In writing this blog I looked through the academic calendar to see what news may behold in our near future, and there is really not much to report.

So onto bigger and brighter things…I had an idea to make a sort of “Blerd” (Blog Word) type thing. I came across the word “whilom” in one of the stories I read this week. It interested me because of the

awkward way you pronounce it. I even said it over and over to try to grasp some sort of normality. I looked it up and it simply means (according to the Mirriam-Webster Dictionary) Former. As in, “Albert formerly held a job here.” Or, “Albert is a whilom employee.” Haha.

While on the subject of dictionaries, I have realized a pitiful thing for an English major to come across. I have no dictionary. What’s worse: I have a Spanish dictionary! Not to say that a Spanish dictionary is a bad thing to have, I purchased it because I wanted to broaden my horizons for my

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Happy classes, everyone.

Small Amount of News

The second week of the semester has passed by, and we are in full swing for both the semester and the Haiti Relief effort. During Club Rush, SGA offered drinks for $1 and pizza for $2 to raise money. I am unsure the exact total they have raised; however, from what I could tell, it seems to be quite a bit. As of future plans for the effort, tables will be placed around campus for people to donate money to. I personally will be walking around with a Folgers container with information on it concerning the effort

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and Red Cross.
As for advertising Venice club information to you, I have no news as of yet. I am waiting for the first ICC meeting, which is Friday, January 29th, at 12:30pm in room 634 on the Venice campus. Once that meeting takes place, I will let the clubs know

I will post information up here for everyone. The only information I can provide is news for Elektraphrog. The online magazine is now accepting submissions for the Spring 2010 semester. If you wish to have some literature, or some artistic (painting, sculpture, photography, video, audio, etc.) published, go ahead and visit the submission guideline page for information on how to submit:

We Begin With Tragedy

I will make my introduction and announcements brief because I want the focus of this blog to be one thing, and one thing only – Haiti.

My name is PJ German and I am, not only a student blogger, but President of Swamp Scribes, Teacher Assistant/Student Advisor of Elektraphrog, and Teacher Assistant in the English Lab. Aside from college, I have had poetry published and am a freelance journalist for the North Port Sun. My goal for this blog is to bring the college to you, the reader. I will not write about my personal life and how it is affecting my education. In all honesty, if I read a blog like that, I would close the page. I assume you would do that as well; therefore, I will leave that out of my blogs.

A few announcements before I get to the meat of this blog: 1) The last day to web-drop courses with a refund is Saturday, January 16th. If you wish to get money back for classes you have changed your mind about, be sure to do it by the end of this date; otherwise, it will cost you; 2) This coming Wednesday and Thursday, January 20th and 21st, is Club Rush. The theme for Club Rush this semester is Haiti.

On that note, I would like to talk about Haiti. There is, in the making, a college-wide effort to raise money for Haiti. The money will be donated to the Red Cross. We will not be searching for food or clothing. Money is the best way to donate right now. The Red Cross can use that money in whatever way they deem necessary, whether it be food, clothing, or building restructure. Clubs will be collecting money during Club Rush. We understand it is very difficult during this economy to donate. If loose change is all you can give, then we will take that as well. Any amount will go an extremely long way in a country that is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. I will be in contact with people who are forming this, and provide updates as regularly as possible.

‘In the words of one expert on charitable donations, “Most people think America is generous because we are rich. The truth is, we are rich because we are generous.”‘ – David Lee Miller of Fox News in New York City

What, Exactly, is a Hermitage?

I had the pleasure of a guest writer in one of my classes this week. Her name is Alice Pung and she is currently residing in a hermitage in Manasota Key. She had some amazing wisdom for other writers. She said to write everything down. Alice said if you don’t get out all the crap then you can’t get to the good stuff (this makes me think of layers in your mind with crap being the first).

Sometimes, or most of the time, I feel what I am writing is crap. Whether it’s for a short story, homework, or a paper. To be honest, I also feel more pressure to write well because I am an English major and I want to be a great writer. Then I stop. I realize we are all human, and we’re all still learning! I have also been told the first

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draft is usually not very good anyways.

To get to my main interest on Alice Pung (for this blog anyway) is where she is staying. She is at a hermitage. Apparently a hermitage is a beautiful building in which writers, painters, composers, etc. come to hermit themselves away. They spend all their time on their profession for a few weeks and pay back the community, like how Alice came and spoke to our class. Possibly you already knew what a hermitage was, or could have guessed from the root of the word. But I never knew we had one nearby! Hopefully more of the creative folks that visit will come and see us at SCF.

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