Ah, the semester is over. The Fall was a jam-packed semester. I am happy to see it is finished and I can take a break. Many accomplishments were made this past semester, though. We had record turnouts for poetry readings, a great magazine was produced, – http://elektraphrog.scf.edu – and we won the Florida College Poetry Slam. All in all, it was an excellent semester despite being busy and overloaded.

This Christmas break is a well deserved break for all of us. I am looking at all of the gifts under the Christmas tree and am getting excited for the holiday. Part of me is disappointed as most of those gifts are going to nieces and nephews. I think three are mine. Ha! In any case, after this semester, this is going to be one of the best Christmases in a long time.

Enjoy your break and have a happy Christmas, everyone! See you in the Spring. There are a lot of exciting things being discussed for the Spring. Get ready for another great semester.