Wow, Fall Frolic… The sounds of excitement and music fill the air. There are many clubs on campus eager for student involvement. Many special interests are being represented today, as I look through the crowd from behind the ‘Brain Bowl’ table, I see avenues in Science, Law, Mathematics, and Joy. Mostly joy, its the common thread. The smiles are everywhere and the live band is jamming out tunes that you can’t resist dancing to… not even sitting down. To spice things up Phi Beta Lambda is serving up coffee and doughnuts with their sign-up sheets, raising money for the cause.

Showing a club memberships can put an extra sparkle on your transfer application, to a higher institution, or when designing your resume. I love to see interesting things about people and I imagine that you can show a bit of personality by presenting what you find interesting, grabbing that communicative edge.

Here for the students are the Student Ambassadors! These awesome people lend a helping hand any time special events or volunteer opportunities come up, giving these student representatives a chance to get points towards tuition.

Speaking of interesting, the math club is exuding it’s calm-and-cool intellect into the crowd grabbing choice attention with the clean and prepared appeal. In the distance the science club is dazzling students with 21st century accomplishment, but also suggesting how to become part of the whole thing.

Oh… they started serving food! 25 cent pizza? woah! talk about being in the right place at the right time.

p.s.- You have got to check out the Sand Art crew… that is interactive.


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