Clubs are fun

If you’re like me, you have a few common interests with some of your friends. Wouldn’t it be nice to find more friends with similar views? The cool thing about the clubs here

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at SCF, is that you can do just that!

Whether you like chess, math, science, or even ping pong, there are people out there who share the same interest with you. Have you ever considered joining a club to get to know more people like yourself? It’s an obvious idea, but surprisingly enough most people overlook it completely. No matter what you like to do on or off campus, I’m sure there is a club

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for you.

If you’re interested, check it out! All you need to do is go to the school website: From there navigate to Campus Life, proceed to Student Life, and finally the Clubs section. There are quite a few clubs ranging from Art to Music to Politics. If you can’t find a club that is currently at SCF, there is

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It on.

a form to start one! Why don’t you give it a try? What have you got to lose?

Thinking about starting a club? Email me and let me know! I may be interested in joining!


From what I’ve seen around campus, I know SCF has a lot of athletes here at the school. Does this mean that we also have a lot of people who go the gym? Any we can affectionately title “gym rats?”

I sure hope so! It’s a new year, and while I didn’t make the decision to be a healthier me because of it, I’m sure there are a lot of people who did. Which means a huge influx of gym go-ers. I proud of all of you guys! Heck, I’m proud of me. I haven’t been to a real gym in ages, mostly relying on Tae Kwon Do and maybe some exercise dvds to keep me in shape. Well I’m finally back. A friend of mine has gifted me with a spare gym membership from her family and wowza! We went together, first time weight lifting in months for her, years for me. We focused mostly on legs because she was leading the way and that’s what she wants, and oh my god, I nearly regret it! To

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be honest, I generally adore that post-work out muscle soreness that plagues me days after really pushing myself. But its been so long, I forgot how much it could honestly hurt! By the end of that day (I’ll admit, I don’t know if the forty minute walk and hour of TKD class helped me much), the entire lower half of my body hurt constantly. Walking? Ouch. Laying down? Augh. Minutely adjusting sitting position? Ooow! And the day after was hardly better.

But all of that muscle soreness aside, I don’t think I could possibly enforce how good I felt at the gym. I hadn’t had that work-out induced endorphin high in so long, it was amazing! I felt like I could conquer the world! I learned new techniques and revisited old ones and generally felt like the most capable person ever. I want to go as often as possible, I really hope I’ve got the willpower to work it around all of my other obligations. Because when it really gets down to it, that’s what it takes. The willpower to get up early or stay up late, to pack a lunch so that you can spend your break doing something more productive, that sort of thing. And I really hope that not only I can stay with this sort of routine, but that all of SCF’s New Years Resolution gym visitors can stick with it as well. When something not only makes you feel that good and is also great for your health, how could you say no?

Do you visit the gym? Did you used to? Were you aware that the SCF Wellness Program offers free Yoga and other classes? Whats holding you back now, or whats pushing you forward? Personally, I have terrible knees. Potentially due to an injury that wasn’t properly cared for (though I won’t know this until I get to the fancy, expensive doctor who will tell me so). Lets do this exercise thing together, please share your plans or experiences with us in an email to

Christmas Concert


If anybody else went to the concert on Tuesday, they know what I mean! I had gone because my cousin is a cellist in the orchestra, and I’m glad that I did. All the musical groups played, the choir, guitar ensemble, more choir, what looked like a group of kids from the Collegiate School, and it ended with the full orchestra (orchestra/band combined). They all did such fantastic jobs! It wasn’t your run of the mill college music concert, at all. There was some dancing thrown into

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the songs, more than one where the students came out into the audience as they sang, and songs were sung for both Kwanza and Hannakuh, alongside the mass of Christmas tunes. It went on for about two hours, so it was a good thing I didn’t bring my five year old sister along.

Personally, Christmas and all the festivities surrounding it is my favorite holiday. I love the music, the scents, the decorations, the gift giving (the gift receiving, haha!). I know a lot of my friends aren’t nearly as excited for it as I am. They talk about how their workplaces have been playing Christmas music since Halloween finished, not to mention the radio. They worry about the money that will be spent on presents and the days they can get off of work… And its kind of sad, actually, to realize that this is what Christmas has come to, for a lot of people. Religious aspects of the holiday aside, I think the whole point is to celebrate and give and spread love throughout your friends and family! To go to things like the Christmas Concert and to have a good time, to just let yourself have fun!

I guess the point I’m getting at is that when you’re celebrating one of the winter holidays, make sure you give it your all. Don’t let life get you down. So what if money is tight? Give what you can, even if its just hugs and kisses. When they say “its the thought that counts,” its no joke. I might not have gotten gifts for every single friend this year, but I make sure they know how much I love and appreciate them.

