Finals, Graduation, and Gratitudes

MCC/SCF has been a great experience for me and I hope to one day come back and share with the school how much it has helped me to get where I would like to be in my quest for education. After having meetings with Dr. Hafner and another futures consultant meeting, I can honestly say that SCF is only going to get better in the coming years. It will feel slow as students and faculty experience the changes on an everyday basis; however, the changes are moving along in a fast paced manner for an institute this size. SCF is truly one of the leading colleges in the nation. I am proud to have earned my degree from this institute. For those of you who do not share my views, well, you could have gone elsewhere so quit your mumbling.

In what is most likely my last blog, I would like to mention a few of the people who have made an impact on my life and experience at SCF. First, I would like to recognize Professor Allen Culpepper who is no longer with the college. I had him for my 1101 class in the Fall of 2002. He is one of the professors who were my reasons for coming back to the Venice campus. His teaching style and encouragement is something I remembered long after that class. When I returned to SCF in the Fall of 2008, I learned about the online magazine he was advising over, Elektraphrog. In the Spring of 2009, I joined the student-led staff and became Editor in Chief.

Professor John Waters is the other reason why I decided to come back to Venice. His energy in the classroom,

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along with his style of teaching and dedication to the students continues to make me smile and laugh. As everyone knows, Professor Waters likes to talk. Despite his lengthy conversations (which I happen to find quite interesting), I would still stand outside and allow myself to be late to the next for.

Student Life Advisor, Jeff Snyder deserves recognition with the highest respect. He is one of the funniest people on campus, and despite his laid back, relaxed approach to getting things done, he still gets them done according to rules and regulations. Not only is he a great guy to be around and talk with, he also cares deeply for the students on the campus. Many times as I sat in the Club Hub doing school work (or chatting with Tony Thompson), students would walk in to Jeff’s office, some with tears in their eyes, and they would speak privately with him. Then, out the student comes looking much more relieved than when they entered. He even helped out my soon to be fiancĂ©e when she was feeling ill. He gave her a bottle of water and told her to rest on the couch. Again, Jeff deserves much gratitude from many students.

And last but certainly not least, Dr. Doug Ford. I walked into his Creative Writing I class thinking I was pretty good at writing. I walked away learning a lot more about myself and the world of literature. I continued to take more classes with him, Elektraphrog and other literature courses, and I continued to not only learn more, but grow as an individual more. I came back to college wanting to be a journalist, and now, if being a full-time writer does not work out, because of him, I’d like to come back to SCF one day and teach beside him. I appreciate all the kind things you have said over the last year and a half. I hope I have done and said just as much for you.

Again, thank you SCF and all that is within the college for some amazing years and experiences. Some things will never be forgotten.

No mas

I had my last class of the semester yesterday. Even though I’ll be back for Spanish II next semester, I’m finally graduating on to a university! Hopefully I’ve imparted wisdom onto you students, and faculty, or whoever reads this blog. I have yet to know if more than five people read the blog and follow mine and PJ’s ramblings (sorry to group you into my ramblings PJ). I know I’ve learned extensively about writing, and yet I still feel like it’s a tiny pea in comparison to a feast. So long, and good luck to the rest of your time at SCF.

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Stephanie Cook if you’re eligible, and if you are you will be invited! It’s never too late, because now I’m an official member as well. Thank you Stephanie.

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