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Painting, painting… then some painting

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There are a lot of things I enjoy doing, but I know that I flit from one thing to another pretty often. However, art has something I have dedicated years of my life to, from doodling as a child to art classes in high school, all the way up to my college career. I have made a point to include an art class each semester I’ve studied at State College of Florida. Its been a pretty good journey. I’ve been frustrated a lot of times, chaffing at having to start with beginner classes when everything that interested me were higher level ones. I probably could have brought in my portfolio and gotten permission to move into a higher class, but well, as much as I complain about some things, I am a lazy

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So I never went in and settled with the classes I didn’t particularly want to take. And it’s been a decently good time, I’ve produced some satisfying pieces, learned a few things I didn’t know. Its been a good experience. My latest foray into art education is Color Fundamentals (also known as Color Theory). Its definitely been a learning experience… in learning things about myself! I’m not a dedicated artist, in case that wasn’t obvious from the beginning. And this class has required a lot of dedication to painting, being self-motivated, all that sort of thing. Which are admirable traits, to be sure, and some that I now know I need to work on. Painting at home, my new enemy! I get so distracted! There are video games, books, my little sister, the internet, it feels like there are a million ways to not work on my paintings. Well, I think I’m done adding in art classes. They’ve been fun, but the time has come to focus on things I’m going to make a living out of… and actually dedicate the right amount of time too.

Are there any classes you wish you’d been able to include in your schedule? Any classes you had a great time in and would suggest to other students?

Share your experiences in an email to

Thanksgiving and finals!

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Hey there, busy people! I’m Allyssa, nice to meet you all.

Can you believe its already Thanksgiving week? I can’t. I also can’t believe that all of a sudden its time to study for finals! I’ve got so many projects looming on the horizon, ones that my sad, procrastinating ways thought I could wait just a little… bit… longer… to work on. But that is not the way of school, so here I

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am working my butt off as I try to get things done on time. As much work as it is though, I’ve got to say that I love most of the classes I signed up for this semester. It’s always a lot of work, after all, but the classes don’t always feel worth it.

But not this time around! When I was building my schedule, I knew that I already had most of my requirements for my A.A. and for the most part, I would be taking classes that would either go towards my future degree or towards me. Seeing as I didn’t know my future degree at the time, I went ahead and went with me and boy, I do not regret it one bit! All my life I have enjoyed writing. Granted, I’m sporadic, I rarely finish my projects, and I know I don’t do enough research for really intense stories. But still, it’s a good idea to take classes in subjects I’m interested in, ones I could incorporate into my stories to give them more depth, character and relatability (not actually a word, but you get my point). The one class I didn’t take for these reasons is the one class I really regret signing up for. Oh well! My point is, even though I’ve got all this work to do, its so worth it.

Don’t let stress get you down! You’re about to have a fabulous holiday!

Have any comments or responses to this post (or any post, for that matter)? Email them to We love to hear from you!

~ Fare Thee Well ~

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Well, it’s hard to believe it’s here so fast, but this is my final blog entry. I have to take the summer off and so I must regretfully decline from being your host. I must say the experience was a very welcome one and, if policy permitted me, I would gladly take up the opportunity again sometime. Special thanks to Dr. Glanville of the English Department, who urged me to go for the position, and Ms. Tamara Kerns, my gracious supervisor, who stuck with me through the glitch-gauntlet. We made it!

So, now I turn my attention to you. I hope that I touched on things that made you laugh, and things that provoked your thoughts. I hope I encouraged you to give it all ya got and also taking the time to know and respect your professors as people too. My deepest intention, amidst my words or thoughts, however was to remind you how important you are as an individual. We take on so much when we come to college, and it isn’t all just fun and games, I know. Being here is a transformation of many sorts, and beyond it all an opportunity to challenge ourselves and mold ourselves into something we can be proud of. So, I implore you to remember yourself. Does that seem silly? I don’t think so. What I mean is, always remember why you came here in the first place and hang onto your dreams because no one is going to dream them for you. When things get tough, just remember yourself…you deserve to succeed. See the faces around you here at SCF as not strangers, but friends with a common goal striving to create their reality too. If you happen to see my face on campus, know that you have a friend in me too.

