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Simple, Real, and in Perspective

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There’s a ghost in the men’s bathroom at the Venice campus Library. I’ve told people this before. They chuckle. But I think it’s a nervous chuckle, because they’ve heard what I’ve heard. It doesn’t happen all the time, but here’s how it goes:

I go in and it appears that I’m alone. When I’m washing my hands I hear someone exiting one of the stalls behind me. I wait to see who it is in the mirror. Like clockwork, no one appears, and I turn to look. I’m alone, as always. Obviously I’m not dealing with any kind of malevolent phantom. Ultimately, I just wanted to document my experience. If my blogs suddenly stop…please check the bathroom. I might have done something to anger him.

Okay, ghost stories aside, the open MIC last Thursday was a HUGE success. Over 30 people and 20 readers (which were all terrific)! It was a great kick-off event for Swamp Scribes. The next one is coming soon, I’ll keep you posted.

After the open mic a group of us when out to Chili’s. One of our professors joined us. It was great fun, and my stomach still aches from laughing. Sometimes, however, I think students struggle when developing friendships with professors. It reminds me of something from my Army days. My military superiors would often tell me: “Don’t take my kindness for a weakness.” Yeah,

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it sounds harsh, but in reality, it’s the best advice a superior can offer. Yes, you can laugh and joke with your professors, inside and outside of class; what’s important to remember is that the laughing and joking doesn’t transcend into your professor’s mind when they see your name in the grade book.

Having a good relationship with a professor doesn’t give you an all access pass to free roller coaster riding. And this doesn’t mean you can’t have a friendship with a processor. In fact, it can often enhance the college experience, and lead to important professional contacts in the future.

In a nutshell—keep it simple, real, and in perspective. Oh yeah, watch out for ghosts too.


If you have questions about student life at SCF, admissions or enrollment, e-mail us at

The Lottery, and I’m not talking Shirley Jackson.

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Sunday morning, A.K.A. “the day I check my lottery tickets.” Anyone else in the same boat? I ask myself, after successfully completing a Statistics class in the spring, why I still bother to buy these blasted things, but I can’t quit now: I’ve invested way too much. And regardless, we all know that famous lottery saying, right? “SOMEONE’S got to win.” Exactly.
I find that actions like this, however, promote some strange superstitions. There are rituals to everything from choosing lottery numbers (birthdays) to the clothing we wear on college football game days (Alabama t-shirt and lucky socks) to how we set up our workstation before starting an online exam. Cup of coffee to my left? Check. Book to my right? Check. Ringer off? Check. Status update on Facebook something to the effect of, “I’m taking a test, be back soon”? Check. If I allow myself to be this psychotic now, I can only imagine how I’ll be once I hit the workforce. People will cower, but in fear or embarrassment, I’m not sure.

I opted against the Archaeology class this semester, but as Murphy’s Law would have it, when I logged on to my SCF Student tab yesterday morning at 9am to drop the class for a refund, the Add/Drop Worksheet wasn’t allowing me any “drop” option. Hmmm. Scratching my head, I checked my “Student Detail Schedule” to find that the last day to have dropped the class for a refund was listed as Friday the 24th, the day BEFORE

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yesterday, otherwise known as “the first day of class.” Ouch. However, in a rare system glitch (crazy technology), the class was actually listed with a start date of September 20th on my schedule. Could this, in fact, be the problem? Will I, in fact, be able to drop the class for a refund? Let it be known I immediately penned an email to the records office. I even requested a “read receipt.” I feel so high-speed. Again, I’ll keep you posted. You’ll be forced to be posted, as a matter of fact, because if the class won’t drop,

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I’m staying in it. In which case, I’ll be making constant reference to “can you believe how hot it is in” so-and-so month, and whatnot. Also, I’ll be telling you about my cool archaeological finds.

So here’s the truth: I checked my numbers. I didn’t win the lottery this week, but Alabama’s Crimson Tide sure did. I have a great family, a small house, great friends, a few good dogs and cats, I’m healthy, and I’m getting a great education: It may not be the lottery, but I think I’ve got it made.