What’s your favorite part the of the winter holidays? From getting a break from school, to the holiday feast that might await you at home, share you favorites with us in an email to! :]

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The trunk could be a mini traveling studio and I liked that option. It certainly will be a lot easier now to contemplate that idea I have never really traveled for work. This way it will be great, it means I can have an extra camera in Paris and duplicates of props with the trunk it means theoretically I can even take other little trips.

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It’s a question posed recently by Forbes, which points out that across Southeast Asia, so many women carry Birkins that the the cache is beginning to wane. “Since almost everybody has a Birkin bag,” one socialite told Forbes contributor Blue Carreon, “more and more ladies are opting for bags made from exotic skins now, not necessarily Birkins.”.

Even though many of its 400 rooms are smallish, they feel trendy despite the gray building drab 1970s exterior. If you are attending one of the big exhibitions at the Coex Centre, stay at the sleek 185 room Park Hyatt Seoul across the street. At first the city seem just too big, we rented an apartment way too close to Times Square, i would recommend somewhere away that chaos, maybe soho or greenwich other cute louis vuitton big tote bag quieter neighborhood i would recommend. Also went to the Museum of Natural History do much for me, but it was nice.

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But as it turns out, she so consumed by consuming that she doesn even notice her high roller investor husband Hal ( Alec Baldwin ) is cheating on her. You have everything you want? he asks, as if his philandering and shady business dealings shouldn matter so long as her answer is Even after the money is gone (along with the husband), Chanel Louis Vuitton and Hermes are still so much a part of Jasmine identity that she can let them go..

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The concept of client or customer has expanded far beyond its traditional boundaries. It may be your boss, it may be a work group you advise, a colleague who depends on you to get their job done, or even someone who hasn’t hired you yet. This point is an extension of the Cheeseburger Principle: If men think something or someone is too easily attained, we worry we may be too good for it. Just like every other bad habit we have, this one surely goes back to our caveman days, when “getting the girl” meant chasing her other suitor 16 miles, pushing him down a hill and rendering him unconscious with a good bonk to the head.

Jake also stood by Olivia at Harrison’s funeral, where all of the associatesmaterialized to bid their fellowgladiator goodbye. As the title for this week’s episode, “Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia,” suggests, each of them hadembraced an alias while Olivia was away.

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Specifically, i buy ugg classic 5359 factory do not feel that items such as chips, sodas, and ready made meals should be paid for at least not completely free choice as it is now. It one thing to allow a family to purchase a couple of frozen pizzas per months, but it another thing to allow them to purchase nothing but frozen pizzas for the month! uggs USA ugg boots outlet USA sale for lowest price i believe that if you are relying on SNAP and other assistance you should be forced to buy things like beans and rice and non instant oatmeal like those of us who are working to pay for your financial assistance! I recently made some changes in my own shopping habits buying healthier foods and fewer ready made items and discovered that i have actually spent less on eating better.

In early October, Family to Family opened a new headquarters in the northwest. For many, it is a sign that Thanksgiving is just around the corner a time for family and friends to gather, feast and count their blessings. Not once did I look for an escape hatch, except at night getting arrested for sleeping in the park would cut into my daytime exploration. If only the park had an on site jail..

Both make lovely booties, and both are wonderfully easy for novice knitters. The Bernat pattern is knit ugg 5879 sales cheapest flat in worsted, while the Simple Bootees are knit in the round with sport. Step 5: This is definitely the hardest rule of all. You can never look like you are coming or going from the gym again.

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I think I brought her out at the right time. London’s East End fashionista culture was about to explode and the motto was very much “life’s too short”. In a sense, ugg boots reviews plexus slim ingredients we’re multiplegladiators down. Abby, whose stock seems to go up with every season of “Scandal,” is now press secretary with a wardrobe of power coats and statement bags that would make her erstwhile boss proud.

No, not uggs 5802 factory authentic a piece of meat. But. But the most chilling moment was hearing Leah speak. Not merely because we could hear echoes of her mother words in her own, but because by hearing her speak, it forced us to scroll back and replay all the earlier scenes we had witnessed thus far from her childhood, and realize that she was no longer an infant.

For the day, the best shoes to wear would be ballet flats or pumps. On an evening out, wear the ensemble with cheap ugg sandal discount boots. It looked like they use canned diced tomatoes with jelled filler. I have never had such horrible Chinese food EVER. Katsuhiro Otomo’s work before the phenomenally popular Akira is also a tale of psychic powers gone awry, although this time on a much smaller scale. One apartment complex in a run down area of Tokyo has seen a large number of unusual deaths, so police are sent to investigate the cause.

