Spring Arts Day

Last Wednesday, was Spring Arts Day in Bradenton and even though it’s a good hours ride for me from my side of Sarasota County I figured, why not! I was pretty nervous though because what I was headed for was the open mike portion of the day’s events. Dr. Glanville, my favorite English professor of last semester, had encouraged me to share some of my work. If you haven’t met Dr. G, you should because she’s more than a professor…she’s a Literature and English guru! I don’t know how you could miss her actually; she’s always got her red head held high and a welcoming smile toward your approach. Anyway, she was there urging me on to read so I read a quick poem I had written earlier called “Old Man of the Desert” during the first slot of the open mike. I had brought a not-so-short story also that I wrote while I was in her class last semester and she really liked that and since not many people were signing up for the open mike she talked me into reading that for during the next slot. So with my heart pounding, knees knocking and hands shaking my paper like a leaf in a stiff breeze- I read my story. My story is called “Everlasting Life on the Farm” which was my anthropomorphic (animals given human characteristics) view on my personal experience with my very strict former religion. My story was kicked off by Dr. Glanville’s alarming and hilarious whistle from the rear of the audience hahaha. She was back there happily sending people off on scavenger hunts from her tent and then running over to hear people read their work! So, despite the length of my story, it seemed to go over well thankfully.

Taylor, my friend and fellow officer from the PTK, had driven up along with her Mom and gone on just before me. She recited a poem she wrote on the topic of forgetting

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your lines and it was really amusing and very good! Taylor also wrote a beautiful poem for our Induction Ceremony for the following day. I’ll make a separate blog for the Induction! I enjoyed the Spring Arts day very much and was glad I drove all the way up there to hear other writers share their poems and stories. The Pentangle group was also there and they were doing fantastic portraits of people at their tent, and between open mike slots the choir came out to fill the campus with their voices. It really was a pleasant day at the campus and I’m glad we have students & faculty at SCF who try to make life interesting, so next time you hear there’s a Spring Arts day swing by!