If you have questions about student life at SCF, admissions or enrollment, e-mail

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No mas

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I had my last class of the semester yesterday. Even though I’ll be back for Spanish II next semester, I’m finally graduating on to a university! Hopefully I’ve imparted wisdom onto you students, and faculty, or whoever reads this blog. I have yet to know if more than five people read the blog and follow mine and PJ’s ramblings (sorry to group you into my ramblings PJ). I know I’ve learned extensively about writing, and yet I still feel like it’s a tiny pea in comparison to a feast. So long, and good luck to the rest of your time at SCF.

I would like to amend my previous post, and if you want to be part of PTK simply ask

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Stephanie Cook if you’re eligible, and if you are you will be invited! It’s never too late, because now I’m an official member as well. Thank you Stephanie.

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Zoo celebrates Black History Month Feb. 18 and 19 with a celebration of African American culture, history and naturally African animals. The fun includes live entertainment, vendors, crafts, and special animal related discussions in the African area.The annual Ragga Muffins Festival Bob Marley Day to Reggae fans takes place Feb.

Speaking of pajamas, do not wear them. Insist on sleeping in daytime clothing, the fancier the better. If there are uncomfortable bows that tie in the back, or buttons that might strangle you in the night, all the better. On the other hand, if you do put on pajamas, refuse to take them off again. Wear pajama shirts and pants underneath all other clothing. Wear ugg online mall shorty pajamas in the winter beneath your sundress, and long johns in the summer. Wear primary green and blue striped pajamas under your bubblegum pink dress: wow, you daring.

The Freelander will also have fewer dashboard buttons than the model it replaces, thanks to a central touchscreen similar to that in the latest Range Rover.Even though the new car has a similar footprint to the Evoque, Land Rover is certain the demand is there for both cars. It predicts that the global SUV market will grow from current annual sales of 14 million cars to 22 million by 2020.

All The RageTV news personalities ugg boots uk shopping online websites with substance and styleSee all related8 Kelly, a former lawyer and subject of a rather racy 2010 GQ photo shoot (for which she makes no apologies), is known for direct, no nonsense reporting, which has drawn commentary from fans, critics and comedians alike. She’s been famously ridiculed, for instance, for calling pepper spray “a food product, essentially” and lauded for defending Chaz Bono’s turn on “Dancing With the Stars.” Her in studio interview Wednesday with presidential contender Mitt Romney drew commentary from across the political spectrum.

Polo shirts aren’t nerdy if you wear them right, so it all depends on how you look and how you wear them! Graphic polos, like a polo shirt with a dragon or race car pattern, can be cool sometimes. Try a polo with skinny jeans and ugg boots darcie baum tools unlimited shoes like Converse or similar.

What are the symptoms of Lyme disease?The first sign that you may be infected is a circular rash surrounding the spot where the tick bit you. It’ll show up between three and 30 days after the tick helped itself to your blood. The wholesale ugg 5119 cheap rash ugg boots melbourne maskemusic may be followed by symptoms like fatigue, chills, fever, headache, muscle and joint pain and swollen lymph nodes.

DAVID KILCULLEN: Horrible. They hate each other. And in fact, one of the issues is that when the war in Syria broke out, al Qaeda, that is, Zawahiri, the head of al Qaeda, designated Jabhat al Nusra, which is a group that’s fight fighting the Assad regime in Syria, as the kind of designated al Qaeda organisation in Syria and directed Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, the head of IS, to go back into Iraq and focus on Iraq and ISIS basically said, “No, we’re not going to do that, we’re going to continue ugg boots canada sales to operate in Syria.” Al Qaeda sent a number of mediators to try to resolve that dispute and one of them was killed in the conflict.

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Your revenue conversions become lower email open and click through rates become lower to lower revenues bueno! Let dive right in to discuss ways to overcome both email fatigue deal fatigue and keep your subscriber base active and just as excited about your deals as they were the first time they ever ordered a daily deal. Just because providers in the USA can not replicate Friday on a frequent or evenweekly base, does not mean that your deal website will not be able to do that. On the contrary..

My first time was just wearing cable knee socks. I bought several pairs in assorted colors and would wear them when I wanked, even put them on my arms. Then when over the knee socks became fashionable, I got many pairs of those also. I not a conservative, I just a guy who doesn care who you marry as long as you don abuse the hard earned money I give you. To Canadian issues is as comfortable as returning to AM 640, where Carroll worked throughout the (when it was called TALK 640) before moving to rival CFRB (now called Newstalk 1010). He spent nearly a decade at CFRB and remained a contributor up ugg boots sale clearance usa until November..

