner to your advantage.

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Plan your study times ahead of schedule. I find that after a weekend of review for all subjects, studying 2 days before your exam for your specific class can really help. This is not to be confused with cramming… Assuming you know the material, and have been reviewing ahead of time, a quick recap the 2 days before is ideal. It lets you review those items you didn’t really do so well on before, and if you have any last minute questions, you will probably have enough time to get them squared away.

2. Generalize. Take a look at your previous tests and quizzes for your class. What questions are asked more often than others? Is there anything you went over extensively in class? These are all hints to what you will find on the final exam. Don’t try and study every single thing you went over in class during the last 16 weeks. Summarize the most important things in your own words, and review your summaries. I find it helps extremely well, because not only do you retain information you have written down better, but you also have to think about how you will rewrite the given material into your own words. Having things in your own lingo will stick better than bland textbook material, even if it covers the same topic!

3. FLASHCARDS! This is almost the same as generalizing, but it helps with the more specific generalizations. (Oxymoron.. I know.) What i mean by this is, items you may have struggled with in your overview! Put those suckers on flashcards, and have at it! Bring them with you. A trick I use is, whenever I want to turn on or off a light, or change the channel on the tv, I have to recite something on one of my flashcards before I do it. You’d be surprised how fast you learn the material that way. :)

4. SLEEP!!! My personal favorite, and possibly the most important of them all, is getting enough sleep the night before. It doesn’t matter how much you study or think you know the material. Fail to get enough sleep the night before, and you will be only hurting yourself on the exam! Think of it like this. If you don’t get enough sleep the night before, (you shouldn’t have been cramming, since you planned ahead and scheduled study time anyway!) you will be a walking zombie at the worst possible time to be one. (Halloween is the only good time to be a zombie.) So, the day before your exam (I said DAY!!) get some exercise. Play with your pets, go for a run, bike ride, whatever

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you do. Wear yourself out. But not right before bed! If you exercise right before bed you will not be tired. In fact, you’ll be roaring to go. Not exactly the ideal scenario when you have an exam at 7:30 in the morning!!!

Relax. You’ve studied your behind off, and now you sit at your desk staring at that dreaded test. Don’t stress! You did well. Not only did you study ahead of time, but you also took care of any other questions you had, and you got a good nights sleep, along with a healthy and hearty breakfast. Take your time, and most importantly take your test! :D

I know it’s easy to do, but stressing is unhealthy. Try as hard as you can not to over stress yourself. Some anxiety is normal, but you shouldn’t get so worked up you turn purple during the exam. Take a breath, count to 10, think of a cute little puppy, or a kitten, frolicking in a beautiful meadow, and then resume your test. You can do

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Question of the day: What do you do to maximize your studying time? It would be interesting to see how others study, and see how not only myself, but everyone might be able to improve their strategies.

A College Education

With all of the news stories heard daily, sometimes it can be hard to wonder where this world is headed. Lately, there has been a lot of talk about Joseph Kony. For those of you who don’t know, Joseph Kony is just about the worlds most hated man right now, and for good reason. The things he has done are tragic.

The light shining on Africa right now with this situation has made me think a lot about the contrast between other countries and here in America. There are kids, teens, and even adults that struggle on a day to day basis to find water fit to drink, or food that hasn’t gone bad or won’t make them sick. It’s astonishing to me to think that it could just as easily be us in the same situation. As a college student, I sometimes do take my education for granted… As a matter of fact, I think we all

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do. We’ve got something that is truly one of a kind. Not many people can say they have a college education!

While stressing over your exams, cramming, doing homework assignments, dreading that screeching alarm clock every morning, try to keep in mind the reason you are doing it all. For an education! It’s something people literally would kill for.. Something that can not be measured in a dollar amount (although, it is a bit pricey at our age), because it is not something bought. It is something earned. It

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is an investment you make in yourself.

Some people say school is expensive, and not worth the hassle. I strongly disagree. We are fronting money to the economy, and the interest we earn back will be a hundred fold! An education is not something that can be taken away from you. It is the most prized possession one can wish to acquire.

The purpose of this blog, to me, is to try to convey to you, my audience, that you should not doubt yourself. This is simply an investment, and like the stock market, what you put in, you (hopefully) get out two or three fold.. Who knows, maybe even more!

When the economy finally picks up, and all of us have our degrees, we will be glad that we stuck with it when we did. We will be living like royalty, reaping the benefits of our education. Something few across the globe will be able to claim. So keep your chin up! Look at the bright side of things! We are going to college! Not many can say that, especially in the trying times we are in.

Try to seek happiness in the small things in life. Be glad you are stressing over that exam, or dreading that homework. (I know, sounds odd doesn’t it?) You will be glad you did in a few years, when things are drastically different.

What are your thoughts on a college education? Email me what you think about it!

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He disliked the low priced instant noodles that serve as a food staple for many college students, tweeting Oct. She has appeared in several fashion magazines such as Vogue and becomes an ambassador of world class fashion products such Luis Vuitton and Miu Miu .

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In 2009, she moved to New York to expand her career. In this town, Tao Okamoto met some respected Hollywood filmmakers, and finally in 2013 she earned a role in the movie The Wolverine. Judging from her present career, it seems that Tao Okamoto would have a bright career in the world of entertainment as well as in the world of fashion.

The cheap Louis Vuitton bags Neverfull Bag may be one of the brand’s newest classics, but that doesn’t mean LV is in a rush to flood the market with as many different versions as possible. First, there was only monogram canvas, and then came Damier, both Eben and Azur. Today, we’re excited to bring you the first leather version of the ever popular tote the replica Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Neverfull Bag MM.

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It’s hard to believe that this one is still on louis vuitton epi leather alma handbag Storm’s ‘new faces’ board. Harleth is only 17 but in her debut season earlier this year, the Estonian beauty walked for Prada, Proenza Schouler, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu and Valentino (with three editorials in British Vogue and campaigns for Proenza, Valentino and Coach along with way) and this time she’s cleaned up across all four fashion capitals. Valentino, Saint Laurent and Chanel are the most recent on her burgeoning CV.

I originally wanted this in the monogram print but ever since I bought my louis vuitton speedy bandouliere damier 30 mirror mother the mini pochette in damier ebene I couldn get the print off my mind lol Mind you I would still like the monogram one but for now this will serve me well since it winter next month

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Spend the day shopping and then take in a movie or a comedy show when you’re done.Park Meadows Mall contains a mix of higher end stores such as Nordstrom and Coach with more accessible fashion such as Aropostale and American Eagle. This is the perfect place for a mom daughter shopping day, as the mall has an American Girl store for the younger girls and a Cheesecake Factory for a lunch time treat with the older girls.

I have worked in construction for nearly 30 years, for 3 different bosses. One made it clear that he did not care about me, as a person, at all, One tried to fake concern, but his actions gave him away. The third truly cared about his employees and his actions proved it. Guess which one got the most out of his people. It amazes me that some people can’t understand how their attitude affects the attitude of others. This is an obvious concept. and it’s hard to understand how someone can rise to a position of leadership without understanding it. A little pat on the back once in a while can return dividends.

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What’s a visit to any place without tasting some of the local delicacies? Although the days of the unbelievably long lunches seem to be long lost, the food hasn’t stopped being as delectable as it used to be. Whether it’s a quickie like a panini or a sandwich, or a fuller meal like pasta and some good meat, food in Milan will not disappoint you. Also, how can you miss out on some really good coffee when you’re here? Make sure you get a good dose of all the coffee you could ever want .