Over the weekend I received some excellent news in the mail in the form of an invitation. I was invited to the Honors Convocation on April 30th to receive an award. I knew who was behind my nomination, so upon asking the professor who nominated me, all he said was, ‘It’s to acknowledge your efforts to expand literature. Make sure you are there, and try to bring Kelly; I’ll be there too.’

Should I go?

While talking about literature, I’d like to say some things about my fellow students and the Slam coming up this Thursday at 7 pm in the Selby room of the Venice Campus.

There are some extremely good poets on campus this year. The poetry readings have been such a treat for the audience and me especially. Even though I am president of Swamp Scribes, I do not claim responsibility for the growth of participants this year. SCF had a major increase in enrollment, and there are more poets on campus this year than last. Also, when the economy is down and free food and entertainment is offered, who wouldn’t go? Those, I think, are the three main reasons why the poetry readings have increased to over 50 audience members, and at least 24 readers (32 at the last evening reading.) If you have not been to any of the poetry readings (and even if you have), you MUST come to the Slam. I hope many poets on our campus will compete against one another.

Slams are not for the faint of heart. If you read your poetry at a Slam event, YOU WILL BE JUDGED by your peers. If you wish to compete, bring at least 5 poems to read. The Slam during the Fall brought in over 100 people in the audience. I wouldn’t mind topping that this semester. Slams are poetry readings that are designed to bring poetry back to the roots of the art form. It is not about written word, it is about spoken word. Slammers are graded based on their poem and their performance (reading) of the poem. I will be emceeing the event, so if you wish not to fall asleep, stay away. However, if you want freed pizza, soda, and entertainment, come on in!

I hope to see so many

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people there, we overflow the Selby Room!