~ Where were you at Spring Fling? ~

     Perhaps you wandered out of your class Wednesday and heard the rhythmic sound of Lady Gaga pa-pa-pa-poker-facing out of giant speakers on campus, smelled Dominos pepperoni pizzas wafting through the air, or saw students sporting togas? Well, it was Spring Fling with a Greek Theme on Venice campus and being one of the toga-sporters, I have a toga-shaped burn to prove it. Note to self: Remember to apply sunblock before outdoor events! I used to look like a glass of milk and now I resemble a candycane!Anyway, I noticed many people come out of their classes and just leave campus even though there’s activity going on. Next time, don’t be so shy. Wander through and see what’s what! All our college clubs are lined up along the walk so you can find out about them, join if you like, or just grab some free stuff and play some games.

   There’s a couple of things I’d like to say, and am very interested in your feedback. I know the bottom of these blogs say that comments are closed, but at the end of my blog there will be an email I will give you where you absolutely can comment on the blogs. So, here is a question. Did you know we have Spring Flings and Fall Balls on Venice campus? Something that is a bit of an issue on our particular campus is the fact that it’s what is known as being “green” or “environmentally conscious” of the way it appears. In being so “green” one small dilemma is that posters around campus are only allowed in very few locations making it kinda tough to advertise school events. Some of these locations are the bathroom walls, café, and library, so you can look for them. In the very back corner of the café near the coffee there is a glass case on the wall where all our clubs and contact info are listed in case you want to know more about them. The more the merrier! Our campus is very nice, for sure, and there is new work going on around our lake to invite us to walk all the way around it on a path. Have you noticed? I think it will be a very nice addition to our campus.

   One more comment I’d like to add is that I have heard people say again and again, “I thought Spring Fling/ Fall Ball was a dance?” Sounds like it would be doesn’t it? I must admit, I thought so myself when I first heard of it. I think it would probably be far more popular if there were an evening dance on a Friday or weekend. What do you think? Ya never know, maybe if enough students want that, things could be arranged huh? Oh, and here is that email for your comments studentblog.scf.edu and I hope to see your input! Have a good one!

~ Deep Anatomy or Superficial Anatomy? That, is the Question. ~

 Are you taking Anatomy and Physiology I this semester, as I am? If you are, then you know that A+P is not for the faint hearted, so let me cut straight to the heart of the matter (puns intended)! A hot topic on campus, burning in the minds of concerned students, is who best to take for A+P or discussion on which professors make things easier on the student. Even if you haven’t taken A+P yet, your ears have no doubt heard the passing whispers of warning that “Professor so & so is too hard” or “Professor so & so should teach like this professor instead.”

  Well, as was coined in a Monty Python movie, I say “Always look on the bright side of life.” So, I thought I might share my comparison of Deep Anatomy (the style which is deemed very difficult by most and involves thorough study) and Superficial Anatomy (the style in which everything is mapped out for you to simplify testing and passing). As anyone who is already studying knows, there is something to be said about these words I have chosen; Deep vs. Superficial. This is not to say that the professors who teach the “superficial” sort are superficial, so please do not misunderstand me. What I means is, that the method of study for the student is outlined explicitly for tests by some professors and all you have to do is memorize the answers (from what I have heard). On the contrary, compared to the “deep” kind of study, where the student must study everything covered and anticipate what they may be tested on in a certain section, is much more of a challenge.

   Let’s see what can be the result of each, shall we? Let’s start with the superficial anatomy. The instructor will no doubt cover the exact same material, in likely the same amount of time but will expect much less of your effort. When he/she prepares you for a test, whether or not you have really been following along until this point, you will get an outline of the test material in which you will simply commit to memory. The result: You will only have as good a grasp on Anatomy as what you committed to memory simply to pass the tests. What happens when you arrive in the courses of your concentration, like nursing or radiography? Will you feel confident? Take that a step further and imagine a job interview and what may be asked about your basic knowledge? Will you feel well equipped to take it on?

