~ Professor Appreciation ~

Hi there! Something occurred to me last night after a nice talk with one of my professors. If there isn’t one already, that I’m not aware of, there should be a professor appreciation day. Our professors come from all walks of life and lead very interesting lives often times. Many have been many places and have a great deal of experience with all sorts of things so why not take time after or before class to chat with them? You might be surprised how much you have in common or simply feel less intimidated by them. They are not scary, ruler-wielding types usually, haha.

Try this on for size…you spend years and years going to school studying something you find fascinating

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and you work your way through the employment gauntlet to land yourself a spiffy job as a professor with the opportunity to mold minds in hopes to inspire that same enthusiasm you felt yourself. Then you construct a great lesson plan that takes hours per lesson, you set up shop, the students flood in and sit down and then you begin. Then this is what you see as look out among the class…people looking into their laps at their smart phones, or texting, some are staring at the clock repeatedly as if they can’t be bothered, others whisper constantly to their neighbors, and some just look completely dazed and confused. “What a day!” you must be thinking, right? This happens every class period though guys! This may be totally rude but, WAKE-UP! Put the “smart” phone away and do some computing of your own, huh? I don’t know how our professors put up with this on a daily basis, seriously. If that were me standing up there I would probably blow a gasket or lose all hope for the future left in the hands of people eternally asleep.

Our professors go over and over the same material and the one thing that sets everything off is your input and opinions on the matter you know. Otherwise, it’s the same thing day after day. How would you feel about coming to that every day? I’m just saying, just put yourself in their shoes for a moment. You really can make class more interesting by sharing your ideas or views, in fact, that’s what we’re here for! Well, thanks to all the professors here at SCF. Your blood sweat and tears don’t go unnoticed by this student! Have a

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good one, and hang in there!

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