What a Rush

Wow, oh wow, that first week of classes went by so fast! There was just so much going on, getting to classes on time, getting the right textbooks (for the right prices!) and adding/dropping classes that did or didn’t suit. I can hardly believe its been over a week since we last talked. We’re all settled in for the semester now, the add/drop with refund option no long available, and now that the mini-vacation of Martin Luther King day has come and gone, I know that I’m finding a routine to work with.

There are just so many things to fit in. Class time, homework time, work time, taking care of myself, paying bills, trying to see friends and stay in touch with the family- I felt so ready for adult life and yet it still continues to surprise me! I’m extremely excited for moving out this summer and living on my own up in Tallahassee (wow, so far away!), but here I am struggling with things in my own. Its going to be a challenge, one that I’m sure I’ll have plenty of complaints about when the time comes. But I am worthy of any

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challenge life has planned for me! I’ll find a job and I’ll work and I’ll study, I’ll find the money to take care of my twenty-three year old car and my bad knees, and most importantly, I’ll keep up the good grades which will hopefully pave my way to my future career. This is what I have planned, at least, we will see how well it all unfurls.

All of this reminds me of stories family members have shared about their transition into adulthood. My aunt moved out immediately, and had to move back a year later. She tried out every major she could, went to more colleges than many people have heard of, traveled all over, and still managed to complete law school with a degree. Now she’s married with three kids, an involved mother who drives a van. I love to hear stories about how people got to where they are now. It helps my dreams of where I’ll end

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up, even if they change each and every day because I’m still uncertain on where I want to be going.

What sort of plans keep you going? What sort of stories did you live through, or are living through right now? Please tell me your story! We have an email just for that sort of response, studentblog@scf.edu.

Welcome to the next chapter in your life!

Its that time of year again… Spring semester has arrived, alongside a shiny new year! I hope everybody has their classes sorted out and their books purchased.

I also hope everybody had a fantastic vacation! I know that I had a good time. A lot of my break was spent just laying around and enjoying the comfort of my bed, but when I was out and

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about I got to see friends who no longer live nearby and lots of other fun things. We did a photoshoot, we went to the aquarium in Tampa and rocked out to Just Dance on the Wii. It was awesome! I have a new found love for giant salamanders, the coolest amphibians in existence. They’ve got the cutest little feet, and the back half of their body looks like an eel and there are these little spindly skin antler like things coming off of their face and I know its strange but I think its adorable.

Did anybody else have a fun vacation? Did anybody go to an aquarium or a theme park, or even fly out of state?

And now that classes are starting again, is everybody looking forward to the schedule they’ve pulled together? I am. I’m looking forward to pretty much all of my classes, and it’s even more exciting to think about the fact that after this semester… I’ll have completed my career at SCF. I have three semesters that I can look back

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on with a smile, and I look forward to making this last one the best of them all. Any other soon-to-be SCF graduates reading this? How do you feel about your last semester at SCF? I’d love to hear from all of you, and we have an email just for. Share your thoughts with us in an email to studentblog@scf.edu.

Welcome to 2012, everybody! :D

Christmas Concert


If anybody else went to the concert on Tuesday, they know what I mean! I had gone because my cousin is a cellist in the orchestra, and I’m glad that I did. All the musical groups played, the choir, guitar ensemble, more choir, what looked like a group of kids from the Collegiate School, and it ended with the full orchestra (orchestra/band combined). They all did such fantastic jobs! It wasn’t your run of the mill college music concert, at all. There was some dancing thrown into

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the songs, more than one where the students came out into the audience as they sang, and songs were sung for both Kwanza and Hannakuh, alongside the mass of Christmas tunes. It went on for about two hours, so it was a good thing I didn’t bring my five year old sister along.

Personally, Christmas and all the festivities surrounding it is my favorite holiday. I love the music, the scents, the decorations, the gift giving (the gift receiving, haha!). I know a lot of my friends aren’t nearly as excited for it as I am. They talk about how their workplaces have been playing Christmas music since Halloween finished, not to mention the radio. They worry about the money that will be spent on presents and the days they can get off of work… And its kind of sad, actually, to realize that this is what Christmas has come to, for a lot of people. Religious aspects of the holiday aside, I think the whole point is to celebrate and give and spread love throughout your friends and family! To go to things like the Christmas Concert and to have a good time, to just let yourself have fun!

I guess the point I’m getting at is that when you’re celebrating one of the winter holidays, make sure you give it your all. Don’t let life get you down. So what if money is tight? Give what you can, even if its just hugs and kisses. When they say “its the thought that counts,” its no joke. I might not have gotten gifts for every single friend this year, but I make sure they know how much I love and appreciate them.

What’s your favorite part the of the winter holidays? From getting a break from school, to the holiday feast that might await you at home, share you favorites with us in an email to studentblog@scf.edu! :]

Healthy Choices

Has anybody attended the Wellness seminars that SCF provides? I’ve always been curious about them, but just never got around to attending. But even without going to a seminar or taking courses about health, did you know that there are a lot of small, easy ways to make healthier choices?

Since this semester started I have made it one of my personal goals to be a healthier person. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the “freshman 15.” Yeah, I gained that plus like, five pounds more last year. Sounds pretty awful, right? Well, it was. But Ive only got myself to blame. I would eat out almost every day (Panera, McDonalds, Steak’n’Shake) and my favorite snacks were candies and sweets. To add onto it, I’m sure I over-ate because of stress and boredom and completely cut working out of my schedule. And while I saw the numbers going up, it wasn’t until mid-summer that

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I realized just how much weight I’d gained. I felt disgusting. Luckily for me, my cousin also made the choice to become a healthier person. While we’ve both made different choices and set different plans, its been really inspiring to see her progress (especially since I can’t really see my own). And sometimes it comes down to small decisions! Going to subway for lunch? Get your sub on wheat instead of herb and cheese; get a six inch instead of a twelve; add more vegetables; instead of soda, drink tea or water! Doesn’t sound too hard, does it? I’ll admit that sometimes it really is hard… But life is what you make of it, and if you dedicate yourself to better choices, you’ll start to feel better inside and out.

