Okay, so it was 9:30am and I had just finished my Stats class.  I had a ton of things that I could have done before my 12:30 class.  One, start my research for a paper that’s due next Tuesday.  Two, do the Stats homework I was just assigned.  Three, read the next story for my Horror Lit class.  Etc, Etc.  But there I was, standing in the parking lot.  I knew that I still had to pick up some boxes for the Sock Drive, and I also knew that I could take a chance and see if there was short line at the voting station.  So I did.  And you know what?  I almost didn’t vote today.  This really surprised me.  You see, I often complain about what’s going on in politics, and I feel I can justly do so, because I vote.  It doesn’t seem to make much sense to me when I hear people complain like a mob of angry shoppers about what’s going in government, and then I usually always hear: “And that’s why I don’t vote.”  Today, I was almost a member of that angry mob.  I almost didn’t vote.  I think it’s crazy.  I mean if you feel strongly about something, then try to be a part of it, by changing it, or keeping it the same.  No matter your party:  Republican, Democrat, Independent, Tea Party, WHATEVER, it doesn’t matter.  What does matter is your voice.  Make sure it’s heard.  Vote.