FAFSA, Finals, and Freezing.

Another busy week. It feels like we’re all racing to the finish these last few weeks of classes. I was able to squeeze in a FAFSA application, though. To my surprise it took all of 10 minutes to finish! If you’re planning to fill it out, I suggest having your tax return ready, and also get your FAFSA PIN. Lucky for me, all the money I didn’t make is paying off.
Also, if you don’t know your finals schedule, it is posted here. Just match the days and times of your class to find when you have the exam. Had I relied solely on my teacher, I’d have come on the wrong day for a final.
I know the

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sun is now drawing you to its beautifully humidless clutches! Which means wearing shorts to class, right? Well, not when you sit down and freeze the whole lecture. My car is boiling, and the classroom is cold. Hmm…
This concludes my thoughts on the FAFSA, finals, and freezing.