There’s usually always one of those subjects where we fight tooth and nail to make it, and for me that’s math, as I have mentioned before. So, needless to say, in the fall I will be face to face with my greatest challenge as many of you will be with yours. Let’s not let it get the best of us! Whatever that class or subject may be, let it not deter you from your road. Yes, it’s likely to rattle you, and perhaps drive you to the brink, but just think of how much better the taste of victory will be when you overcome it. That’s what I keep trying to tell myself. I will shoot for the A, as I

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always do, but I will not kick myself for something less if I gave it my all, and neither should you. So, though I am not at the helm of your blog any longer, let’s make a pact here and now…to remember ourselves when the going gets tough and at the end of the day, still manage to have a good one!

Thank you very much for reading my blogs, and if you’ve anything personal to say feel free to email me at or contact

~ The Last Hurrah aka The Anatomy Final ~

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Hey there! Today I took my final for Anatomy & Physiology I , my last hurrah for the semester! Pheeew! I haven’t slept well in two whole days so I was totally discombobulated during my final, but I think it turned out well enough in the end. What a challenging class! Talk about getting a run for your money, hahaha. That was an uphill climb with a camping pack! I would do it all again too, funny thing huh? Am I a glutton for punishment? Nah, I just love a challenge and the human body is like a carnival of activity to learn about. So, this class was extremely interesting if you ask me. Thank you, Ms. Elrod, for making class fun and informative at the same time and also for answering my myriads of questions! I’m coming back for more in the fall, I bet you can’t wait , haha. “ Oh nooo Mr. Bill!” (SNL)

I’m going to use my parasympathetic responses for the summer AKA relaxing! Atleast for the first week or so , then I need to crack down and brush up on my math skills so I can take that placement test for the fall. I wish I could view it, as so many do, like it’s all fun puzzles and what not. It’s been a source of anxiety since I can remember, but this time around I am determined not to let anything get in my way, least of all a four letter word like MATH.

Let’s not focus on math though, for the moment. I just want to wish those in my A+P lab class success with A+P II during the summer. Thanks for those extra study crunches before classes, they really helped!

I’d like to say thank you to Dr. Weber, my professor for philosophy and ethics, who shed some light on some very interesting characters throughout the history of both subjects. Who would have thought how vast the ideas of mankind can be on topics that seem, outwardly, to be so simple. When people do not challenge themselves or their own opinions, by listening to all sides of a matter, this is where the opportunity for knowledge can be stunted. I learned that we often do not take the time to question what we feel we already know, but that’s just it…if you don’t always keep an open mind,

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ever searching, and curious then you are further from the light of knowledge than you suppose. There is an actual process for determining if something is a worthy argument and it works much better than “ because I said so.” Lol Right on, Dr. Weber.

Have a good one

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and easy breathing! For now, haha.

~ Nerd Terror ~

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You studied hard all weekend, and now you’re sweating in the hot seat in class as if it’s an electric chair waiting to have the switch thrown. Your professor walks in and starts handing out your exams wistfully, with a hint of a smile. You’re tapping your pencil, chewing your lip, and asking yourself, “What’s going to be on this one? Did I forget anything? Will I remember when I see the questions?” You might also add, “I think I drank too much coffee. Curse that Dunkin Donuts Express in the Hess Station!” Oh, that’s if you’re me, they get me every time now, but I digress. So, you’re freaking out and you need to take this exam. What do you do? Here are a couple things before the big test that may help you out and or boost your confidence level.

1. For crying-out-loud! Don’t forget to breathe! They say that if you take a few deep breaths and stretch your legs and arms before an exam, it may help you collect yourself.

2. If you like chocolate I’ve read that eating it before study time and afterwards can increase your ability to store the information. Dark chocolate is supposed to have a greater effect than milk chocolate.

3. Studying while listening to classical baroque music, or some light jazz is shown to improve your chances of absorbing the material too. There’s a little trick to it though- you need the music to maintain a steady tempo, so make yourself a mix with songs of the same general speed on it. It’s best not to include songs with vocals however as that may

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distract you from the words you’re trying to memorize.

4. I know you’ve heard this one before, but try to get a good night of rest and eat a moderate breakfast in the morning. You need that energy to think ya know.

5. Here’s one more. Make sure you take plenty of breaks when studying, even if that means just walking away for a few minutes to stretch after an hour or so. Doing study marathons is not so great. I find that when I start to screw up when I try to write something down or I am getting jumbled up is a good indication that you need a break.

Anyway, keep your head up okay? Don’t let the exam terror pull you down. Instead, just let it wash right over you, acknowledge it, and then rock that exam the best you can. That’s all you can do, right? Make

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it worth the sweat, Ha! Have a good one, guys and gals!

If you’d like to respond to this email please go to .

