~ The Last Hurrah aka The Anatomy Final ~

Hey there! Today I took my final for Anatomy & Physiology I , my last hurrah for the semester! Pheeew! I haven’t slept well in two whole days so I was totally discombobulated during my final, but I think it turned out well enough in the end. What a challenging class! Talk about getting a run for your money, hahaha. That was an uphill climb with a camping pack! I would do it all again too, funny thing huh? Am I a glutton for punishment? Nah, I just love a challenge and the human body is like a carnival of activity to learn about. So, this class was extremely interesting if you ask me. Thank you, Ms. Elrod, for making class fun and informative at the same time and also for answering my myriads of questions! I’m coming back for more in the fall, I bet you can’t wait , haha. “ Oh nooo Mr. Bill!” (SNL)

I’m going to use my parasympathetic responses for the summer AKA relaxing! Atleast for the first week or so , then I need to crack down and brush up on my math skills so I can take that placement test for the fall. I wish I could view it, as so many do, like it’s all fun puzzles and what not. It’s been a source of anxiety since I can remember, but this time around I am determined not to let anything get in my way, least of all a four letter word like MATH.

Let’s not focus on math though, for the moment. I just want to wish those in my A+P lab class success with A+P II during the summer. Thanks for those extra study crunches before classes, they really helped!

I’d like to say thank you to Dr. Weber, my professor for philosophy and ethics, who shed some light on some very interesting characters throughout the history of both subjects. Who would have thought how vast the ideas of mankind can be on topics that seem, outwardly, to be so simple. When people do not challenge themselves or their own opinions, by listening to all sides of a matter, this is where the opportunity for knowledge can be stunted. I learned that we often do not take the time to question what we feel we already know, but that’s just it…if you don’t always keep an open mind,

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ever searching, and curious then you are further from the light of knowledge than you suppose. There is an actual process for determining if something is a worthy argument and it works much better than “ because I said so.” Lol Right on, Dr. Weber.

Have a good one

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and easy breathing! For now, haha.