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Zombies and Heavy Christmas Trees

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I recently read my first Zombie novel. It was freakin’ awesome! If you want to enjoy a great read, pick up S.G. Brown’s “Breathers.” You won’t be disappointed, I promise! This novel was one the last works I’ve had to read for my Horror, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Literature course. I can’t say enough about this class. FYI, if you’re looking for a Gordan Rule class, and you like to read Horror, this is the one for you. Dr. Ford, whom I seem to write about all the time (but he really deserves it), teaches the class (LIT 2310). The only bad thing is that he teaches it every other semester. It won’t be available for the upcoming spring semester.

Zombies aside, I’m moving on, at about 100 plus

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MPH! Down to the last official week of classes, and there is absolutely NO way out of not being stressed. It’s something you kind of just accept—the workload—I mean it IS college, right?

So in between my mini panic attacks, I found the time to drag all the Christmas stuff, to include the world’s heaviest Christmas tree, down from the attic. I did that last week. Just a few hours ago I actually took it out of the box, which had been sitting in the corner of the living room (between you and me, I thought about just putting some lights on the box and calling it good) but I decided to stop being such a scrooge. I am going to

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try my hardest this year to enjoy the Holiday’s, because I can’t think of any good reason not to.

Well, after I post this, I’ve got some studying to tackle. Two more weeks—man, I’m going to need a bigger coffee pot.

A Huge Success

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I can’t talk, but I’m alive!  Sorry I disappeared for a while.  No, I wasn’t attacked by the ghost in the bathroom of the Venice Library, but I was attacked by a werewolf, and it was an absolute blast!  My voice is slowly coming back after four days of screaming. All this week I helped out the POP Culture Club with the annual Haunted House, and it was a HUGE success.  We raised approximately $1000.  It was a lot of sweat, but it was all worth it.  I worked until 10:30ish (along with several other club members) from Tuesday until Thursday night.  Last night we closed up shop at 11:30pm.  While we were all having insane amounts of fun we also had to attend classes, do our homework, and take exams.  I’m telling you right now that it WAS NOT EASY.  And I would like to give a shout out to my friend Casey (President of the Pop Culture Club) who joined me with getting two of the highest grades on our Archeology Midterm this week. We both managed to pull off A’s.  That balance I talked about earlier was extremely challenging this past week.  I think I almost broke, but I managed to keep my cranium from exploding.

Well, it’s Saturday night, and tomorrow at 9am we are taking down the Haunted House.

And now that the Haunted House is over, it’s off to the next club project: The Veterans ExchangeToes for Joes” Sock Drive, which kicks of this coming Wed, November 3rd at the Fall Ball.  We will be placing three boxes on campus in BLDG 100, BLDG 800, and BLDG 600.  It is our goal to collect as many clean and unopened packages of work or athletic socks as possible.  When the drive ends on November 12th, all of the socks will be placed in Personal Hygiene Care Packages which will then be sent to local troops currently deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Well, that’s enough for now.  I’ll try not to stay away so long next time!

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The Icon A5, called the “ultimate joyride,” can take off and land on water or dry land, and when its 32 foot wings are folded, it can fit comfortably into a large garage. It can fly at a speed of 115 MPH, has a 460 mile range, and doubles as a car when its wings are folded up. The Transition will set you back close to when it finally hits the market..

Seal Beach police would not comment Wednesday on whether a connection existed between the shooting death of Jeffrey Leon Grabbe, 29, and his role as an Illinois state’s witness against his father, Fred Grabbe, 48, who has been convicted twice of killing his wife, Charlotte, in 1981.In the first trial of his father in 1985, Jeffrey Grabbe testified about the bad feelings between his parents and the beatings his father gave to the entire family, Illinois officials said. He also told Illinois state officials that his father had repeatedly threatened him since the murder.When his father’s murder conviction was reversed on appeal in November, a new trial was scheduled ugg boots and water and Grabbe again was set to take the stand.But when the sales ugg sheepskin cuff 1875 shop trial started March 28 in the Grabbe family’s hometown of Marshall, Ill., Jeffrey Grabbe had been missing for one month. His wife, Cindy, said she last heard from her husband Feb.

