Getting what you pay for

Have you ever purchased that expensive ticket to a brand new movie that you’ve been dying to see, only to have it ruined by another patron sitting in front–or even behind– of you, talking loudly, or texting the entire time? It makes me feel like I threw away money, because honestly I was so busy thinking about how rude they were, it took away from my enjoyment of the show.

Well, I have been experiencing this in a couple classes lately too. I feel like we are in class to learn, not text or facebook, but apparently others don’t agree. I may be ranting so to speak, but I feel that it’s just rude to text in class.

Not only does it show a very large amount of disrespect to the professor, but when you are texting your bestie, you aren’t paying attention to what’s going on in the class. (Or even on the road!!) I can understand an emergency, that’s totally fine. But non-stop for an hour? Not only are you, the student who is paying to be there, not paying attention, but you are distracting others who are trying to.

My reason for this rant, is because I cannot think of a nice way to ask students who feel compelled to do everything in the classroom except learn, to stop or at least relocate to another area to limit from distracting others. Obviously the professor doesn’t want to waste time addressing the issue, so how can the students who are bothered by this say something in a polite manner? I feel like since I am paying for the class, I should have the right to learning, not have a student sitting in the desk in front of me browse their facebook the entire time. It just seems to me to be a Lose-Lose-Lose scenario, yet it happens every day.

What are your thoughts on the subject? Am I the only student who feels the urge to ask the texters to cease doing so during class? If enough of us have similar views, I’m sure there’s something we can do to get it worked out.