Silvana’s Profile
Silvana plans to get an Associate in Arts degree at SCF and then go to the University of South Florida to earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She attended high school in Peru and graduated at age 16 in December 2012. Silvana enjoys listening to music, chatting with friends, watching horror movies and reading a good book. She loves animals, especially cats.

Past Bloggers

Steve’s Profile
Steve is one of those “happy-go-lucky” types of people, and doesn’t let anything or anyone slow him down.  Not your average teen, Steve has had many life-altering experiences that have made him wise beyond his years. Aspiring to become a veterinarian, he maintains a 4.0 GPA. Even with his love of animals, he somehow enjoys going hunting and shooting in his spare time with friends and family. Altogether, Steve is far from average or normal (but not in a bad way!). Get to know him! Surely you will like what you find.

Allyssa’s Profile
Allyssa is a sophomore at State College of Florida, with plans to graduate in  Spring 2012 and go to Florida State University to continue her education. Despite her deep thought put toward the issue for many years, she still doesn’t know exactly what she’d like to do with her life. With an avid love of art, books, and travel, Allyssa has gone from wanting to be a designer, a librarian, and an author, to finally settling on translator of Mandarin Chinese. No matter how busy she gets, Allyssa always makes time for friends and books.


Jaime’s Profile
Jaime is completing an associate’s degree in the Radiography Program. Jaime holds the office of historian in the Phi Theta Kappa’s Honors Society at SCF Venice. Making a difference in the lives of others through service and friendships are among his top priorities in life. Certified as an ESL teacher, Jaime has enjoyed meeting people of other cultural backgrounds and learning about them.  In his spare time Jaime enjoys exploring nature, going to movies, playing the drums, practicing his Portuguese, reading on various new age topics, and spending time with good friends.

BillBill’s Profile
Bill is a currently a sophomore at SCF Venice and will graduate in December 2010 with an Associate in Arts degree.  He plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of South Florida. Bill’s long-term goal is to establish a community service center in North Port. Bill is actively engaged in the creative writing club, Swamp Scribes, and the PTK Honors Society at SCF.  He is an Army veteran, having served eight years as a combat medic and has recently established (along with the help of many others) a new Veterans Club at SCF: The VX Veterans Exchange.

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CherstinCherstin’s Profile
Cherstin is in her second year at SCF Venice completing an Associate in Arts degree. Having recently been published, she realizes the phrase “making a living as a short story writer” is an oxymoron, so she dreams of supplementing her writing career with a degree in elementary education.  An Army veteran with her second child due in January, she counts herself as one and a half members of Swampscribes, SCF Venice’s literary and creative writing club.  In her allotted iota of free time, she enjoys the beach, writing, gardening and waffles, but not necessarily in that order.

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Sarah_blogSarah’s Profile (2009-2010)
Sarah is in her fifth semester at SCF and attends classes at SCF Venice. She plans to continue her education at the University of South Florida to complete a bachelor’s degree in English. Her dream is to become a journalist or writer. She is a member of Swamp Scribes, a creative writing club. Outside of college, Sarah is a mother and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

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pjPJ’s Profile (2009-2010)
PJ is completing an Associate in Arts degree at SCF Venice and plans to transfer to continue studying journalism at a university. He currently works in the Academic Resource Center for the English Department and as a freelance journalist for a local newspaper. He is very active with Swamp Scribes, and is an editor for Elektraphrog. Aside from those projects and this blog, PJ continues to strengthen his writing skills by writing poetry, short stories, and a novel.

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KrystalKrystal’s Profile (2008-2009)
Krystal is in her second year at SCF Bradenton. She is studying toward an Associate in Arts degree and then plans to major in clinical psychology. She has five sisters and loves to spend time with her family. She looks forward to sharing important information and personal experiences at SCF through this blog.

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ErikErik’s Profile (Spring 2009)
Erik is in his fourth semester at SCF Bradenton. He plans to continue his education at the University of Florida with the goal of attaining a Master of Business Administration and a Juris Doctor. He is a part-time pharmacy technician and a full-time older brother. In his spare time he enjoys working out, eating, fishing, hanging out with friends and family, recording music, reading and watching movies. Besides being a blogger, he is a member of the Student Ambassadors at SCF and a volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Sarasota.

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ChristyChristy’s Profile (Fall 2008)
Christy attends classes at MCC Venice. She plans to graduate with a Associate in Arts degree and transfer to a university to major in English. She is an active member of Swamp Scribes, president of the Progressive Club, and managing editor of the ElektraPhrog online magazine.

In the morning, she enjoys helping students in MCC’s Communications Lab. It’s a great step toward her goal of becoming a college level English teacher.

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