“And over ugg boots sales in factory shop cape town time, uggs boots sand colour sales they are not able to conduct the same kinds of terrorist attacks as they once could.”He said that “we are going to degrade and ultimately defeat ISIL, the same way that we have gone after al Qaida,” using an alternate acronym for ISIS. He drew the analogy to Pakistan as an example of how the United States can go to war against militants while limiting the number of American ground combat troops.READ ALSO: ISIS fears give Americans the jitters before 9/11Obama spoke after aides had unveiled what US defense secretary Chuck Hagel called the “core coalition” to fight the ISIS militants, the outcome of a hastily organized meeting on the sidelines of the Nato summit talks. Diplomats and defense officials from the United States, Britain, France, Australia, Canada, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Poland and Denmark huddled to devise a two pronged strategy: strengthening allies on the ground in Iraq and Syria, while bombing Sunni militants from the air.”There is no containment policy for ISIL,” US secretary of state John Kerry said at the start of the meeting.

The manual says that after I put the top down I need to cover it with ugg boots edmonton basketball a “boot”, or risk damage. I suspect the book is just being overcautious, since it also says to never leave the top down when the car is unattended, which my GF does all the time. There is no boot in the car right ugg tasmina slippers 1647 sales wholesale now, she is overseas, and it’s hot out.

what is it about this semester?

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Is the health care debate wearing me down? Is it the recent norovirus flu I had that is messing me up? Am I lazy? overloaded/worked? anxious to graduate? What is it that is causing me to fall behind is just about EVERYTHING! Am I just looking for a way to not do work, or am I really overloaded with work? I feel stressed out,

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and I swear I am doing the best I can.

I never tried to push myself to the limit, though. I never added more and more on until it was too much. Thus, I have not known just how much I could handle until now. This, of course, is pertaining to responsibilities of work/school load. Trust me, I have had heavy loads before – as we all have. It seems heavy loads is a way of life.

I try to balance my responsibilities vs. entertainment. It seems responsibilities are so great and in such large quantities that I have no entertainment time; and yet, I force entertainment time. I refuse to not be entertained.

I apologize for being quiet this month. I am doing what I can.

Pizza with the President on the Venice campus has been cancelled at this time. It was supposed to be Tuesday, March 23rd. I have not heard of a new date yet.

I hope no one else feels stressed like I do from the work load. Six more weeks left; that’s all! (Seven if you include Finals week.)

I am graduating this semester, but it feels so far away even though it is seven weeks away.

This blog seems just as sporadic as my semester is/has been.

How to Make $42,000 a Year!

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This is my last semester at SCF, and as such I have been thinking about exactly what I want to do with my degree. Granted, I am attending two more years of college, but if

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I could find what career path I wanted to take, I might not flutter around and take five semesters at my next university. �
In my search I went to the Career Resource Center and found a website on Vocational Biographies. The site was helpful to search the career you already have in mind, or under a general idea, like english and writing. I went and found Technical Writer, which gave an article about a woman who holds that job title. Then it goes on to offer what education you need, what personality traits (it didn’t list being poor and weary as a trait), and more websites for information!�
You do need a username/password to log on. User: scf Pass: Bradenton�
There was one other fun website that I remembered called It’s really easy, you just insert your desired job, and area code and you’re off! Once you find the job you can change your education level and read a salary range. If I were to become a Technical Writer, I would probably earn around $42,000 at entry level. Not bad! There’s really a lot of stuff you can do with this website that gives you an idea of what your future can be.
Even if you are in high school, or attending SCF, I think both of these

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sites work hand in hand to developing ideas. I still don’t know what I want to do, I doubt I want to write instruction manuals, but I’m still stepping in the right direction.

The Two Week Swing

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I think I’m finally starting to get into the swing of school. There was a kid in my class the other day who informed our teacher that he was now mentally there (after two weeks). That got me thinking. I had been doing my homework and blogging, but I wasn’t getting the ideas I was hoping for. My heart and mind took a little while to catch up to one another.

