Modern today, Antiquated tomorrow.

As young and “hip” as even I am, I can look back and remember the days when cell phones were simple. Analog screens, buttons, and that little antenna that always got hung up on everything. Nowadays, you would be hard pressed to find a cell phone with buttons period, let alone an antenna.

Those memorable days where you had a great CD with a dozen or so of the latest hits are just that. Memorable. Today, most people get enjoyment out of their mp3 players, which can hold hundreds of thousands songs in about the same size as a credit card. It’s truly amazing how fast technology moves. Just this morning a co-worker was talking to his cell phone. Not abnormal right? Well, he wasn’t having a phone conversation with anyone. He was texting someone. That’s what I mean. We have these smart phones, and mp3 players, touch screens, and movement sensors, it’s just stunning how much the technology scene has just exploded in recent years.

I remember when the first color screen cell phone was released to the public. Not long after there were flip phones that were marketed as being “as thin as a razor.” In what seems like no time at all, we don’t even have flip phones for the most part. The norm now is a smart phone. Where all you do is touch the smooth glass surface and navigate your way through the phone, and through your life. Yep.. Those smart phones have just about everything you could imagine in them.. Bar code scanners, cameras, even a gps, you name it cell phones have it. It’s just amazing to me how much our technology standard has risen in recent years.

Just like phones, and mp3 players, our cars have improved dramatically in such a short amount of time. When it was once hard to imagine going three or four hundred miles on one tank of gas, nowadays we are pushing the standards to get rid of the gas tanks completely, and move on to electric. At this pace, we will be hovering our way to work in no time. It’s just mind-blowing to me to think that our world is only getting started!

I was recently watching a futuristic movie that was made in the 80’s. They had some ideas that were pretty far-fetched for the period.. And now? Most of what were once considered dreams in the movie are actually common items we see every day.

At the time of this blog, technology is a love/hate relationship for me. One of those “can’t live with it, can’t live without it” type of feelings. As I write this on my laptop, I wonder how long it will be until I am typing on virtual keys, looking at a holographic screen. Really, with the way things have grown, it’s only a matter of time. While I must confess my love for the sci-fi genre of movies, it’s interesting to see what our world might just look like in only a small amount of

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that flat screen tv that’s as thin as a piece of paper and watch scientists grow a heart out of literally nothing but stem cells, it is just an exhilarating feeling to think about what the future will bring.

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