~ Professor Appreciation ~

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Hi there! Something occurred to me last night after a nice talk with one of my professors. If there isn’t one already, that I’m not aware of, there should be a professor appreciation day. Our professors come from all walks of life and lead very interesting lives often times. Many have been many places and have a great deal of experience with all sorts of things so why not take time after or before class to chat with them? You might be surprised how much you have in common or simply feel less intimidated by them. They are not scary, ruler-wielding types usually, haha.

Try this on for size…you spend years and years going to school studying something you find fascinating

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and you work your way through the employment gauntlet to land yourself a spiffy job as a professor with the opportunity to mold minds in hopes to inspire that same enthusiasm you felt yourself. Then you construct a great lesson plan that takes hours per lesson, you set up shop, the students flood in and sit down and then you begin. Then this is what you see as look out among the class…people looking into their laps at their smart phones, or texting, some are staring at the clock repeatedly as if they can’t be bothered, others whisper constantly to their neighbors, and some just look completely dazed and confused. “What a day!” you must be thinking, right? This happens every class period though guys! This may be totally rude but, WAKE-UP! Put the “smart” phone away and do some computing of your own, huh? I don’t know how our professors put up with this on a daily basis, seriously. If that were me standing up there I would probably blow a gasket or lose all hope for the future left in the hands of people eternally asleep.

Our professors go over and over the same material and the one thing that sets everything off is your input and opinions on the matter you know. Otherwise, it’s the same thing day after day. How would you feel about coming to that every day? I’m just saying, just put yourself in their shoes for a moment. You really can make class more interesting by sharing your ideas or views, in fact, that’s what we’re here for! Well, thanks to all the professors here at SCF. Your blood sweat and tears don’t go unnoticed by this student! Have a

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good one, and hang in there!

If you’d like to reply to this blog please go to .

~ Deep Anatomy or Superficial Anatomy? That, is the Question. ~

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 Are you taking Anatomy and Physiology I this semester, as I am? If you are, then you know that A+P is not for the faint hearted, so let me cut straight to the heart of the matter (puns intended)! A hot topic on campus, burning in the minds of concerned students, is who best to take for A+P or discussion on which professors make things easier on the student. Even if you haven’t taken A+P yet, your ears have no doubt heard the passing whispers of warning that “Professor so & so is too hard” or “Professor so & so should teach like this professor instead.”

  Well, as was coined in a Monty Python movie, I say “Always look on the bright side of life.” So, I thought I might share my comparison of Deep Anatomy (the style which is deemed very difficult by most and involves thorough study) and Superficial Anatomy (the style in which everything is mapped out for you to simplify testing and passing). As anyone who is already studying knows, there is something to be said about these words I have chosen; Deep vs. Superficial. This is not to say that the professors who teach the “superficial” sort are superficial, so please do not misunderstand me. What I means is, that the method of study for the student is outlined explicitly for tests by some professors and all you have to do is memorize the answers (from what I have heard). On the contrary, compared to the “deep” kind of study, where the student must study everything covered and anticipate what they may be tested on in a certain section, is much more of a challenge.

   Let’s see what can be the result of each, shall we? Let’s start with the superficial anatomy. The instructor will no doubt cover the exact same material, in likely the same amount of time but will expect much less of your effort. When he/she prepares you for a test, whether or not you have really been following along until this point, you will get an outline of the test material in which you will simply commit to memory. The result: You will only have as good a grasp on Anatomy as what you committed to memory simply to pass the tests. What happens when you arrive in the courses of your concentration, like nursing or radiography? Will you feel confident? Take that a step further and imagine a job interview and what may be asked about your basic knowledge? Will you feel well equipped to take it on?

Let’s examine the deep anatomy. The instructor will cover the required material in the allotted time, and he/she will let you know that the material on the tests and quizzes will come from everything that was covered in class. So, you must study all that information thoroughly because you do not know what questions will appear on the test from which portion of the information covered. Yes, it’s surely a challenge, but let’s see the result. If you have fully applied yourself to study in this way, you will not only know the questions on the test, but when asked you will have a pretty solid grasp on what you’re talking about if asked to explain. So basically, the scenario of additional medical classes or a job interview in the future would not be so scary. In fact, you will probably impress yourself with your ability.

  I’ll leave you with some final thoughts, as you consider the differences between these two methods on your own, and that is this: Are you taking (or going to take) Anatomy and Physiology as a foundation for a future medical career? A strong foundation will ensure that you are properly prepared to care for others. Just think, when you go to the hospital yourself…do you want the nurse or doctor who skimmed A+P or the nurse or doctor who knows A+P inside and out?

