I parked at school last week next to a large beat up van.  On the window the owner painted, “5 Mill O.B.O.”  It made me feel like I was at college with real students.  So many people opt for these refined pieces of chrome nowadays, but now my dented gray automobile fit right in.
     As per the good news: I found a lot of scholarships!  For the bad news I missed the deadline for transferring SCF Foundation Scholarships, but if you’re a student continuing at SCF next semester you still have until April 1, yes that is seven days away!  There are also private foundation scholarships available that have varying deadlines, with the earliest being March 31.  I know it feels like no time to consider next semester when this one is just half over, but don’t miss the deadline like I did.�
     Well my scatterbrain has more homework to do, including a few scholarship applications- know anyone who would write me a letter of recommendation?