I also had another shiny revelation today: exercise really does help you focus! Usually I just feel more centered with myself after exercising. Then there I was today, sitting on my leopard printed couch, firing through my Spanish flash cards. To clear up any questions, the couch is covered with a leopard print comforter…and it is not mine. Either way, my memory was working overtime with ease, and it was swell.

That brings me to my Blerd (Blog Word…I added the e just for grammatical spite). That word is Focus. You all know what focus means, but I found it interesting that Webster’s Dictionary said it was “the point where rays of light, heat, etc. come together…” Meaning, the light in your brain coincides with the heat you’re producing from that cardio session.

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Eh, okay, I agree that’s a stretch of the imagination, but still way more fun than what Mr. Webster meant.

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I heard that Ellery Queen sat on his porch in Florida and wrote out his novel by hand in a notebook. Off it went to the publisher. I heard that Earl Stanley Gardner simply dictated his novel, and that was that. I stop by the room of Alexander Komarov, the train neurologist. In the mid 1980s, before he became a doctor, Komarov came to Kuvykta as part of a Komsomol brigade sent to work on the BAM. Haven been back in 30 years, he tells me..

There was no sign of his boss. Calvin took a deep breath, wiped moisture from his face, and looked at the landscape. Beyond the clearing, maybe a hundred yards away, he saw a body hanging from a ugg boots quality assurance jobs in texas tree. Our life of relationship may be the most important dimension of our lives. Yet, if what I am seeing in my practice is true, and the statistics about marriage and family are any indication, we are facing a connection crisis. Does my sample indicate a larger trend of people feeling increasingly isolated, alienated, lonely, and empty? Statistics bear out this trend.

This would result in more money in the public sector.Which option is better, 1 or 2? Depends on what you are looking to achieve. If what you are looking to achieve buy ugg boots 5225 wholesale is more growth in the economy, then you simply choose the option that generates greater growth. So far, the evidence is fairly clear that the private sector generates more growth per dollar spent than the public sector, you can read about this here, here, here and here, (there ugg boots in paris are countless more, but I think you get the point.)This is fairly intuitive if you think about it.In the private sector, a company has a finite amount of money to invest in order to generate growth.

Hell, if you want an inspirational symbol for standing up for freedom against overwhelming odds, how about cheap ugg boots 5885 authentic John Brown’s Raid on Harpers Ferry? John Brown was a radical militant abolitionist who launched a real last stand for liberty in 1859. Taking along 20 other men, including freed slaves, he raided the federal arsenal at Harper’s Ferry. By seizing the nation’s supply of guns and ammunition, he hoped to initiate a slave revolt and uprising.

The conditions in South Africa were closer to ours. We were expecting to do better than the press gave us credit for. The South Africans sales ugg boots 5325 factory had a very good side and were expected to win but in the end didn’t know how to. Today, Sarees especially designer prints have evolved from local rural markets to mainstream ugg classic mini boots 5854 store urban markets; bringing the traditional fashion of rural e. Our more casual world makes it difficult to know, on any given day, how to dress for the office. Just because the temperature is soaring, you cant throw the dress codes, if you have any, out the window and wear whatever feels good.

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I wear heels all the time in private and out in public on some weekends under long jeans or slacks. Out, I wear 4 5″ heels, both block and stiletto, that are look like men’s shoes or boots. Most people don’t notice and no one has ever made a negative comment.

She has thick, black, horsey hair, tattooed eyebrows (quite spooky) and wholesale ugg classic 5202 is wearing grubby jodhpurs, a grey T shirt with a hole in the seam, flip flops and a self tan so cack handedly applied it pools in streaks around her ankles. It’s all rather bizarre, especially as she used to be such a famously high maintenance fashionista. Is she finished with all that? She insists she is, plus she’s too broke anyhow.