Let’s examine the deep anatomy. The instructor will cover the required material in the allotted time, and he/she will let you know that the material on the tests and quizzes will come from everything that was covered in class. So, you must study all that information thoroughly because you do not know what questions will appear on the test from which portion of the information covered. Yes, it’s surely a challenge, but let’s see the result. If you have fully applied yourself to study in this way, you will not only know the questions on the test, but when asked you will have a pretty solid grasp on what you’re talking about if asked to explain. So basically, the scenario of additional medical classes or a job interview in the future would not be so scary. In fact, you will probably impress yourself with your ability.

  I’ll leave you with some final thoughts, as you consider the differences between these two methods on your own, and that is this: Are you taking (or going to take) Anatomy and Physiology as a foundation for a future medical career? A strong foundation will ensure that you are properly prepared to care for others. Just think, when you go to the hospital yourself…do you want the nurse or doctor who skimmed A+P or the nurse or doctor who knows A+P inside and out?

~ PTK Spring Induction Ceremony, Regionals & More ~

Just before spring break our Venice campus had the semesters Phi Theta Kappa Induction Ceremony. The ceremony takes place in the Selby Room of the 400 bld., which is also the room where the officers have introductory meetings for prospective members. On the night of the Induction Ceremony this year the room had great PTK member art displayed at one of the corners of the room. There was some really nice work in the room for family and friends to browse after the ceremony. I should probably mention that last semester I was inducted as a member, and this semester I was inducted as the Officer of History. Anyway, I was happy to share my poetry anthology, which I constructed last semester, in a scrap book style at the Induction. Much more impressive was Evan Lamar’s work, a fellow officer and SCF art student, he displayed his awesome pottery. Taylor Meredith read one of her beautiful poems at the night’s event as well, who cast a very personalized tone on the evening. Both of these officers won an award at the recent PTK Regional gathering in St.Pete, held at the Hilton, for their great contributions of artistic talents. Wicked awesome, you two!

The Regional Event was fun and informative, and they even provided food and Starbucks coffee! I’ve got to have my morning coffee. I’m only human, lol. I seriously think they need to put a Dunkin Donuts on campus or just outside of it, but that’s another matter altogether. Is anyone with me? Hahaha. The coffee machine in the Library lobby just doesn’t do it for me. I tried to drink one of those coffees one cold Thursday evening last semester. I had to stop myself from spraying it across my philosophy class, lol. If a Hilton can have a built-in Starbucks why not a SCF Dn’D? I’ll have mine light and sweet please! Okay, enough with my addiction, back to the Regionals! As I was saying, the event was actually full of good humor. We heard some very good member speeches for competition on this year’s theme, which is communication. There were awards, a small art exhibition, and writing contest submissions. Our chapter, Alpha Mu Upsilon, won some great awards for member contributions on campus, like

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the 5 Star status award, so we had much to cheer about! I just want to say a “Thank you very much!” to all our members who helped out with events last semester and this semester too, like the Induction volunteers!

Hey, I hope to see everyone out and about at the upcoming Spring Fling on campus ,which has a Greek/Olympic theme this time, so bring your togas if ya got em’! The Spring Fling is on Wednesday March 23rd this semester, from 10am to 2pm, I believe. Oh, and this Friday if you’re interested, there is a viewing of the movie The Soloist in Rm. 307 in the Library and a discussion afterwards on the effect of music and art on the human psyche. I’ll do my best to make it, but in the meantime, have a good one!

Why squeak by when you can soar?

Have you ever heard someone on campus say, “C is a degree!” about an upcoming test or even about an entire class? I have, in fact I did just last semester. I have to say, when I heard that I didn’t think, “Wow, this person is pushing themselves to their limits.” It seemed like a comment that says that the only effort needed is the bare minimum required to pass. Wouldn’t you agree?

