There was an article in the newspaper a few weeks ago about an Honor Society induction in Bradenton for SCF. I thought, “Honor society? What honor society? And why aren’t I a part of it?” After poking around for awhile, I found the club advisor of the Alpha Mu Upsilon (honor society chapter in

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Venice) and she answered my questions.
Having no knowledge of those Greek lettered clubs that exist on every college campus, I came to find out you must be invited into the honor society. However, being invited relies on your academic status of a 3.5GPA and at least 12 credit hours taken at SCF.
The biggest perk for inductees is scholarships available only to members! The honor society is part of a nationwide organization named Phi Theta Kappa. This Spring a total of 41 students were inducted. Those students can stay in the club and even transfer to a PTK in their university!
After finding this information out, I had a chat with two girls who are members of PTK! They said it was a wonderful experience to offer community help, and go on trips. In fact, they’d just arrived back from a PTK internation trip to Orlando, where the “chapter was awarded a 5-Star Chapter Development Award for participation…” (Stephanie Cook, club advisor). The two members also went on to say the list of possible inductees had been messed up the last two years. That’s when I said, “Ohh, that explains why I wasn’t invited!” My advice to you, if you want to participate is to get in touch with Stephanie Cook and find out if you’re eligible for next semester.