The Democrat’s expulsion from Congress in 2002 came three months after a federal jury in Cleveland convicted him. Prosecutors said he used his office ugg boots josette odendhal to extract bribes from businesspeople and coerced staffers to work on his farm and his house boat on the Potomac River in Washington. He also was charged with witness tampering, destroying evidence and filing false tax returns.

The church bells ring the six o’clock time to believers and sinners alike, and this being Friday night, the vehicular procession begins, making its way to the stadium parking lot at 7th and Main. Past the Rexhall Drugs, the barber shop, and the Dime Store, then the grade school on the left, the cemetery on the right, hopes in one, ended hopes in the other, the procession continues. The old Ford pickups, coolers in the back next to the tool boxes, the secondhand sedans and vans, hatchbacks and muscle cars, all with one destination, Friday night lights at Warrior Stadium where the local lads will trade bumps and bruises with the visiting Panthers from Cook City next county over..

In the upcoming years, sports took a huge part of the Converse rubber shoes as it served as the inspiration for the creation of canvas shoes like Chuck Taylors for basketball. This single innovation rocket launched Converse rubber shoes into stardom as it played a huge part in the field of American sports. The cheap uggs tall shop evolution of sports coupled with constant innovations and modernizations put Converse canvas shoes into the heart of the American people as it represented the significant events that took place in sports..

Permits. Permit requirements for a homeowner to remove asbestos siding vary widely from ugg boots dillards bill state to state. You must apply for and cheap uggs ultimate boots online receive all the necessary permits and obey all the regulatory requirements. Anyway, I needed a little something to eat was just too ugg boots outlet store ca wound up to get to bed until a little late. Then SS forgot to turn off his alarm clock this morning at 5 when he got in the shower. That’s why it’s good not to have guns laying about the place.

Time management…

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In the past few weeks I have come to realize how important time management

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is, and I’ve realized I need to learn how to improve my time management skills a little bit. The semester is dwindling away, as I continue working full time while applying and preparing to transfer to USF. TIME has become a precious thing for me; not to be taken for granted or wasted. Several things are helping me stay balanced: prioritizing, making lists, using my planner, organizing, setting personal deadlines and goals, as well as staying aware of deadlines.

HELPFUL TIP!! Take advantage of “stolen” time by studying on your lunch break, or anywhere you have waiting time.

Don’t forget how important it is to fit

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in a little fun time with family and friends so you don’t become burnt out and out of touch. I think we all struggle with this from time to time (no pun intended) so don’t be too hard on yourself. Just take a step back to reevaluate things if needed.

Don’t ever forget why you’re doing what you’re doing, and that all of your hard work will pay off. Nothing worth having comes easy.

Making the most out of your assignments…

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I recently had an assignment to do for my Community Health Problems online class. I had to visit five different places in the community and interview someone there about the different services they provide to the community. Honestly at first I was somewhat overwhelmed with the thought of trying to make time to go visit five different places but I got on the phone, made my appointments and was somehow able to fit all of them in to my schedule. I chose to go to Summerfield Retirement Residence, Manatee Glens, The Community Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing of Manatee and Sarasota, YMCA and Jewish Family and Children Services. All of the people I met with were very nice and helpful and it was interesting to learn about all of the different things these places do provide to the community, they provide a lot more than I thought or expected.

This assignment also helped me to realize that even though we might not understand why our instructors have us do different assignments there is always a reason for it. Doing this helped me to realize that it was important and beneficial to actually meet with someone face to face instead of just finding the information online.  It was a good experience to dress up nice, make a good impression and meet with important people that work for these different places in the community. It was also good to learn more about all of the services provided because who knows maybe I will need to take advantage of one of the services someday or I could be a help to someone else who is looking for help in the community.

So I am glad that I was able to do this assignment and make the most out of it. I was able to learn a lot and meet some influential people in the community who might be important contacts for my future. So the next time you have an assignment and you think to yourself why do I need to do this or how is this going to benefit me in the future, go into the assignment with a positive attitude whatever it may be and make the most out of it and you might be surprised about what you learn and how it benefited you.