Thankful for a break

Aaah, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. A wonderful, eventful time for many of us. A time that we all learn to appreciate from a young age, not only because that is the entire sense of the holiday, but because of the lack of daily homework. It was lovely coming home from classes yesterday and not having to remember my online assignment that was due before five. Why? Because there was none! In fact, they’re actually done for the semester. As bad as my personal record is with homework via the internet, this is most definitely something to be thankful for.

Along with the lack of homework, I’m going to be saying thanks for…

  • My family being awesome and supportive and cooking tons of delicious food for me to eat
  • My friends, who are reliable and loveable and all around awesome
  • The necessities that I don’t have to worry about (yet, haha), like a home
  • Lots more things that would make this post unnecessarily long

Anyways, I hope the Thanksgiving spirit is with you, and that you all have a really great time, however you chose to spend your Thanksgiving day. Want to share your plans? Drop us an email at

Thanksgiving and finals!

Hey there, busy people! I’m Allyssa, nice to meet you all.

Can you believe its already Thanksgiving week? I can’t. I also can’t believe that all of a sudden its time to study for finals! I’ve got so many projects looming on the horizon, ones that my sad, procrastinating ways thought I could wait just a little… bit… longer… to work on. But that is not the way of school, so here I

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am working my butt off as I try to get things done on time. As much work as it is though, I’ve got to say that I love most of the classes I signed up for this semester. It’s always a lot of work, after all, but the classes don’t always feel worth it.

But not this time around! When I was building my schedule, I knew that I already had most of my requirements for my A.A. and for the most part, I would be taking classes that would either go towards my future degree or towards me. Seeing as I didn’t know my future degree at the time, I went ahead and went with me and boy, I do not regret it one bit! All my life I have enjoyed writing. Granted, I’m sporadic, I rarely finish my projects, and I know I don’t do enough research for really intense stories. But still, it’s a good idea to take classes in subjects I’m interested in, ones I could incorporate into my stories to give them more depth, character and relatability (not actually a word, but you get my point). The one class I didn’t take for these reasons is the one class I really regret signing up for. Oh well! My point is, even though I’ve got all this work to do, its so worth it.

Don’t let stress get you down! You’re about to have a fabulous holiday!

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