Have any of you gone through similar situations? Whats your motivating factors? Share your health tips with us in an email to studentblog@scf.edu!

Finals Week: No pain, no gain

Something is coming, looming on the horizon… I think I can see it…


I can’t believe the semester is nearly over! Where’d all my time

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go? I have projects to finish, extra credit assignments to kick butt with, homework that’s late– and I don’t want to do any of it. All of those projects have got me spending more time in the library, and whenever I pass through there, well, I can’t not look at the student choices on books. Its gotten to the point where I’ve got eight library books at home with me now, right alongside my netbook and my new PS3. A world of distractions, all on its own! Who wants to study when they can become the ultimate assassin? Or when they can lose themselves in book after book after book? NOT ME, that’s for sure! But like the saying goes: no pain, no gain. Its only two weeks, after all. Which means its time for me to hide that PS3 controller and stack them books on my desk. My textbooks can be my new bed-mates, for extra-easy studying access. Because as much as I want to chill out and have fun, that’s what winter break is for. My grades are more important; can’t get a degree without good grades!

Here’s to all those delightful distractions we like to lose ourselves in! What are some ways you keep yourself focused on school work? Share your strategies with us in an email to studentblog@scf.edu!

Painting, painting… then some painting

There are a lot of things I enjoy doing, but I know that I flit from one thing to another pretty often. However, art has something I have dedicated years of my life to, from doodling as a child to art classes in high school, all the way up to my college career. I have made a point to include an art class each semester I’ve studied at State College of Florida. Its been a pretty good journey. I’ve been frustrated a lot of times, chaffing at having to start with beginner classes when everything that interested me were higher level ones. I probably could have brought in my portfolio and gotten permission to move into a higher class, but well, as much as I complain about some things, I am a lazy

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which I propecia

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finasteride 1mg generate the used them.


So I never went in and settled with the classes I didn’t particularly want to take. And it’s been a decently good time, I’ve produced some satisfying pieces, learned a few things I didn’t know. Its been a good experience. My latest foray into art education is Color Fundamentals (also known as Color Theory). Its definitely been a learning experience… in learning things about myself! I’m not a dedicated artist, in case that wasn’t obvious from the beginning. And this class has required a lot of dedication to painting, being self-motivated, all that sort of thing. Which are admirable traits, to be sure, and some that I now know I need to work on. Painting at home, my new enemy! I get so distracted! There are video games, books, my little sister, the internet, it feels like there are a million ways to not work on my paintings. Well, I think I’m done adding in art classes. They’ve been fun, but the time has come to focus on things I’m going to make a living out of… and actually dedicate the right amount of time too.

Are there any classes you wish you’d been able to include in your schedule? Any classes you had a great time in and would suggest to other students?

Share your experiences in an email to studentblog@scf.edu.

Thankful for a break

Aaah, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. A wonderful, eventful time for many of us. A time that we all learn to appreciate from a young age, not only because that is the entire sense of the holiday, but because of the lack of daily homework. It was lovely coming home from classes yesterday and not having to remember my online assignment that was due before five. Why? Because there was none! In fact, they’re actually done for the semester. As bad as my personal record is with homework via the internet, this is most definitely something to be thankful for.

Along with the lack of homework, I’m going to be saying thanks for…

  • My family being awesome and supportive and cooking tons of delicious food for me to eat
  • My friends, who are reliable and loveable and all around awesome
  • The necessities that I don’t have to worry about (yet, haha), like a home
  • Lots more things that would make this post unnecessarily long

Anyways, I hope the Thanksgiving spirit is with you, and that you all have a really great time, however you chose to spend your Thanksgiving day. Want to share your plans? Drop us an email at studentblog@scf.edu.

Thanksgiving and finals!

Hey there, busy people! I’m Allyssa, nice to meet you all.

Can you believe its already Thanksgiving week? I can’t. I also can’t believe that all of a sudden its time to study for finals! I’ve got so many projects looming on the horizon, ones that my sad, procrastinating ways thought I could wait just a little… bit… longer… to work on. But that is not the way of school, so here I

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am working my butt off as I try to get things done on time. As much work as it is though, I’ve got to say that I love most of the classes I signed up for this semester. It’s always a lot of work, after all, but the classes don’t always feel worth it.

But not this time around! When I was building my schedule, I knew that I already had most of my requirements for my A.A. and for the most part, I would be taking classes that would either go towards my future degree or towards me. Seeing as I didn’t know my future degree at the time, I went ahead and went with me and boy, I do not regret it one bit! All my life I have enjoyed writing. Granted, I’m sporadic, I rarely finish my projects, and I know I don’t do enough research for really intense stories. But still, it’s a good idea to take classes in subjects I’m interested in, ones I could incorporate into my stories to give them more depth, character and relatability (not actually a word, but you get my point). The one class I didn’t take for these reasons is the one class I really regret signing up for. Oh well! My point is, even though I’ve got all this work to do, its so worth it.

Don’t let stress get you down! You’re about to have a fabulous holiday!

Have any comments or responses to this post (or any post, for that matter)? Email them to studentblog@scf.edu. We love to hear from you!