PrecipitationRain is a common occurrence in the Midwest. From spring through early fall, rain will typically fall a few days a week in many parts of the region. For instance, according to the Weather Channel, Chicago gets an average of around 4 inches of precipitation per month in buy ugg bags store late spring and summer.

“The tobacco businesses is in a fight for survival because it is so persecuted,” grouses the owner of F. Correnti Cigars Ltd. “Manufacturers of Handmade Cuban Cigars” whose second floor, brick walled factory is hidden at the end of a narrow alley off King St.

Actually, ugg boots 5842 sales discount his outfit was fine. JB looked relaxed and ugg boots purple diamonds rings for sale happy clad in a loose fitting black tee shirt and denim shorts. With his hair and natural, he looked normal in every way for his shoes. Noted Republican and NRA top gun Charlton Heston lit up the screen as Col. George Taylor in the 1968 classic of the Apes. (As a tribute to the Bush administration, Tim Burton will direct a remake cheap ugg boots size 85 of for release in summer 2001.

They tell the regiment: “Await your orders!” We drive around Moscow for two or three hours, around the beltway. We’re going back to Moscow again. They tell the regiment: “We’re not allowing anyone into the cemetery. What was the last thing you bought and was it good value for money? The last thing I bought was a pair of football boots with moulded studs. At my age, this is a bit of a gamble, so if I stay playing Gaelic ugg boots wholesale from USA electronics football and soccer then they were good value. My team mates would probably think they were bad value.

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Menon, as the prime minister’s special envoy to head border talks, has conducted detailed bilateral talks with China and has brought the entire issue just two steps short of taking it to a climax. India and China know their actual positions across the Himalayas.

It was great. The Strangler would drive me there fluffy ugg boots sale and frighten the teachers.”. This will help to lock the moisture from the shower into your s. Not only does it allow you to avoid crowds, it also saves you gas money and frees up your time ugg boots quality loan service corp so you can do something you actually enjoy. clerance uggs 1921 outlet

Put your comfy insoles in them. This + thick socks int he morning will let you wear the boots properly when your feet are non swollen. He can learn to manage his life to include everything he loves and expects from it. She didn’t talk about it but she started buying me boys bikinis especially ones that looked like panties.

Mens designer shoes are here to stay and it is creating a big statement in the world of fashion. So we have to ask, what is fueling this new awareness and interest by men in their shoes and buying the best shoes they can afford? There are lots of aspects to be considered.

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“Me, I am a worker. I work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 30 days amonth, with my heart, with my honest sweat. Even John F. Kennedy invited him to the White House for “an exchange of ideas.”. For Art House at Two Boots, 133 Newark Ave., Jersey City. In Buchmuller Park in Secaucus.

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“The music I make doesn’t tend to go there all that often, like, just in awe of God,” Garrels says. “More my music, I would say, is trying to peel back layers and find out where is God in the midst of this city that I live in, and this marriage I’m in, and these things that are going wrong and these things that are going right.

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To sum up his brief and frequently futile plea for foot health: Humans discount uggs 5815 factory are meant to walk heel to toe, with the leg at about a 90 degree angle to the foot and the ankle joint employing a 60 degree range of motion during normal daily activities. By wearing a high heel, Liebow explains, “you’re altering the position of the foot and how the foot is to function. Therefore, lots of bad things happen.”

When paired with the classic washes mentioned earlier, you’ll be set. Classic jean fits will give you the most bang for your denim buck because you’ll be able to get a lot of versatility out of them. Meanwhile, steer clear of tapered leg openings or a wide bell bottomed look.

There’s no secret I love watching championship golf on TV. For me, when the coverage starts late in the sales uggs 5119 store afternoon lasting through prime time, it’s an added bonus. As if it were scripted by NBC on Father’s Day night, the final pair came to the 71st hole with both players (Woods and Westwood) tied for second place and the leader (Mediate) up ahead on the 72nd hole, with the tournament still up for grabs. I can’t recall a major tournament where the last three players to finish all had a chance to win like this. At 8:52 PM EST, Tiger had the stage all to himself. On this occasion, he needed the entire hole to birdie the 18th. As we know by now, he rolled in a 12 footer to tie Rocco, forcing an 18 hole Monday playoff. I watched it all unfold. As usual, it did not disappoint.

