Finals, Graduation, and Gratitudes

MCC/SCF has been a great experience for me and I hope to one day come back and share with the school how much it has helped me to get where I would like to be in my quest for education. After having meetings with Dr. Hafner and another futures consultant meeting, I can honestly say that SCF is only going to get better in the coming years. It will feel slow as students and faculty experience the changes on an everyday basis; however, the changes are moving along in a fast paced manner for an institute this size. SCF is truly one of the leading colleges in the nation. I am proud to have earned my degree from this institute. For those of you who do not share my views, well, you could have gone elsewhere so quit your mumbling.

In what is most likely my last blog, I would like to mention a few of the people who have made an impact on my life and experience at SCF. First, I would like to recognize Professor Allen Culpepper who is no longer with the college. I had him for my 1101 class in the Fall of 2002. He is one of the professors who were my reasons for coming back to the Venice campus. His teaching style and encouragement is something I remembered long after that class. When I returned to SCF in the Fall of 2008, I learned about the online magazine he was advising over, Elektraphrog. In the Spring of 2009, I joined the student-led staff and became Editor in Chief.

Professor John Waters is the other reason why I decided to come back to Venice. His energy in the classroom,

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along with his style of teaching and dedication to the students continues to make me smile and laugh. As everyone knows, Professor Waters likes to talk. Despite his lengthy conversations (which I happen to find quite interesting), I would still stand outside and allow myself to be late to the next for.

Student Life Advisor, Jeff Snyder deserves recognition with the highest respect. He is one of the funniest people on campus, and despite his laid back, relaxed approach to getting things done, he still gets them done according to rules and regulations. Not only is he a great guy to be around and talk with, he also cares deeply for the students on the campus. Many times as I sat in the Club Hub doing school work (or chatting with Tony Thompson), students would walk in to Jeff’s office, some with tears in their eyes, and they would speak privately with him. Then, out the student comes looking much more relieved than when they entered. He even helped out my soon to be fiancée when she was feeling ill. He gave her a bottle of water and told her to rest on the couch. Again, Jeff deserves much gratitude from many students.

And last but certainly not least, Dr. Doug Ford. I walked into his Creative Writing I class thinking I was pretty good at writing. I walked away learning a lot more about myself and the world of literature. I continued to take more classes with him, Elektraphrog and other literature courses, and I continued to not only learn more, but grow as an individual more. I came back to college wanting to be a journalist, and now, if being a full-time writer does not work out, because of him, I’d like to come back to SCF one day and teach beside him. I appreciate all the kind things you have said over the last year and a half. I hope I have done and said just as much for you.

Again, thank you SCF and all that is within the college for some amazing years and experiences. Some things will never be forgotten.

things should be winding down now

Oy vey! 25 more days until I graduate, including weekends – 18 excluding weekends. 2.5 weeks left until finals begin, that’s 13 actual school days. Then we can breathe for a little bit – unless you are attending summer school.

This might be my last blog about what is coming up this year. I might mention a few more things, but this is the last that will be devoted entirely to club events going on. The rest will mainly be talking about the college, graduation, classes, and such.

Monday, April 19th, on the Venice campus there is an event to honor veterans, Pizza for Veterans. The pizza is just for the veterans; however, if you wish to thank them for their service, people are invited to come by and do so. The time and location have not yet been announced. If you  are a veteran and wish to come, or if you would like just stop by, visit the Club Hub for that information.

Friday, April 23rd, from 7 – 11pm, there will be a dance in the Selby Room on the Venice campus. To attend, it costs $5 in advance, and $7 at the door. To purchase tickets in advance, go to the Club Hub.

The following day, Saturday, April 24th, beginning at 7am, Warm Mineral Springs hosts the first annual Earth Day ‘Springs Cleaning.’ The day, from 7am to 12pm, is devoted to cleaning up the Warm Mineral Springs community. In total, Warm Mineral Springs is looking for 4 teams consisting of 20 people each to go out and clean up. At 7 am, registration and orientation takes place in the cafe, Cafe Evergreen, at Warm Mineral Springs Resort – coffee and donuts from Abbe’s will be served. At 8am, the teams will go throughout the community to help clean. At noon, the teams return for a free cookout, free swimming, t-shirts, and prizes. To volunteer, call Jennifer 941 426 1692. For more information, visit the Venice Club Hub. (I think they will direct you to Jennifer also. I could be wrong though.)

