“Karnevil of Karniage”

Wow, it’s almost Christmas! Well, actually it isn’t, but you wouldn’t know that if you’ve been shopping in any stores lately.  It’s a bit much I think.  We have not even had the chance to enjoy Halloween, and eat tons of candy that we normally wouldn’t, because all the stores have what seems to be thousands of bags of miniature Snickers on sale (which I wish they didn’t, because I can’t stop buying them).  Okay, back to the Christmas thing.  So, in the store, just behind the Count Dracula costume is an Angle sitting atop a Christmas tree in the next isle. No wonder kids are so impatient these days! I really think we rush things too much.  Honestly, I haven’t even had time to start panicking about the papers I’m going to have to write in December, and now the stores are putting pressure on me!   Okay, I’m done complaining about mass consumerism. 

On a lighter note, the Pop Culture Club on the Venice Campus is extremely busy putting together their spectacular annual Haunted House.  Last year they raised over $1500.00, and they are sure to top that figure this year. I’ve been helping them out as much as I can, so I know a small bit about the details.  It’s going to be really good, and that’s all I can say.   The details are below.  Hope to see you there!

7-10 p.m., Monday-Thursday, Oct. 25 – Oct. 28, and at 7 – 11:30 p.m., Friday, Oct. 29, at the Lakeside Pavilion at SCF Venice, 8000 S. Tamiami Trail.

The event, Karnevil of Karnage, is a twisted and distorted view of carnivals, featuring a maze of gore and blackness with surprises around every corner.

A percentage of the proceeds will benefit Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center, a nonprofit agency in Sarasota that serves victims of domestic and sexual violence and promotes a violence-free community through awareness and education.

Tickets are $3. For more information, contact Pop Culture Club adviser Michelle Flynn at 941-408-1476. Maps and directions are online at scf.edu/maps.

The above information can be found on the SCF website: http://www.scf.edu/Administration/AdministrativeDepartments/PublicAffairsMarketing/NewsReleases/2010/20101015_01.asp