Finals Week: No pain, no gain

Something is coming, looming on the horizon… I think I can see it…


I can’t believe the semester is nearly over! Where’d all my time

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go? I have projects to finish, extra credit assignments to kick butt with, homework that’s late– and I don’t want to do any of it. All of those projects have got me spending more time in the library, and whenever I pass through there, well, I can’t not look at the student choices on books. Its gotten to the point where I’ve got eight library books at home with me now, right alongside my netbook and my new PS3. A world of distractions, all on its own! Who wants to study when they can become the ultimate assassin? Or when they can lose themselves in book after book after book? NOT ME, that’s for sure! But like the saying goes: no pain, no gain. Its only two weeks, after all. Which means its time for me to hide that PS3 controller and stack them books on my desk. My textbooks can be my new bed-mates, for extra-easy studying access. Because as much as I want to chill out and have fun, that’s what winter break is for. My grades are more important; can’t get a degree without good grades!

Here’s to all those delightful distractions we like to lose ourselves in! What are some ways you keep yourself focused on school work? Share your strategies with us in an email to!