Here is something I am extremely excited for, but cannot attend since I will no longer technically be a student at SCF when it happens. Saturday, May 15th, a Charter Bus will leave from the Bradenton Campus at 1pm and return approximately 1130pm. It costs $20 per student. If you wish to bring an additional guest,  that also is $20. The price includes ticket and transportation. Tickets go on sale beginning April 19th. They accept cash only for this event. To reserve your seat(s), visit the Club Hub. Oh yes, they’re going to Downtown Disney to watch La Nouba Cirque Du Soleil. That’s right… the best stinking circus around!

Other than that folks, sit tight, the semester is coming to a close fast – that means finals are coming fast. [That means graduation is coming fast : )]

Excellent News and a Slam

Over the weekend I received some excellent news in the mail in the form of an invitation. I was invited to the Honors Convocation on April 30th to

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receive an award. I knew who was behind my nomination, so upon asking the professor who nominated me, all he said was, ‘It’s to acknowledge your efforts to expand literature. Make sure you are there, and try to bring Kelly; I’ll be there too.’

Should I go?

While talking about literature, I’d like to say some things about my fellow students and the Slam coming up this Thursday at 7 pm in the Selby room of the Venice Campus.

There are some extremely good poets on campus this year. The poetry readings have been such a treat for the audience and me especially. Even though I am president of Swamp Scribes, I do not claim responsibility for the growth of participants this year. SCF had a major increase in enrollment, and there are more poets on campus this year than last. Also, when the economy is down and free food and entertainment is offered, who wouldn’t go? Those, I think, are the three main reasons why the poetry readings have increased to over 50 audience members, and at least 24 readers (32 at the last evening reading.) If you have not been to any of the poetry readings (and even if you have), you MUST come to the Slam. I hope many poets on our campus will compete against one another.

Slams are not for the faint of heart. If you read your poetry at a Slam event, YOU WILL BE JUDGED by your

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peers. If you wish to compete, bring at least 5 poems to read. The Slam during the Fall brought in over 100 people in the audience. I wouldn’t mind topping that this semester. Slams are poetry readings that are designed to bring poetry back to the roots of the art form. It is not about written word, it is about spoken word. Slammers are graded based on their poem and their performance (reading) of the poem. I will be emceeing the

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event, so if you wish not to fall asleep, stay away. However, if you want freed pizza, soda, and entertainment, come on in!

I hope to see so many

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people there, we overflow the Selby Room!

Just some info…

While working inside the English Lab of the Venice ARC building (room 409), I received a couple text messages from my friend Tony, an SGA officer on our campus. I wanted to bring these text messages to your attention because they provide great info on upcoming stuff; one of which is coming up this Friday!

Starting at 6pm on the Venice campus, and in the Selby Room, there will be a talent show. It is free to attend, however, a donation of at least one or two dollars towards SPARCC will be greatly appreciated.

Also coming up is another SCF sponsored trip is coming up on April 9th. This trip is available for both campuses if I understand correctly. To reserve a spot, stop by your Club Hub. Tickets are $20 with only 15 spots remaining as of 9.57am Tuesday morning (to be almost perfectly accurate).

In addition to that tid bit of information, Wednesday, April 14th, Tim Dorsey will be visiting on the Venice campus. I believe the time for that will be around 2pm. Don’t quote me on that, even though the club that I am president of is hosting the event. I told you in my last blog that I am overloaded. Give me a break… haha In any case, I met Tim Dorsey last year and he is a great guy to listen to and meet. He is a leading author in a fairly new (at least fairly new to popularity) genre of literature: Florida Weird. It’s an interesting genre. I have no other way to explain other than it includes some of the weird things that happen in Florida.

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Also on Wednesday the 14th of April, and carrying over to the following day, are the SGA officer elections for the Venice campus. If anyone is interested in running for a position, I highly advise you to go into the Club Hub and find out exactly what the positions are, entail, and what is expected of you at this point.

Lastly, for now, Thursday, April 15th, at 7pm, and in the Selby Room of the Venice campus, there will be another Slam Poetry competition. It will not be exactly like the one in the Fall semester that produced over 100 people in attendance (and when SCF defeated FGCU and USF). This time the competition will be just among SCF poets. If you wish to compete, see either myself (you can find me in one of three places on the Venice campus – room 409, room 333, or Dr. Ford’s office) or Dr. Ford. basically, for those of you who have no idea what a Slam Poetry competition is, it is the performance of poetry through spoken word as opposed to written word; and you are judged on your reading/performance by peers. It truly is a wonderful experience. If you have never been to a poetry reading, or even if you have, a Slam competition will quite possibly change your opinion of poetry and poetry readings. (Speaking of poetry readings, this year has been amazing on the Venice campus. We just had a reading last week, and I will provide some feedback on that one and others.)

