School Books

We all know how expensive those

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school books can be. What’s worse is that they’re mandatory! We cannot pass the class without the expensive book to study from.

Luckily, I have come up with some tips to save cash by being smart at The SCF Store (bookstore)!

1.) Buy a used book! A lot of people tend to pass right by the “Used Book” Section, and go to the brand new ones. Some student’s aren’t familiar with The SCF Store’s buy back program. This is excellent for students all the way around! When you are finished with your book and you no longer need it, you can sell it and make some of the money you purchased it with back! It’s like recycling, only you end up with money in your pocket! The SCF Store can then turnaround and sell your book as “used” for a more affordable price next semester. To me, this seems to be the intelligent thing to do. It saves trees, saves money, saves resources, and you are getting the same information that you would have from a brand new book.

2.) If buying and selling isn’t your thing, rent your books! The SCF Store has just recently started renting, and I think it’s a great idea. As of right now, they have 5 titles that can be rented, and of course as time goes on they will have more options to choose from. This is a great alternative to buying and selling books, because all you have to do is check it in when you are completed with your class. You don’t have to worry about selling your book to the school, or other students.

3.) Yet another less expensive option to keep in mind for those of you who like to read books using an iPad, Kindle, Nook, etc. is to look for your required text in ebook format. You can find that information by visiting The SCF Store or by looking online at The SCF Store Ordering Center.

To be honest, utilizing The SCF Store is the most efficient option you have. Only at The SCF Store can you use your Financial Aid to pay for your books, whether you buy, sell, or rent them. All you need to do is bring your ID, and they do the rest. You don’t need to bring in any cash, or do any extra paperwork.

Hopefully you’ve taken some notes, and learned a thing or two about book saving. It’s important that you make each dollar count, and books are where a lot of dollars are spent. Now you can be ahead of the game, getting the same books and learning materials for a lot less!

Do you have other strategies for saving on school books? I’d like to know! Share your strategies with me at

Friendly Reminder

Howdy everyone!

Hope you are well. I know this week has been a bit stressful for me personally, I had a math test to take on Wednesday, and to be honest I was worried. I studied, but still didn’t feel very confident I would do well. Luckily, the test wasn’t as bad as I had expected, (Don’t tell my professor!!) and I think I did well. Time will soon tell.

Anyway.. Just a friendly reminder, in the student planners it says Friday there won’t be classes unless they are after 4 p.m. and I wanted to let you all know that this is false information. They moved the date back to March 2nd, so this Friday there ARE CLASSES!! Don’t be fooled by your planner. It was printed during the summer, and they changed the date post summer -(Obviously..LOL.)- so the date in it is incorrect. Be sure to mark March 2nd as the new date!

Hope you have a great week! Go Manatees!

A Step Closer to Virtual Classes

We all have a special place in our hearts for the current “Learning Management System.” Most know it as ANGEL. For those of you that haven’t taken an online or blended class, it’s what students use to communicate with peers and professors, gather homework, take quizzes, and check grades.

Some standard lecture classes use ANGEL for similar reasons, albeit not as much as the online and blended courses do.

Today I attended a presentation for students interested in giving their thoughts on a new “LMS.” Not only did I receive extra credit for attending, (honestly it’s one of the only reasons I opted for attending. I’m an extra credit nut!!) I learned a LOT about other systems out there.

It has just come out recently that the State College of Florida is upgrading to a more “21st century learning system.” What’s really cool is they are soliciting students’ feedback on the selection of the new LMS (Learning Management System) that will be replacing ANGEL.  I really feel that now is a critical time to voice your opinion, and let the college know what you feel would make your experience better.

From the presentation I went to this morning, I can say I’m very excited to see ANGEL go. There are ideas floating around about the ability to video conference with your teachers and peers, and that to me sounds like a very cool idea. This isn’t the only new addition of course, but I’ll let you hear about the rest for yourself. ;)

Now, they only have a couple more presentations available, and they are both VERY soon. Sorry for the short notice, but I just recently found out myself. Below are the next presentations, which I highly recommend you go to, so you can voice your opinion!

Bradenton Campus, Tuesday 01/31/2012 7:00-9:30 PM Building 5 Room 123 (ARC)

Lakewood Campus, Wednesday 02/01/2012 4:00-5:30 PM Main Building Room 201.

If you can’t make it to one of these meetings and see the new features for yourself, send me an email with some features you would love to see in a new LMS.

The shot heard ’round California..?

By now I’m sure just about everyone has heard about the recent Mythbusters “incident.” In case you are one of a small minority who hasn’t, here is a summary of what recently happened.

I myself am an avid Mythbusters fan. Before the show however, I

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always make sure I have all of my school work completed, so I can be sure and watch Mythbusters uninterrupted. Every new episode that airs makes my mouth water and I cannot wait to see all of the new episodes they have coming! Well, recently, the Mythbusters were filming an experiment for their show which involved cannon balls.