20 Questions

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I really want some Ben & Jerry’s pistachio ice cream right now, but it’s so cold I think I might shiver myself to pieces if I have some.  I’m sure I’ll break down and have some anyway.  No pain, no gain, or so I’ve heard anyway.

It’s only Tuesday, and I feel like an entire week has already gone by.  I started the day off with Statistics, at 8am.  We got the low-down on what’s going to be on the final.  Only 20 questions! Wow, an entire semesters worth of information compacted into 20 questions.  You know what that means?  The questions are not going to be easy.  And I suppose they shouldn’t be.  I’ll find out one way or the other next Tuesday at 7:30am when I take the final. (Note to self: do not take anymore 8am classes, because 7:30am is just too early for taking a final)!

Tomorrow I have an orientation to attend at USF, then Thursday night is the Poetry Slam, Friday night is the Pop Culture Club Christmas Party, and Saturday, The Veterans Exchange, in conjunction with MOTS (Manasota Operation Troop Support) is holding a Packing Party.  We’ll be packing up all the socks collected during our “Toes For Joes” Sock Drive.  In total, we will be packing 65 boxes for locally deployed troops.   We are starting it at 9am (usually takes about 45mins).  This event is open to the public, and we WOULD LOVE TO HAVE TONS OF PEOPLE THERE!  Here is the address

MOTS Venice Office

7801 Tamiami Trail S., 6A

Venice, FL 34293


If you have any questions, please email

Well, I at least have my statistics notebook out of my book bag, so technically I have begun studying, right?

Zombies and Heavy Christmas Trees

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I recently read my first Zombie novel. It was freakin’ awesome! If you want to enjoy a great read, pick up S.G. Brown’s “Breathers.” You won’t be disappointed, I promise! This novel was one the last works I’ve had to read for my Horror, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Literature course. I can’t say enough about this class. FYI, if you’re looking for a Gordan Rule class, and you like to read Horror, this is the one for you. Dr. Ford, whom I seem to write about all the time (but he really deserves it), teaches the class (LIT 2310). The only bad thing is that he teaches it every other semester. It won’t be available for the upcoming spring semester.

Zombies aside, I’m moving on, at about 100 plus

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MPH! Down to the last official week of classes, and there is absolutely NO way out of not being stressed. It’s something you kind of just accept—the workload—I mean it IS college, right?

So in between my mini panic attacks, I found the time to drag all the Christmas stuff, to include the world’s heaviest Christmas tree, down from the attic. I did that last week. Just a few hours ago I actually took it out of the box, which had been sitting in the corner of the living room (between you and me, I thought about just putting some lights on the box and calling it good) but I decided to stop being such a scrooge. I am going to

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try my hardest this year to enjoy the Holiday’s, because I can’t think of any good reason not to.

Well, after I post this, I’ve got some studying to tackle. Two more weeks—man, I’m going to need a bigger coffee pot.

ugg boots macy’s 5th ave new uk buy uggs bailey button online

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I seem to have a weakness for green shoes so when I saw these boots I skipped toward them. One shoe on display, and only one box visible. Uh oh. I was immediately attracted to the styling of these boots, lots of great details to admire the extra layers of leather over the toe and on the sides of the shoe where one foot naturally bends, the extra strip making a loop to help pull them on, the red stitched eyelets, the red satin ribbon label on the inside around the ankle, and the sole the out sole is made of a translucent rubber and sandwiched between it and the inner sole is a graphic display of the brand name, and lastly, the heel has been scratched up to look aged and ugg boots macy’s 5th ave new uk the bottom of the heel has what looks like a distressed coat of white paint. Someone put a lot of thought and effort into branding these shoes and I love and appreciate that. But would the shoe gods let me bring it home? Of course! One pair left, in my size. Made by Red Rag, another great shoe company from The Netherlands. Regularly 119 euros, on sale for 50!

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Ugg Australia now also manufacture a vast range of completely different styles. Whether you want leather Uggs, uggs with heels, or something different altogether, there is something for everybody ugg discount under armour in Ugg Australia’s new lines. Men and children are not left out. There are some very masculine styles available, a range of classic boots in kids sizes, and Uggs for babies which are especially sweet.

Evidence tells us that during the early phases of Greek Empire, men ugg boots sale 6 8 wore their hair long, and also kept full beards and mustaches. However, with the passage of time, shorter hair and shorter beards became more trendy. Depictions from the later period of Greek Empire portray statues of clean shaven men. All these depictions from different periods of Greek history show how men’s hairstyle trends changed ugg nightfall boots 5359 factory cheap over a period of time.