There are more events coming up, but I do not want to get ahead of ourselves. Remember to check the SCF calendar on the homepage. And what is that about the Guinness Book of World Records coming to our campus? Hmm…

(It has to be some sort of literary crime to have so many parentheses in one blog.)

what is it about this semester?

Is the health care debate wearing me down? Is it the recent norovirus flu I had that is messing me up? Am I lazy? overloaded/worked? anxious to graduate? What is it that is causing me to fall behind is just about EVERYTHING! Am I just looking for a way to not do work, or am I really overloaded with work? I feel stressed out,

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and I swear I am doing the best I can.

I never tried to push myself to the limit, though. I never added more and more on until it was too much. Thus, I have not known just how much I could handle until now. This, of course, is pertaining to responsibilities of work/school load. Trust me, I have had heavy loads before – as we all have. It seems heavy loads is a way of life.

I try to balance my responsibilities vs. entertainment. It seems responsibilities are so great and in such large quantities that I have no entertainment time; and yet, I force entertainment time. I refuse to not be entertained.

I apologize for being quiet this month. I am doing what I can.

Pizza with the President on the Venice campus has been cancelled at this time. It was supposed to be Tuesday, March 23rd. I have not heard of a new date yet.

I hope no one else feels stressed like I do from the work load. Six more weeks left; that’s all! (Seven if you include Finals week.)

I am graduating this semester, but it feels so far away even though it is seven weeks away.

This blog seems just as sporadic as my semester is/has been.

Brett Favre and a Fairival

I have decided to cancel all plans today, save classes and work. Any other activities planned for today will have to reschedule. Today will be a catch-up day. I have been behind in my courses for a little bit now, and I have put off catching up for too long. Ugh, I think I’m going to play a game instead. I don’t want to do school work. We’ll see… So this must be what Brett Favre feels like…

ALL YOU CAN EAT PIZZA!! During Spring Fling (Wednesday, March 3rd), on the Venice Campus, SGA will be offering all you can eat pizza for $5 from 11.30 to 12.30. The money will be used for the Haitian Relief Fund. The money will be handed over to the Red Cross for proper disbursement of the funds raised.

Speaking of Spring Fling, the theme this year for the Venice Campus is a Fairival. If you have not figured it out already, it is a cross between a Fair and a Carnival. Clubs are free to advertisements their clubs as they wish – within the means of student conduct. Entertainment is going to be great: A live DJ, Rock Climbing,

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Massive SpaceShip Slides, Obstacle Course, among others. We are having another ICC meeting this Friday at Noon, so more information might come from that meeting.

There is an Open House for the college and clubs on Tuesday, March 2nd, from 5-7pm. For the Venice Campus, this will take place in the Selby room in building 800.

Also, On Thursday, March 4th, there will be a School Tax Referendum debate in the Selby room at 11am. If you wish to learn more about, or debate the school tax referendum, then feel welcome to show up. If you wish to learn more about it before attending, go ahead and Google ‘Sarasota County School Tax Referendum.’ That should provide you with some formation on it. And please, be sure your source is credible.

Keep an eye out in the future for more exciting stuff. The students have some great ideas this year, and everyone should be able to easily find something they will enjoy. Is Flag Football still happening? I’ll try and find out. I know they have one today from 1-3 behind the amphitheatre on the Venice Campus. I will find out if it is going to continue. Money raised for Haiti so far: $668 (Venice Campus). Good job, everyone! Keep it up.

Things are Heating Up

A month has gone by and I feel exhausted by it all already. It does not help taking on multiple literature courses, participating in a magazine, being president of a club, and other things. I wish the school handed out vacation time to students. I could use one. That’s all part of life, though, right?

There are a few exciting things happening in the next week. On Thursday on the Venice Campus, February 18th, my very own club, Swamp Scribes, will be hosting a Poetry Reading in the Student Union at 7pm. The turnout last semester was incredible. Not once did we have less than 45 people attend, and the least amount of people who read was 23. Those are incredible numbers compared to things I have seen in the past. Some literary professors are offering extra credit for someone to read their own poetry, check with yours to determine if that is true of your professor. If you wish to read, there will be a sign-up sheet at the event.

On Friday, February 19th, the Venice Provost, Darlene Wedler-Johnson, is holding a Venice Campus Green Team Meeting from 2-3pm in the Selby Room. If you do not know where the Selby Room is, it is the very large room on the first floor of the 800 building. It located directly in the center. Also on this day is another ICC (Inter Club Counsel) meeting at 12pm. If you are part of a club and would like to represent your club, the meeting will be held in room 847.