This creates a scarf belt. Finally, choose a shorter scarf. The tips and tricks shown in the video are her own techniques after rigorous practice and experience. She suggests to start with a very short pair of heels. Married to a Paramount vice president, she has two children, and owns a production company, Bristol Cities. She has clocked up 22m..

A20 is a ubiquitin editing enzyme that potently suppresses the canonical pathway17. The N terminal ovarian tumor (OTU) domain of A20 can deubiquitinate K63 polyubiquitination of RIP1, and the C terminal zinc finger (ZnF) region subsequently acts as an E3 ligase to add the K48 polyubiquitin chain to RIP1, thereby promoting its proteasomal degradation18.

The small tubes, about 1/20th of an inch, are placed at the end of a child ear canal while the child is under light ugg boots nyc hpd online general anesthesia. They designed to alleviate any fluid build up by allowing air to pass into the child middle ear to ventilate and eliminate the pressure inside that space..

You can tell these are a better quality than the Payless Airwalk boots, but buy cheap ugg boots 5804 online I would rate them lower than BEARPAW the BEARPAW boots are less expensive and much nicer; you’re just paying for the EMU name here. One big plus though is that the EMU Bronte has ugg boots with glitter what appears to be same great outsole as the Stingers, except that its labeled as being made of TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) instead of just plain rubber.

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At times the hall may reverberate with chanting monks. 60. Lining about half of the minor Kora are brightly painted wooden drums, ugg boots 5218 factory outlet spun by an endless procession of mainly elderly pilgrims hoping their efforts will be rewarded in the next life. As a lawyer, I respect the fact that some clients want to meet in their office, rather than mine, or at their neighborhood Starbucks. Depending upon the task at hand, they ugg boots waterproof for women first magazine online may express other preferences. It is ugg boots europe group not unusual for a client to ask to have documents sent to a secure cloud storage site or on an encrypted thumb drive.

To the west of Rossio/Baixa/Chiado, Bairro Alto is as the name would suggest uphill from most of downtown Lisbon. Trams and funiculars can take you there, but most Lisboans use their feet. This section of town survived a devastating earthquake in 1755, meaning buy ugg classic 5225 shop that it is one of the best places to catch a glimpse of pre 18th century Lisbon architecture.

Strauss noted that even though this study only looked at girls, similar effects may well be happening for boys. ugg boots 5815 beige sales online She also stressed the importance of using these findings to explore why body image takes ugg online espa a hit in middle school and beyond. Identifying the source of these insecurities may provide some insight on how to prevent them in the first place.

All seats should be free, at least for those last 3 games, if they really do appreciate the Braves’ fans. But they won’t be, as they are too greedy. As long as Liberty makes money off the Braves operation, that’s all they can about.. Those guys were power pitchers, and I do think in the playoffs power pitching isa plus. The only current Braves starter that I can see blossoming into a something resembling a power pitcher is Teheran. Certainly notMedlen or Minor.

The NationalCenter for Learning Disabilities explains how to know if your child may have dysgraphia. See that some of the symptoms difficulty with proper spacing, poor understanding of upper and lowercase letters, saying words aloud while writing, difficulty thinking of words to write, unfinished or omitted words, difficulty with syntax structure and grammar, for example really don’t have a lot to do with fine motor control. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke that it’s more than simply a fine motor difficulty..

A JCB digger was added to the wealth of Liz Hurley by a mystery admirer. The 38 year old, who starred in Bedazzled, picks up 2m per year from a deal with Estee Lauder. She received nothing from film producer Steve Bing, father of her son Damien. Thursday on WEWS Channel 5.)So where in the world is Olivia Pope? Lounging on a pristine beach on an uncharted island, making love with Jake. She’s let her hair go curly, and we learn that her name is now Julia Baker. An envelope with no return address arrives with a shipment of supplies (wine for her, no beer for Jake); inside the envelope is a clipping of Harrison’s obituary.

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3. Inspect the brake caliper piston boot for ugg boots inserts on arrows for sale deterioration, repair or replace the brake caliper if damaged. Think it totally fine for girls to see that when you are in your mid 30s, you can have a healthy sexual image of yourself and have made great, smart life decisions because of doing something like studying math. Yes, I think it an extremely positive message to give girls.

