Has anybody attended the Wellness seminars that SCF provides? I’ve always been curious about them, but just never got around to attending. But even without going to a seminar or taking courses about health, did you know that there are a lot of small, easy ways to make healthier choices?

Since this semester started I have made it one of my personal goals to be a healthier person. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the “freshman 15.” Yeah, I gained that plus like, five pounds more last year. Sounds pretty awful, right? Well, it was. But Ive only got myself to blame. I would eat out almost every day (Panera, McDonalds, Steak’n'Shake) and my favorite snacks were candies and sweets. To add onto it, I’m sure I over-ate because of stress and boredom and completely cut working out of my schedule. And while I saw the numbers going up, it wasn’t until mid-summer that

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I realized just how much weight I’d gained. I felt disgusting. Luckily for me, my cousin also made the choice to become a healthier person. While we’ve both made different choices and set different plans, its been really inspiring to see her progress (especially since I can’t really see my own). And sometimes it comes down to small decisions! Going to subway for lunch? Get your sub on wheat instead of herb and cheese; get a six inch instead of a twelve; add more vegetables; instead of soda, drink tea or water! Doesn’t sound too hard, does it? I’ll admit that sometimes it really is hard… But life is what you make of it, and if you dedicate yourself to better choices, you’ll start to feel better inside and out.

Have any of you gone through similar situations? Whats your motivating factors? Share your health tips with us in an email to studentblog@scf.edu!