~ Where were you at Spring Fling? ~

     Perhaps you wandered out of your class Wednesday and heard the rhythmic sound of Lady Gaga pa-pa-pa-poker-facing out of giant speakers on campus, smelled Dominos pepperoni pizzas wafting through the air, or saw students sporting togas? Well, it was Spring Fling with a Greek Theme on Venice campus and being one of the toga-sporters, I have a toga-shaped burn to prove it. Note to self: Remember to apply sunblock before outdoor events! I used to look like a glass of milk and now I resemble a candycane!Anyway, I noticed many people come out of their classes and just leave campus even though there’s activity going on. Next time, don’t be so shy. Wander through and see what’s what! All our college clubs are lined up along the walk so you can find out about them, join if you like, or just grab some free stuff and play some games.

   There’s a couple of things I’d like to say, and am very interested in your feedback. I know the bottom of these blogs say that comments are closed, but at the end of my blog there will be an email I will give you where you absolutely can comment on the blogs. So, here is a question. Did you know we have Spring Flings and Fall Balls on Venice campus? Something that is a bit of an issue on our particular campus is the fact that it’s what is known as being “green” or “environmentally conscious” of the way it appears. In being so “green” one small dilemma is that posters around campus are only allowed in very few locations making it kinda tough to advertise school events. Some of these locations are the bathroom walls, café, and library, so you can look for them. In the very back corner of the café near the coffee there is a glass case on the wall where all our clubs and contact info are listed in case you want to know more about them. The more the merrier! Our campus is very nice, for sure, and there is new work going on around our lake to invite us to walk all the way around it on a path. Have you noticed? I think it will be a very nice addition to our campus.

   One more comment I’d like to add is that I have heard people say again and again, “I thought Spring Fling/ Fall Ball was a dance?” Sounds like it would be doesn’t it? I must admit, I thought so myself when I first heard of it. I think it would probably be far more popular if there were an evening dance on a Friday or weekend. What do you think? Ya never know, maybe if enough students want that, things could be arranged huh? Oh, and here is that email for your comments studentblog.scf.edu and I hope to see your input! Have a good one!