I’m not trying to pick on anyone with my new blog here; I’m just trying to give a little food for thought. I know there are many people here on campus that really fight to get C’s and to them I say, “Awesome!” or probably “Wicked!”(Since I come from R.I. originally), haha. Anyway, I was just thinking that I’ve seen that bare minimum attitude on campus a lot and I thought about what a difference a simple attitude adjustment can make- in all areas of life really.

I say this because I used to be the person in high school who did the bare minimum. I never was involved with any after school events, or groups- except a rock band. I decided at some point though, that my head might serve a better purpose than head-banging, lol. Now that I’m here at college something occurred to me…I have the potential to make a difference in other people’s lives, including my own- so why sit around

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waiting for the world to cut me a break?

I don’t know, I guess I have developed a sense of pride in my time here at school and I kind of want to share that enthusiasm with some of you here on campus who don’t have that outlook. Why squeak by when you can soar, is all I’m asking? Do you not believe you can? I believe you can because I have come from that same attitude and did a complete turn-around. In fact, Thursday I’m being inducted as an officer in our colleges Phi Theta Kappa honors society and I feel like all my hard work is finally working to my advantage. I’m ready to make a difference around me and I want to be the kind of person people are glad to be around or come to for assistance. Like I said, some people out there fight hard to get where they are and should be very proud of themselves. So why make your time at college feel like you have nowhere better to be when you can turn it into something that will work for you now and in the future? You know what’s funny, you may see a t-shirt or two around campus pretty soon that says, “Why squeak by when you can soar?” because I shared my idea with our PTK group and they felt it was a good attitude to represent around campus. It feels good when you can make a difference, even in a simple gesture like making a suggestion. Anyway, I just wanted to encourage those out there today that college time, is your time and why not make it an awesome time huh?

Well, I’ll get off my soap box now, haha. I just felt compelled to make a statement on campus attitude since it really does make a difference to think positive. So, have a good one!

Spring Arts Day

Last Wednesday, was Spring Arts Day in Bradenton and even though it’s a good hours ride for me from my side of Sarasota County I figured, why not! I was pretty nervous though because what I was headed for was the open mike portion of the day’s events. Dr. Glanville, my favorite English professor of last semester, had encouraged me to share some of my work. If you haven’t met Dr. G, you should because she’s more than a professor…she’s a Literature and English guru! I don’t know how you could miss her actually; she’s always got her red head held high and a welcoming smile toward your approach. Anyway, she was there urging me on to read so I read a quick poem I had written earlier called “Old Man of the Desert” during the first slot of the open mike. I had brought a not-so-short story also that I wrote while I was in her class last semester and she really liked that and since not many people were signing up for the open mike she talked me into reading that for during the next slot. So with my heart pounding, knees knocking and hands shaking my paper like a leaf in a stiff breeze- I read my story. My story is called “Everlasting Life on the Farm” which was my anthropomorphic (animals given human characteristics) view on my personal experience with my very strict former religion. My story was kicked off by Dr. Glanville’s alarming and hilarious whistle from the rear of the audience hahaha. She was back there happily sending people off on scavenger hunts from her tent and then running over to hear people read their work! So, despite the length of my story, it seemed to go over well thankfully.

Taylor, my friend and fellow officer from the PTK, had driven up along with her Mom and gone on just before me. She recited a poem she wrote on the topic of forgetting

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your lines and it was really amusing and very good! Taylor also wrote a beautiful poem for our Induction Ceremony for the following day. I’ll make a separate blog for the Induction! I enjoyed the Spring Arts day very much and was glad I drove all the way up there to hear other writers share their poems and stories. The Pentangle group was also there and they were doing fantastic portraits of people at their tent, and between open mike slots the choir came out to fill the campus with their voices. It really was a pleasant day at the campus and I’m glad we have students & faculty at SCF who try to make life interesting, so next time you hear there’s a Spring Arts day swing by!