This is my last semester at SCF, and as such I have been thinking about exactly what I want to do with my degree.  Granted, I am attending two more years of college, but if I could find what career path I wanted to take, I might not flutter around and take five semesters at my next university. �
     In my search I went to the Career Resource Center and found a website on Vocational Biographies.  The site was helpful to search the career you already have in mind, or under a general idea, like english and writing.  I went and found Technical Writer, which gave an article about a woman who holds that job title.  Then it goes on to offer what education you need, what personality traits (it didn’t list being poor and weary as a trait), and more websites for information!�
You do need a username/password to log on.  User: scf  Pass: Bradenton�
      There was one other fun website that I remembered called  It’s really easy, you just insert your desired job, and area code and you’re off!  Once you find the job you can change your education level and read a salary range.  If I were to become a Technical Writer, I would probably earn around $42,000 at entry level.  Not bad!  There’s really a lot of stuff you can do with this website that gives you an idea of what your future can be.
     Even if you are in high school, or attending SCF, I think both of these sites work hand in hand to developing ideas.  I still don’t know what I want to do, I doubt I want to write instruction manuals, but I’m still stepping in the right direction.