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Next Semester is Coming Fast!

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I parked at school last week next to a large beat up van. On the window the owner painted, “5 Mill O.B.O.” It made me feel like I was at college with real students. So many people opt for these refined pieces of chrome nowadays, but now my dented gray automobile fit right in.
As per the good news: I found a lot of scholarships! For the bad

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news I missed the deadline for transferring SCF Foundation Scholarships, but if you’re a student continuing at SCF next semester you still have until April 1, yes that is seven days away! There are also private foundation scholarships available that have varying deadlines, with the earliest being March 31. I know it feels like no time to consider next semester when this one is just half over, but don’t miss the deadline like I did.�
Well my scatterbrain has more homework to do, including a few scholarship applications- know anyone who would write me a letter of recommendation?

Summer Classes!!!

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     I signed up a few days ago for a Summer class – woo hoo!  Now, I’m hardly the one to consider Summer as a time for studying.  But consider these aspects before you disregard Summer Classes altogether:

          -Summer is HOT!  MCC Has air conditioning.
          -There are three separate times to take Summer classes, two of which are only six weeks long, versus fourteen weeks in a regular semester.  Check out the dates in the Summer 2009 Academic Calendar.
          -Financial aid may cover your Summer classes.
          -If you take one or two classes over the Summer then you could have a lighter workload during the semester or even graduate early!

     If you decide you’re interested in Summer classes, simply go to the My MCC link and search the Add/Drop classes under Registration.  There’s only so long to register, however, so hop on the Summer Class bandwagon soon!

MCC Open House

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     There’s a very exciting event coming up that will interest future MCC students, as well as current students.  Both MCC Venice and Bradenton are holding an Open House!  There will be information available for future students to learn about the courses and programs at Manatee, as well as how to get enrolled.  Highlights on scholarships, grants and loans for students who qualify will also be accessible.
     The different clubs offered to students on each campus will also be there…clubs like creative writing, multi-cultural club or the progressive club.  These extra curricular actitivities are exciting ways for new students to meet others.  I didn’t get into a club on campus for a couple semesters because I feared I didn’t have the time to commit to one.  When in actuality, you don’t need to attend each and every meeting to remain a club member and participate in their events.  Plus, clubs are an excellent addition to resumes for your future University as well as an activity specified to your tastes.
     The Open House at MCC Venice is March third from 5-7pm in the Selby Room (bottom floor building 800).  The one at MCC Bradenton is February 24 from 5-7pm in the Student Union (building 14).

Power of a Student Development Advisor

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I remember my first semester at MCC. I’d selected four classes and felt a little in the dark over which ones I needed for my degree. At the end of the semester I went to see a Student Development Advisor to ask for help on classes for the following semester. I came to find out that most of the classes I took I didn’t need to take! Granted, I did change my degree after semester two… but I should’ve gone to visit the Advisor before I started my first semester.

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The Advisors are located in buildings 1 and 100 – the same place you go to register as a student. They help you with choosing your classes in order to graduate in your major. They also help you to choose your major when you’re unsure, as well as electives you may enjoy even if you’re fulfilling a liberal arts degree. Another extremely helpful thing is that they can look into the University you plan to attend next and make sure you take the proper classes for a smooth transfer!
One last word of advice on the subject is that you need to visit the Advisor every semester! You can even visit them now to plan for next fall or summer courses. They may be quietly stashed away in the Student Services Buildings but they can do so many things for your future career.

Tuition Reminder…

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Tuition for the Spring Semester for 2009 is due December 10th! All class registrations for the spring term that are not secured with full payment or financial aid will result in students having their class schedules cancelled. So be sure to have everything organized so you can ensure your classes are paid in full by December 10th, whether it is being paid

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with financial aid, scholarships, saving your own money or reminding your parents.

I have personally received two scholarships from the MCC Foundation which I am very grateful for. I have continually been impressed with their organization, kindness and willingness to help. I am also very grateful to my benefactor because without him it would be much harder to reach my goals.

Regardless of what means you have to pay your tuition let’s not forget to be thankful and to use our money wisely. Especially in today’s economy I consider myself very privileged to be able to go to school, so let’s not take for granted our education and the means we have to pay for it because not everyone is as fortunate as we are.

Application time

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It’s getting close to the end of the semester, which means that its time to apply for college!  I’ll be getting my AA in December, so I applied to several colleges.  I must say, applying to MCC was much easier than trying to jump through all the hoops that Universities give you. 

MCC lets you apply online here  which makes it very convenient.  You’ll need to provide proof of FL residency for tuition purposes, official high school/college transcripts, and test scores for the ACT/SAT.  Don’t worry if you haven’t taken those tests though (or didn’t do well on them).  MCC has an entry level placement test called the FCELPT that you can take. Once you’ve applied, you’ll probably want to apply for financial aid.  Many scholarships are based on financial need, which is determined by filling out your FAFSA.  You really want to do this as soon as possible regardless of which college you attend.  If you don’t qualify or want financial aid you can pay for your classes online with a credit card or by paying the registrar on campus.

After you’ve applied, taken the placement test and submitted all documentation for proof of Florida residency you can register for Orientation.  While you are at Orientation, they will help you figure out how to register for classes.  Make sure you have a good idea of what classes you want to take when you go.  I recommend choosing at least one required class that you know you’ll dislike and one you know you’ll love each semester.  This way you’ll get those dreaded requirements out of the way at the beginning and will have at least one class that you’ll enjoy to motivate you to keep going.  This tactic worked very well for me.  So many students do only the classes they like first… then get stuck doing all required classes in the same semester.

Also, if you haven’t decided on a major yet, I highly recommend taking ENC 1101 during the first semester. The career research paper due in this class has helped many students.

After Orientation you’ll want to print out your student detail schedule and check out the registration payment deadlines or pay online.  Then you can go to the Student Union to get your Parking Decal, Student ID and books.  The Parking Decal and Student ID are free… and very necessary.  The books can be paid for with either cash, card or financial aid (which is why it’s important to apply for the FAFSA super early!)

Now you are ready for class!  Welcome to MCC!