(Paradoxically, alternative medicine is still promoted and supplied by chemist’s shops, the very place where a patient, having consulted a regular doctor, is required to go to collect his prescription! Boots, the chemists, even publish and ugg boots 3174 distribute free a booklet (Anon, 2000)4 in which complementary medicine is stated to be safe, and it is implied that orthodox medical help need be sought only where symptoms are severe and persistent). The 1858 Act implied that the medicine practised by registered doctors was based on evidence while the alternative was based on hearsay, old cheap ugg 5809 outlet online wives tales, grannies’ remedies etc.

The twist is, if you try and observe the electron at the moment it passes through the slitsyou know, to figure out what the hell is wrong with itthe electron goes back to behaving like a normal electron, and innocently shoots through one of the slits while giving you, and reality, the finger. The details of why this happens buy ugg sundance limited edition 5728 shop are sort of technical, but this simple diagram should explain it:.

You don’t have to look like Sporty Spice cheap ugg classic short boots 5825 factory to get the “sporty” look so check out the collections of Celine, Louis Vuitton and Miu Miu for their modern take on sportswear. Fabrics such as fleece and mesh in bright and primary colours will ensure you stand out for all the right reasons (while being comfortable, to boot)..

Wes Bentley played the pivotal role of Ricky in the much lauded 1999 film “American Beauty,” which won 5 Oscars and numerous other awards. He played Seneca Crane in 2012’s wildly popular “Hunger Games.” He’s wholesale ugg boots 5918 cheap slated to appear in the Halloween episode and at least one other episode of Freak Show as Eddie, who appears out of Ethel Darling’s (Kathy Bates) past hell bent on vengeance.

But believe me, that’s enough. I don’t know what makes these homosexuals mistake me for a guy who wants his cock sucked, and, frankly, I don’t want to know. Along with the benefits, one should also be aware of its side effects. The following section of the article deals with exactly the same..

When Pond was a broke art student in the 1970s, she took a job at a neighborhood breakfast spot in Oakland, a place with good food, splendid coffee and an endlessly entertaining crew of short order cooks, waitresses, dishwashers and regular customers. This graphic memoir, influenced by the work of Pond’s friend, Alison Bechdel, captures the funky ethos of the time, when hippies, punks and disco aficionados mingled in a Bay Area at the height of its eccentricity.

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Leadership and the ugg online 5e 2 013 I think made New York. “This is not surprising,” says Wotawa. Most men have an element of that. Though they had both initially thought the baby would be a girl, Derick changed his guess at the last minute. In this study, the effect of income in men appeared to vary according to educational level.5.

The skirt for female pirate costumes can be long or short. Only worth it if you’re going to be out for an hour or something.. Perhaps in this rich family, there are lessons about why some scientific dynasties flourish and grow, whereas uggs boots 5825 maroon cheap others never bud..

The second is it cottage season so there are more people up around the snake’s upland habitat. Coroner’s office that Joplin ugg boots 5803 beige UK 6 died from an especially toxic batch of heroin, also responsible for a rash of other overdose deaths in Los Angeles at the time.”We understand a lot more about addiction now,” he says.

Come in the early morning for the most peace and quiet Kaihalulu may be well hidden, but it’s also well known. We have reporters at every count across the country who will be sending us updates for our live blog. Step 5 Now we will go over the steps on how to remove asbestos floor tiles.

They play outside, they turn black, like little car mechanics. Remember that a CV is not just a record of your life from your perspective; it is a summary of how you can provide the skills and experience required by the role and the employer. Yes the SEAT might be more practical, cheaper to buy, run, insure and service but only a fool would buy it when you could have a wonderful Lexus for just 1335 more.Which funnily enough share all the same parts and suppliers, you really believe that all the parts and suppliers are different? Don’t know the car industry obviously.

Ethical concernsAfter two infected Americans were treated with a cocktail of antibodies made by Mapp clerance ugg classic 5991 outlet online Biopharmaceutical of San Diego, California, three UK based international health experts called on 5 August for such drugs to be made available to Africans.

The dja vu doesn’t stop there. In July 1916 they learned that Alastair, their youngest son, a captain with Scottish regiment the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, had been fatally shot on the Western Front by a sniper as he directed his men in trench digging work..

Last ugg boots coupons 6 flags new england week, HTC released their new Droid DNA smartphone in hopes of gaining more traction in a smartphone world currently dominated by Apple and Samsung with their popular iPhone and buy kids ugg boots 5991 shop Samsung Galaxy lines. The MOD Live technology, licensed from Recon, shows your speed, location, vertical, air time, friend locations, temperature, and more and with a recently released developer’s kit that allows customization, there’s no end to what can be created .