If you are superstitious you may carry out rituals or routines known from folklore or as ‘old wives tales’. These rituals or beliefs are passed down from generations to encourage good behaviour or to bring good luck. Old wives tales are usually myths but are so well known and many people believe there is some truth to them. However, some ideas do not have scientific links. Going outside with wet hair is said to lead to a cold. It seems plausible but we know that a cold is a virus which is passed on, and not developed from actually being cold.

The conditions you plan on walking through will determine what you should look for in a boot. The winter boot you’ll want in Buffalo, New York, for example, will be different than the best boot for Maryland, which has lighter snowfall. If you ugg boots wholesale hunter coupon plan on trudging through piles of snow, you need something waterproof. Ugg a brand of walking boot uses suede for its boots. However, suede and leather are probably not your best bet for materials because of how easily water stains them, even if they are treated with a waterproofing agent. Furthermore, while these boots provide plenty of warmth something else you should definitely look for in a winter boot they offer virtually no arch support, which can cause irreversible damage to your feet. Some designer winter boots cost up to several hundred dollars, while some department stores like Target will offer winter boots for best ugg boots men as little as $50. Boots, however, are one of those products where you usually get what you pay for. An inexpensive boot will typically only last you one season, if you’re lucky. Purchase a cleaning wholesale uggs classic authentic solution for whatever material your boot is made from. You can usually find out what material was used for the shell of your boot by looking at the tag on the inside of the tongue of your boot, and the cleaning solutions can be found girls genuine brown leather ugg boots either at a shoe store or a drug store. Keeping a spare pair of laces around is always a sound idea.

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But enough of what I think (lets forget Pucci prints and go for the Mondrian look instead, OK?). The falls fringe trend is lingering over into spring. If it’s too late and you’ve already had a brush with poison ivy, oak, or sumac, don’t price ugg boots usa worry. You would be surprised at how much additional revenue can be gained by using a 1 time offer and even more so if it only takes 1 click to add the additional item to the order..

Use it all and watch out for your storage space! I use liners from old coats for the inside liner for the stocking make sure you have ugg boots wholesale 01 reviews of the help good stitching for the bottom liner, because you don’t want all that candy falling out into stocking. Wants out of power.

Remove the potential for damage and you remove the chance of ugg boots 5815 d callouses. Gamers prioritize responsiveness, performance, audio and connectivity, and thus over the generations of ASRock Fatal1ty boards we have seen IDE ports and Floppy ports some gamers want them but also high polling rate USB ports.

Gents’ shoes by this time were square toed and sometimes even forked. Stay away from bold colors like red that can be distracting.. The rhymes will help your baby anticipate the next word. Not all was lost though as through the wake of media attention all eyes turned to the North and particularly Manchester’s Hacienda nightclub.

Gears of War is a new black ugg boots US 5 5 dark, gritty trilogy of shooters where the planet is in ruins at the hands of alien invaders and the only thing between humanity and extinction is a bunch of muscular soldiers pattering on about their missing fathers and wives while shooting said aliens to shit.

Such novel planters as old boots and retired kitchen kettles add a touch of whimsy to any garden. $225 $525, pants $130 $325) and live by Klaus’ motto, “The days you don’t ski, you don’t get back.”. We had decent ugg boots UK 714 scores. I still have one hanging in my shower.

Traditionally he’s the greatest villain in all of Judaism.. Through an intensive segmentation study, we identified the different customer groups for each of our banners. The handmade snow boots are more ugg boots ireland zip fashion than the ones made by the machine. It’s just to show off my $3 silk Talbots top.

The distance you go is equal to the size of the hand. With ”Equal Justice,” Mr. Describe how special the gift is and how you plan to use it. There are boots on the ground.”. “You’d have a day of working the shoreline, you’d trudge back up to the island, and he invariably asked: What did you learn today?” says Tim Wootton from the University of Chicago, Illinois, who studied under Paine in the 1980s.

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“Past evaluations have sale ugg boots uk online shown that students in Tamil Nadu are prone to speed activities. Speed is an inborn talent. Sustained sports programmes can only sharp en the talent,” says Natarajan.”But while nature has given sprinters from Tamil Nadu the edge, we need to learn to nurture that inherent potential. Unfortunately, parents have short term goals when it comes to sports and most sprinters hang up their boots once they get into a good college or land a wellpaying job,” says P Gnanasekaran, a former Asian Games gold medallist.About usAdvertise with usTerms of Use and Grievance Redressal PolicyPrivacy policyFeedbackLiving and entertainment.

