What a Rush

Wow, oh wow, that first week of classes went by so fast! There was just so much going on, getting to classes on time, getting the right textbooks (for the right prices!) and adding/dropping classes that did or didn’t suit. I can hardly believe its been over a week since we last talked. We’re all settled in for the semester now, the add/drop with refund option no long available, and now that the mini-vacation of Martin Luther King day has come and gone, I know that I’m finding a routine to work with.

There are just so many things to fit in. Class time, homework time, work time, taking care of myself, paying bills, trying to see friends and stay in touch with the family- I felt so ready for adult life and yet it still continues to surprise me! I’m extremely excited for moving out this summer and living on my own up in Tallahassee (wow, so far away!), but here I am struggling with things in my own. Its going to be a challenge, one that I’m sure I’ll have plenty of complaints about when the time comes. But I am worthy of any

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challenge life has planned for me! I’ll find a job and I’ll work and I’ll study, I’ll find the money to take care of my twenty-three year old car and my bad knees, and most importantly, I’ll keep up the good grades which will hopefully pave my way to my future career. This is what I have planned, at least, we will see how well it all unfurls.

All of this reminds me of stories family members have shared about their transition into adulthood. My aunt moved out immediately, and had to move back a year later. She tried out every major she could, went to more colleges than many people have heard of, traveled all over, and still managed to complete law school with a degree. Now she’s married with three kids, an involved mother who drives a van. I love to hear stories about how people got to where they are now. It helps my dreams of where I’ll end

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up, even if they change each and every day because I’m still uncertain on where I want to be going.

What sort of plans keep you going? What sort of stories did you live through, or are living through right now? Please tell me your story! We have an email just for that sort of response, studentblog@scf.edu.