30 Days

I cannot believe I have reached the 30 day countdown! Graduation.  I’m fairly certain I’ve checked all the boxes, filled out all the paperwork, etc, etc, etc.  It’s kinda funny, even though I know I’ve done everything, I still feel like there is something I haven’t done.  I guess it’s my little OCD kicking in, like how I can never shut my car door without going through the ritual of checking for my car keys, at least three times.  Crazy (no pun intended).

Finals.  Do I really need to say anymore…I’ll save that panic attack for next week.

In all seriousness it has been a really great semester.  No it wasn’t perfect, but nothing is.  So, is there anything I would have done differently if I could somehow flip the calendar page back to August?  I would have to honestly say no.  Ultimately, even though I experienced a few headaches, it all seemed to work out well.  My grades are good, and the extra activities I took on all seemed to work out very well.  It kind of seems like I’m writing about the semester as if it ended yesterday.  But it in some ways it really has ended.  We’ve past the honeymoon phase, the mid-term virus, and now it’s the last leg of the journey.  It goes by fast.  Most of us more than likely won’t remember these last few weeks, because we’ll be too busy making sure everything is done, like all the last assignments, finishing that last paper, or last speech, the last whatever..

and then…some of us will be done, diploma in hand.  Some will be moving on to a new college, and some will back at SCF in the Spring.  To be honest, part of me wishes I were going to be back in the Spring.  But my journey is far from over, and SCF was a great stop along the way.  30 days until the next stop: USF.