If you are a follower of the show like myself, you will know that just about all of the “dangerous” experiments happen at the Alameda County Bomb Range, about thirty-five miles from Sacramento. They’ve done literally hundreds of experiments there without incident.

Ironically, they were doing this experiment to see what other household items could be used as a good cannon ball – (I wonder if I could do something like this for class? LOL!) It seems as though nothing has the stopping power of the traditional hunk of metal soaring through the field. The recent incident at the range proved that theory right. Not only did the original cannon ball (the dependent variable for all of you science junkies) soar through their target, clear the entire length of the range, jump the berm at the end of the range, it flew over 700 YARDS– Yes that is over 7 football fields away!!!!– proceeded to go through the bedroom wall of a home, through the front door (how rude!) and finally ending its journey with a smash to the family SUV.

As astonished as I was about this incident, I must say I did “lol” when I first heard about it. The scary part is, allegedly there was a 5 year old girl sleeping in the bedroom where the rogue ball intruded. Yeah, I’ll admit it’s not cool that lives where actually in danger, but setting aside that fact it is pretty funny!

These guys have been doing experiments for a combined 18 years and, in a test to see how well the cannon ball performed it literally went off the map (and through a house, into a car we go!). It makes me wonder if they’re still going to air this episode? I sincerely hope they do. <3

Don’t forget to study for Finals and make sure all classwork is done before watching the show! It’s addicting. Personally… If I don’t have it done before the new episodes, I tend to forget to do it! So make sure you get the school work done before watching Mythbusters!!!

What’s your favorite Mythbusters episode? Email your thoughts to



Finals Week: No pain, no gain

Something is coming, looming on the horizon… I think I can see it…


I can’t believe the semester is nearly over! Where’d all my time

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go? I have projects to finish, extra credit assignments to kick butt with, homework that’s late– and I don’t want to do any of it. All of those projects have got me spending more time in the library, and whenever I pass through there, well, I can’t not look at the student choices on books. Its gotten to the point where I’ve got eight library books at home with me now, right alongside my netbook and my new PS3. A world of distractions, all on its own! Who wants to study when they can become the ultimate assassin? Or when they can lose themselves in book after book after book? NOT ME, that’s for sure! But like the saying goes: no pain, no gain. Its only two weeks, after all. Which means its time for me to hide that PS3 controller and stack them books on my desk. My textbooks can be my new bed-mates, for extra-easy studying access. Because as much as I want to chill out and have fun, that’s what winter break is for. My grades are more important; can’t get a degree without good grades!

Here’s to all those delightful distractions we like to lose ourselves in! What are some ways you keep yourself focused on school work? Share your strategies with us in an email to!

Painting, painting… then some painting

There are a lot of things I enjoy doing, but I know that I flit from one thing to another pretty often. However, art has something I have dedicated years of my life to, from doodling as a child to art classes in high school, all the way up to my college career. I have made a point to include an art class each semester I’ve studied at State College of Florida. Its been a pretty good journey. I’ve been frustrated a lot of times, chaffing at having to start with beginner classes when everything that interested me were higher level ones. I probably could have brought in my portfolio and gotten permission to move into a higher class, but well, as much as I complain about some things, I am a lazy

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So I never went in and settled with the classes I didn’t particularly want to take. And it’s been a decently good time, I’ve produced some satisfying pieces, learned a few things I didn’t know. Its been a good experience. My latest foray into art education is Color Fundamentals (also known as Color Theory). Its definitely been a learning experience… in learning things about myself! I’m not a dedicated artist, in case that wasn’t obvious from the beginning. And this class has required a lot of dedication to painting, being self-motivated, all that sort of thing. Which are admirable traits, to be sure, and some that I now know I need to work on. Painting at home, my new enemy! I get so distracted! There are video games, books, my little sister, the internet, it feels like there are a million ways to not work on my paintings. Well, I think I’m done adding in art classes. They’ve been fun, but the time has come to focus on things I’m going to make a living out of… and actually dedicate the right amount of time too.

Are there any classes you wish you’d been able to include in your schedule? Any classes you had a great time in and would suggest to other students?

Share your experiences in an email to

Thankful for a break

Aaah, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. A wonderful, eventful time for many of us. A time that we all learn to appreciate from a young age, not only because that is the entire sense of the holiday, but because of the lack of daily homework. It was lovely coming home from classes yesterday and not having to remember my online assignment that was due before five. Why? Because there was none! In fact, they’re actually done for the semester. As bad as my personal record is with homework via the internet, this is most definitely something to be thankful for.

Along with the lack of homework, I’m going to be saying thanks for…

  • My family being awesome and supportive and cooking tons of delicious food for me to eat
  • My friends, who are reliable and loveable and all around awesome
  • The necessities that I don’t have to worry about (yet, haha), like a home
  • Lots more things that would make this post unnecessarily long

Anyways, I hope the Thanksgiving spirit is with you, and that you all have a really great time, however you chose to spend your Thanksgiving day. Want to share your plans? Drop us an email at

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