Just some info…

While working inside the English Lab of the Venice ARC building (room 409), I received a couple text messages from my friend Tony, an SGA officer on our campus. I wanted to bring these text messages to your attention because they provide great info on upcoming stuff; one of which is coming up this Friday!

Starting at 6pm on the Venice campus, and in the Selby Room, there will be a talent show. It is free to attend, however, a donation of at least one or two dollars towards SPARCC will be greatly appreciated.

Also coming up is another SCF sponsored trip is coming up on April 9th. This trip is available for both campuses if I understand correctly. To reserve a spot, stop by your Club Hub. Tickets are $20 with only 15 spots remaining as of 9.57am Tuesday morning (to be almost perfectly accurate).

In addition to that tid bit of information, Wednesday, April 14th, Tim Dorsey will be visiting on the Venice campus. I believe the time for that will be around 2pm. Don’t quote me on that, even though the club that I am president of is hosting the event. I told you in my last blog that I am overloaded. Give me a break… haha In any case, I met Tim Dorsey last year and he is a great guy to listen to and meet. He is a leading author in a fairly new (at least fairly new to popularity) genre of literature: Florida Weird. It’s an interesting genre. I have no other way to explain other than it includes some of the weird things that happen in Florida.

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Also on Wednesday the 14th of April, and carrying over to the following day, are the SGA officer elections for the Venice campus. If anyone is interested in running for a position, I highly advise you to go into the Club Hub and find out exactly what the positions are, entail, and what is expected of you at this point.

Lastly, for now, Thursday, April 15th, at 7pm, and in the Selby Room of the Venice campus, there will be another Slam Poetry competition. It will not be exactly like the one in the Fall semester that produced over 100 people in attendance (and when SCF defeated FGCU and USF). This time the competition will be just among SCF poets. If you wish to compete, see either myself (you can find me in one of three places on the Venice campus – room 409, room 333, or Dr. Ford’s office) or Dr. Ford. basically, for those of you who have no idea what a Slam Poetry competition is, it is the performance of poetry through spoken word as opposed to written word; and you are judged on your reading/performance by peers. It truly is a wonderful experience. If you have never been to a poetry reading, or even if you have, a Slam competition will quite possibly change your opinion of poetry and poetry readings. (Speaking of poetry readings, this year has been amazing on the Venice campus. We just had a reading last week, and I will provide some feedback on that one and others.)

There are more events coming up, but I do not want to get ahead of ourselves. Remember to check the SCF calendar on the homepage. And what is that about the Guinness Book of World Records coming to our campus? Hmm…http://www.scf.edu/Administration/AdministrativeDepartments/PublicAffairsMarketing/NewsReleases/2010/20100325_01.asp

(It has to be some sort of literary crime to have so many parentheses in one blog.)