A Great Balancing Act

Have you ever felt really amped and excited to pick your classes before the new semester comes? I know it may sound a little nerdy, but I have to admit that I do. It’s a superb way to start over fresh, and learn new things, and meet new people. I tend to go a little overboard sometimes, and have wanted 6 or 7 classes in one semester! Luckily, my student Advisors are there to help talk some sense into me, for which I am thankful.

I remember finishing up my first semester, thinking about how well it went and, as the ending was becoming closer, the thoughts of a new semester started to come forth from “the mist.” I really wanted to take tons of classes and get things done sooner. WRONG!!

Looking back I can see how foolish I was for thinking that way. Sure, it’s always good to be a go-getter, but you need to have a little spare time in your schedule. I personally work every day from 11:30-4:30, and I have school scheduled around that. I am at the Bradenton Campus both before and after work, and its great! The only issue is when something unexpected comes up. I simply did not plan to have any trifles thrown my way, and I have learned my lesson.

One might think that they have fit as much as possible into their day, and it’s perfect. Before you know it the day is past, and the week along with it. It is nice to have a

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very specific schedule. Once you’re in the groove you know exactly to do your homework for each class for instance (or at least that’s how I am.) However, I have learned this week actually… that it’s nice to have a little spare time.

You see, on my way to class early Monday morning, my vehicle broke down. Not a common occurrence, nor something that many of us think of when scheduling our classes. Because my schedule is so “perfectly arranged” not only did I miss classes, but also came in late for work. Had I had some spare time I probably would have been able to get to both class and work on time, but that is neither here nor there.

My only reason for sharing this story with you, is to simply help you plan ahead. When you think you have your schedule worked out perfectly at the beginning of the semester, just try to think about how you can improve upon it by planning ahead. Sometimes being an over achiever can really bite you.

What are your thoughts on planning classes and having a busy schedule? Not only is it stressful to manage week in and week out, but if something goes awry, nothing but catastrophe follows. I would love to

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hear your thoughts. Email me at studentblog@scf.edu.