There’s a ghost in the men’s bathroom at the Venice campus Library.  I’ve told people this before.  They chuckle.  But I think it’s a nervous chuckle, because they’ve heard what I’ve heard.  It doesn’t happen all the time, but here’s how it goes:

I go in and it appears that I’m alone.  When I’m washing my hands I hear someone exiting one of the stalls behind me.  I wait to see who it is in the mirror. Like clockwork, no one appears, and I turn to look.  I’m alone, as always.  Obviously I’m not dealing with any kind of malevolent phantom.  Ultimately, I just wanted to document my experience.  If my blogs suddenly stop…please check the bathroom.  I might have done something to anger him.

Okay, ghost stories aside, the open MIC last Thursday was a HUGE success.  Over 30 people and 20 readers (which were all terrific)!  It was a great kick-off event for Swamp Scribes.  The next one is coming soon, I’ll keep you posted.

After the open mic a group of us when out to Chili’s.  One of our professors joined us.  It was great fun, and my stomach still aches from laughing.  Sometimes, however, I think students struggle when developing friendships with professors.  It reminds me of something from my Army days. My military superiors would often tell me: “Don’t take my kindness for a weakness.”  Yeah, it sounds harsh, but in reality, it’s the best advice a superior can offer.  Yes, you can laugh and joke with your professors, inside and outside of class; what’s important to remember is that the laughing and joking doesn’t transcend into your professor’s mind when they see your name in the grade book.

Having a good relationship with a professor doesn’t give you an all access pass to free roller coaster riding. And this doesn’t mean you can’t have a friendship with a processor. In fact, it can often enhance the college experience, and lead to important professional contacts in the future.

In a nutshell—keep it simple, real, and in perspective.  Oh yeah, watch out for ghosts too.


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