Until February 26th, building 300 in Venice is holding a Women Contemporary Artist Juried Exhibit. It is free to take a look and runs all day (8am to 9pm). For those interested in art, this is an ideal event to attend, so be sure you make it in before it is over.

There have been reports of sightings at SCF of Dracula. To let everyone know, these reports are true. Dracula has come to the college. On February 19th, 20th, 26th, and 27th, Dracula will be performed by the theatre department in Bradenton. The shows begin at 8pm and cost $10 for general admission, and $5 for students. On the 21st, and 28th at 2pm, there will be a matinee. For more information, visit the SCF calendar from the homepage.

A Little Bit of Info

Sorry for the tardiness of this post. I should have had this done Friday, but Friday proved to be a busy day for me. The entire past week was busy, actually. It seemed as though I had meetings after meeting – I have another one this afternoon. Crap!

In any case, I do have some more information for you. This Friday, from 1pm – 4pm, there is going to be a Game Night (not really night, but whatever) for the college. Unfortunately I do not have all of the information as I am unsure the room number, but it will be a great event for everyone. By game night, we are not talking board games, we’re talking XBOX, Playstation, Wii, etc. You get the picture.

On Friday, April 2nd, from 6-10 pm, there will be a talent show. More information on that will come in as I get some. Keep your ears open for that one, though. It sounds like it will be a great time. If you are interested in participating, I will bring more information to you as I get it.

Spring Fling… not this year. This year it is, Spring Fairival. This year the clubs will be able to do whatever they want to promote their clubs, as long as it does not violate student code, of course. There will be a lot of things to do this year. Rock climbing, an obstacle course (a blow up obstacle course), a huge slide connected to a blow up rocket ship. Food and drink. It is going to be an awesome event. I am excited for this one. This will happen on March 3rd, from 9am to 2pm. That is a Wednesday.

Aside from that, I have no other news at this time.

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As I get more information in, I will keep everyone up to date on it

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Small Amount of News

The second week of the semester has passed by, and we are in full swing for both the semester and the Haiti Relief effort. During Club Rush, SGA offered drinks for $1 and pizza for $2 to raise money. I am unsure the exact total they have raised; however, from what I could tell, it seems to be quite a bit. As of future plans for the effort, tables will be placed around campus for people to donate money to. I personally will be walking around with a Folgers container with information on it concerning the effort

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and Red Cross.
As for advertising Venice club information to you, I have no news as of yet. I am waiting for the first ICC meeting, which is Friday, January 29th, at 12:30pm in room 634 on the Venice campus. Once that meeting takes place, I will let the clubs know

I will post information up here for everyone. The only information I can provide is news for Elektraphrog. The online magazine is now accepting submissions for the Spring 2010 semester. If you wish to have some literature, or some artistic (painting, sculpture, photography, video, audio, etc.) published, go ahead and visit the submission guideline page for information on how to submit:

We Begin With Tragedy

I will make my introduction and announcements brief because I want the focus of this blog to be one thing, and one thing only – Haiti.

My name is PJ German and I am, not only a student blogger, but President of Swamp Scribes, Teacher Assistant/Student Advisor of Elektraphrog, and Teacher Assistant in the English Lab. Aside from college, I have had poetry published and am a freelance journalist for the North Port Sun. My goal for this blog is to bring the college to you, the reader. I will not write about my personal life and how it is affecting my education. In all honesty, if I read a blog like that, I would close the page. I assume you would do that as well; therefore, I will leave that out of my blogs.

A few announcements before I get to the meat of this blog: 1) The last day to web-drop courses with a refund is Saturday, January 16th. If you wish to get money back for classes you have changed your mind about, be sure to do it by the end of this date; otherwise, it will cost you; 2) This coming Wednesday and Thursday, January 20th and 21st, is Club Rush. The theme for Club Rush this semester is Haiti.

On that note, I would like to talk about Haiti. There is, in the making, a college-wide effort to raise money for Haiti. The money will be donated to the Red Cross. We will not be searching for food or clothing. Money is the best way to donate right now. The Red Cross can use that money in whatever way they deem necessary, whether it be food, clothing, or building restructure. Clubs will be collecting money during Club Rush. We understand it is very difficult during this economy to donate. If loose change is all you can give, then we will take that as well. Any amount will go an extremely long way in a country that is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. I will be in contact with people who are forming this, and provide updates as regularly as possible.

‘In the words of one expert on charitable donations, “Most people think America is generous because we are rich. The truth is, we are rich because we are generous.”‘ – David Lee Miller of Fox News in New York City