I had my last class of the semester yesterday.  Even though I’ll be back for Spanish II next semester, I’m finally graduating on to a university!  Hopefully I’ve imparted wisdom onto you students, and faculty, or whoever reads this blog.  I have yet to know if more than five people read the blog and follow mine and PJ’s ramblings (sorry to group you into my ramblings PJ).  I know I’ve learned extensively about writing, and yet I still feel like it’s a tiny pea in comparison to a feast.  So long, and good luck to the rest of your time at SCF.


      I would like to amend my previous post, and if you want to be part of PTK simply ask Stephanie Cook if you’re eligible, and if you are you will be invited!  It’s never too late, because now I’m an official member as well.  Thank you Stephanie.