In writing this blog I looked through the academic calendar to see what news may behold in our near future, and there is really not much to report.

      So onto bigger and brighter things…I had an idea to make a sort of “Blerd” (Blog Word) type thing.  I came across the word “whilom” in one of the stories I read this week.  It interested me because of the awkward way you pronounce it.  I even said it over and over to try to grasp some sort of normality.  I looked it up and it simply means (according to the Mirriam-Webster Dictionary) Former.  As in, “Albert formerly held a job here.”  Or, “Albert is a whilom employee.”  Haha.  

     While on the subject of dictionaries, I have realized a pitiful thing for an English major to come across.  I have no dictionary.  What’s worse: I have a Spanish dictionary!  Not to say that a Spanish dictionary is a bad thing to have, I purchased it because I wanted to broaden my horizons for my class.

     Happy classes, everyone.