The event also uggs tall sales shop will include children’s programs during the day with special guests Joanie Bartels and Mark Lewis.So what do you wear to an All Hallow’s Eve revel?Witches are an evergreen favorite,” said Judy Meyenhofer of the national Sewing Fashion Council in New York. All the major pattern companies have several variations of witch costumes, and Butterick even makes one for a dog.”If you can’t sew, you can buy or rent a witch’s wardrobe.

Dressing up in uniforms and stuff also fall into ugg boots quality inns new orleans this category, if you’re feeling more tame. Most guys like the stripper, the porn star, the nurse and the french maid, the little schoolgirl (yawn), but sexy outfits like teddies, latex, leather and thigh high boots drive me WILD. most ugg boots gold 00 girls like military (boo), firefighters and teachers.

The first thing to take into consideration is your body shape. If you’re a pear shape then darker colours can be a good way to slim your lower half. Blacks and deep blues and reds are ideal. Go for a lower neck line that you can accessorise with some jewellery, which draws the eye upwards. If you’re more of an apple shape then look out for long dresses that fit at the bust but float at the waist to balance out your appearance.

An evening out at a goth clubIt’s a Friday evening and you find that the dark forces are calling to sales ugg classic 5815 shop out to the dance floor, so grab your shoes and head on out to your local goth dance night. But first we need to get you all geared up for an evening of swooning, swirling and ugg boots classic short sparkles ruby red clearance stomping to the music! If you’re not sure what to wear, let’s discover some tips and tricks to on how to get you dressed for the evening.

Defeating IS necessarily means “broadening and lengthening the fight” by going into Syria, Mr. Feaver says otherwise the Islamist militants put under pressure in Iraq could just “flee across the border” into Syria. That would repeat what happened with the Afghan Taliban in the fall of 2001, he says, “when they were defeated inside Afghanistan but were able to flee into Pakistan.”.

“Portal: A door, or entrance”

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SCF has added a new facet to their website called SCFconnect, or The Portal. I personally like the word portal better, because it makes me think of teleporting myself. In a sense, the new portal does just that. When I first logged into the new system and looked around, it struck me: there is so much that SCF was doing that I didn’t know about!

The first thing that stuck out was the email. I didn’t have to sign into my email account separate, it was right there in a box on the screen! When I get a bill from my car insurance company, however, this isn’t quite as exciting. Then I switched tabs to the Student section. I found a lot of helpful links, like Angel is there front and center. I’m told that we won’t have to log in to Angel anymore either, once they progress to the second step of SCFconnect.

The part that I really geeked out on was the announcements in the Student section. I scrolled down and saw info about the Student Wellness Program, which I’d heard about but never gave it much thought. It turns out you can participate in health events (exercise, fundraiser walks, dental cleanings, etc) and earn points which you turn in at the end of the semester for prize drawings and tuition drawings! Turns out I do need to clean

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my teeth every few years, and I love to exercise. I literally got out a notebook and starting taking notes on this program.

To further my journey was the Student Finances area that had a really helpful little spot for financial aid. Actually the whole page had FAFSA facts, deadlines, and links to SCF foundation scholarships which I was amazed to find so many listings of scholarships available. They’re available to students transferring out of SCF as well!! Deadlines for that are April 1, 2010 and March 14, 2010 respectively.

Then I went to the Library tab, where I found the online databases right there for everyone to see. Not hidden away anymore, within a series of clicks and quirks. Ah, researching will now be a breeze.

The last section is the My Tab. Hehe. I was able to go in (under the tiny link at the top called ‘content layout’) and put the “Word of the Day” in there, the Wellness Program, and the weather. I religiously check the weather every morning, so that will be handy. I just have to figure out how to paste a picture of myself in the middle of the screen now.

Oh man, I could talk about the portal for quite awhile. The new change was a fantastic one. I can’t wait to see how else they fine tune it, and what else will be added. I’m sure I’ll have more to say, once I stumble onto the other points of the portal. In the mean time, it will be 74 degrees on Monday, and I won’t be stranded indoors. Mwhahaa.