The Last Week

Update: SCF won the Florida College Poetry Slam this past Thursday! Along with myself, our team consisted of three other poets, Bill Graydon, Kenney Morales, and Steven Brown. All were excellent poets walking away with high scores each time. Steven Brown received a perfect score at one point! The attendance was incredible. We had 100 chairs set up, but I noticed a few people were standing. I am told we had around 100 people. Ray McNiece was hilarious as he entertained everyone for two and a half hours! Talking with Ray afterwards, he said this was one of the best turnouts for a Slam he has ever seen, which speaks loudly for SCF since he is a founding father of Slam and has been doing this for twenty plus years. Be proud, SCF, Ray McNiece asked us after the Slam if he can come back next year!

In addition to that exciting news, this is the last week of classes before finals, and I am stoked to have this semester over! I have been extremely busy this semester and cannot wait to finally breath once again. I am suffocating from work I have fallen behind in; however, that is life. I just keep telling myself, it is the last week to feel this way – the last week. The stress is mounting and getting heavier each day; however, as the saying goes, ‘This too shall pass.’ No, that was not in Lord of the Rings. That was, ‘You shall not pass!’ In any case, good luck everyone. The end is near.