Coffee, Meet Shirt.

As I was driving into school today, spilling coffee on my Tshirt, I knew it would be a good

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day (spilling coffee = good day). Of course, by the time I got to school my coffee was cold. But the sun was still shining, and the weekend was a warm promise. I also felt lucky to attend school.

All this brought to mind a blerd I was thinking of this past week. That blerd is pastiche, which means “an artistic composition made up of bits from various sources” (Webster’s New World Dictionary). For this particular word, I like to envision my brain cut in half, and a nature scene blooming inside. The nature scene would consist of my ability to play poker, the trivia I learned from Planet Earth (Purple Sea Urchins are much scarier than the ones I’ve seen at the beach), and how to properly wash a do-rag. The sea urchin would look nicer in my brain scene than a do-rag, but the point is that the things you do each day, the stuff you memorize in class, is all going into your brain to create yourself. With that said, I hope you can find a balance between school and play. I hope that it overlaps in some cases, otherwise you may need to take a second look into what you’re studying.