Lonely Court

The volleyball court is lonely…


I walk past it so many times and I have never see anyone using it!

I think I was the only one to use it last semester with some friends.. and it has probably never been used since. So I encourage you, go grab 3 friends or more, stop by the Club Hub (Building 500) for a volleyball, and play a game :)

Oh, and if for some odd reason you don’t know where the court is located, it is between the Library and Science buildings on the Venice Campus.



Getting into Spring 2015 semester

Hey guys, guess what? We have officially survived our first weeks of the Spring 2015 semester! I congratulate you all including myself. Now that the “add/drop with a refund” period for the classes that began on January12 has passed, I encourage you all to put in your best effort to study hard for the classes you have chosen. Some of the courses you might have picked start later in the semester and perhaps you are wondering when is the last day to drop the course and still be able to receive a refund. Or when is the last day to withdraw from a course and not get a WF (stands for Withdraw Failing) on your transcript? Well wonder no more. Here are the steps to locating this information on our college website.

First, go to SCF.edu. Next, click on the Academics tab at the top of the page and you will see a list with a gray background on the left of your screen. From that list you will click on “Academic Calendar.” Once you come to that page, scroll down to where the calendar for Spring 2015 is located and on the bottom there will be “Spring 2015 Add/Drop/Withdrawal Schedule” icon in green. Click on the icon and that will then open up the PDF file for the add/drop schedule for you! This is a very useful calendar to refer to throughout the semester.

I hope you guys find this helpful. Have an awesome week everyone!


Welcome back fellow SCF students!

Welcome back fellow students of SCF and welcome to you all who are new to State College of Florida! It was wonderful to be on break but it always feels too short. No worries though, this semester should be a blast and the faculty and all of us in the student services department are here to help you the whole semester through. I should of course introduce my self to you all. My name is Jennifer and I am the new Venice campus blogger for the SCF Student Blog. Hopefully through my blog’s you all can have a sense of what the campus is like and be up to date about awesome events that happen here, be informed about the many services that SCF has to offer, and also learn something new. I wish you all a successful semester and you all will be hearing from me again soon!

The Summer Semester: Lots of Hard Work

So today’s post is going to be relatively short. I wanted to give an overview of what the summer semester is like and I also wanted to give some tips on how to succeed during the summer semester.

The summer semester is a lot of work consolidated into a short amount of time. If you have a job which may require you to miss a few days of class it might be a better idea to skip the summer semester. Missing even one day of class can set you way back in terms of announcements and information. Summer classes are not for procrastinators; in fact, you won’t even have time to procrastinate because everything moves so quickly. Most summer classes involve a lot of effort and dedication. All that being said, taking classes in the summer is a great way to get ahead and take advantage of vacation. If you take enough classes, you can even graduate a bit earlier than you would if you didn’t take summer courses.

To survive the summer semester, it is important to keep a few things in mind:

1. Check ANGEL and SCF connect emails: Professors often leave updates and announcements online. Also, some professors may need students to complete certain assignments at home because of the time constraints and they may announce it on ANGEL.

2. Don’t delay: Get reading and assignments done as soon as you can and start studying for any exams the first day. Time flies during the summer and all these things can sneak up on you.

3. Read ahead: If you have free time, read ahead. If you get reading done early, you’ll have more time to review later on and you won’t be stressing out the day before an exam. Also, the more you get done early, the less you’ll have to do later on.

That’s it for today’s post. I really should get back to studying and reading (cries internally). Hope you all are having a nice day!

Being Prepared: The College Emergency Kit

There are many mishaps that can happen to you while on campus. Many of them can be solved just by keeping a College Emergency kit in your car, your locker, or your backpack. What is a College Emergency Kit? It is a group of items that can potentially save you from embarrassment or discomfort. This is my list of items I think are important for the CEK.

1. A sweater or coat: For some reason, I always feel cold when I’m in class. I’m not sure if it’s just me or if someone likes keeping the thermostat at unusually low temperatures. For this reason, I always carry a sweater, jacket or coat with me. Also, if you ever get a rip in your pants (it happens), you can tie your sweater around your waist and be spared any embarrasment.

2. Hand-sanitizer: All day, you’re touching door-handles, desks, and chairs. Guess how many people touched those things before you? Exactly. You can use your hand-sanitizer before meals or after touching something particularly used. Using it can help you prevent illness and it is generally a good habit. I always carry one of those little pocketbacks in my bag.

3. Some spare change: Oh no! You forgot to print that super important research paper. You don’t have any cash on you, so what do you do? You grab a dollar bill from your handy-dandy College Emergency Kit, that’s what! I’d recommend having a couple of dollar bills and some quarters. They come in handy for those times when you need to pay in cash, and you don’t have any in your pockets. Always remember to refill your cash-stash after using it.

4. A stain-remover pen: Ok, I don’t carry this one around, mostly because I don’t eat on campus. If you do eat on campus, you are at risk of spilling something on your shirt. You could walk around campus with a stain on your shirt all day, or you could pull out your handy-dandy stain pen and remove it!

5. A change of clothes: If you have a locker or car to store larger things in, take a change of clothes. If something large spills on you (for example, a milkshake), you can change into that instead of walking around with sticky clothes and the smell of chocolate/vanilla/banana/etc. Also, if it rains, you can change into dry clothes to avoid getting sick.

6. A water-bottle: It’s important to drink a healthy amount of water per day. Sometimes it can be easy to forget to take a drink, especially if you’re rushing from class to class. Instead of buying a soda, save yourself the calories and the money and take a water-bottle to class. If you leave it in your car make sure you freeze it before leaving your house so that it remains cool on those hot, Florida days. If it runs out, you can always refill it at the water-fountains.

That’s all I can think of today, folks. I hope you all are having a great week! I will talk to you all soon :)

Getting Things Done

I’m the queen of procrastination. Getting things done at last minute has become a talent of mine. Now, I know many people say it’s bad to leave things for the last moment, but I seem to work better when a deadline is approaching.

Now, sometimes we can procrastinate by accident. We forget about something until it is due the next day. Something happens that leaves us with only a little bit of time to get things done. The teacher decides to change the deadline. We realize we did something horribly wrong and we have to redo everything. Here are some tips to help you get things done at last minute:

1. Don’t Stress Out
Stressing out is the worst thing you can do. It doesn’t help you get things done and it can actually make you make more mistakes. So, relax. You can’t go back in time and you can’t do anything to change the situation so calm down and work with what you have.

2. Get Rid of Distractions
If you’re running short on time there is no room for distractions. You have to concentrate on getting your work done and doing it right. Turn off your phone. Get off social media. Tell the people in your home to not interrupt you for the next few hours. All those things can wait until later.

3. Break Up the Work into Parts
Set small goals for yourself. This helps to keep you organized and motivated. It also makes the task seem less daunting because it is no longer one giant project. It helps to keep a check-list for all the goals you have, so you can see the progress you’re making.

4. Take a Break
This may seem a bit counterproductive, but breaks are necessary. They keep you from getting bored and/or overwhelmed. Once you have about half of your task done, take a ten to fifteen minute break. Stretch your legs, get a snack or give a friend a quick call. Make sure your break doesn’t go over the fifteen minute mark so you don’t forget the task at hand.

5. When Finished, Reward Yourself
Whoo! You got it all done. Treat yourself for working so hard. Buy yourself something nice or allow yourself a few hours of relaxation. You deserve it and it motivates you to get more work done.

Alright guys and girls, I’m off. Have a nice day!


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